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Keep going back to smoking


Hi All,

I'm a newcomer to this group and hoping to quit the habit for life.

I've been smoking on and off from about age 15- in my late fifties now.

In the past I've gone a few years without a ciggie but invariably always end up back again - usually some stressful event, which I seem to have a lot of.

But even after years of no cigarettes the cravings are still there- do they ever go away completely.

I've been back on the cigs for a few months and have just stopped, again , now 2 days smoke free. Early days I know, but I really want this to be the final time.

I think I must be a glutton for punishment the number of times I've gone through this.

This my first posting and I'm hoping by joining the group it may help me from relapsing.

Best wishes


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Hiya Kas and welcome to quit support :)

Joining this group of wonderful people will most definitely help you :)

You say you have managed to give them up before, so you know you can do it. You also know that stressful events have been responsible for starting up again. I bet you know that it didn't help the stress really and if you can manage your stress in some other way, then you will not return to smoking. You just come on here and shout, rant or whatever it takes to quit for good :)

You know you can do it, just take one day at a time and we will all help you through it :)

Just remember N.O.P.E. not one puff ever :) x


Hi ya Kas, lovely to meet you gal :) and a big warm welcome to this lovely community :) :)

For one thing Kas, may I ask you how your quitting ?? This may help us to help you :)

Is it really hard for you to quit ??

You say, stress has made you go back to smoking again :o so, this is what we have to work on :) Have you tried Yoga :) or some simple breathing exercises to calm you down when you get stressed :) :)

Emjay, our lovely quit support adviser posted a breathing exercise a few weeks ago :) I will find it and post it again for you to read :)

Kas, your doing ever soooo well xx

Thanks for the lovely welcome Briarwood and Monky,

Yes you're right the stress isn't helped by smoking it's just when I get down I don't care about my health and think I'll treat myself to a smoke -crazy I know.

I haven't used any support to stop I just go cold turkey, I don't seem to have a problem stopping, its the relapsing that's the issue. Even when I have stopped for long periods I'll have the odd sneaky cigarette.

Must remember NOPE

Have started Pilates recently and that's quite relaxing and I'm already feeling a bit more positive knowing I can come on here for support.

Thanks again

Kas x

BriarwoodAdministrator in reply to Kas100

Hiya Kas, enjoy your Pilates and remember to come on here whenever you want and let's make this your forever quit :) x


Kas, as your quit progresses, each weekend, treat yourself to something really nice :) :) so that you get used to a treat :)

So next time you get stressed, you wont just think of a cigarette as being a treat :o but other treats toooo :) :) if you see what am trying to get at :o :) :)


Welcome kas, and well done for not giving up on quitting :) :) Joining this site may just be the answer for you as you can come on here and rant and rave and hopefully that will calm you down some and prevent you going for the dreaded cigarette. There are some fantastic people on this Quit site and we all understand the dilemma's that can come with quitting :) :)

All the very best Kas and hopefully this is your time to stay quit free :) :)

Kas100 in reply to glolin

Thanks glolin and congratulations on your four month badge


glolinAdministrator in reply to Kas100

Thanks very much Kaz, i hadnt noticed it :D :D


Hi Kas sorry I missed you yesterday. Welcome to our community. You wont go wrong if you stay with these lovely friendly people on here. They helped me to stop. That was 2 years ago. I was a smoker for over 40 years.

I will be posting some reasons for quitting , later on. There are over 100 so I wont put them all on at once.

Stay strong and positive. I will put your name on our wall of winners so we know when your ready for a badge.

Take care. :) :)

Kas100 in reply to jillygirl

Thanks Jillygirl , Hope you don't mind but I've been reading your background and what a brave lady you are.

It's makes me feel that if you're prepared to give your time to supporting others in this way then I shouldn't let you down. It's made me more determined to to follow the NOPE philosophy.

Take Care

Kas xx


Awe thats so nice of you Kas. Its just getting your brain to stop Mr Nic appearing. Careful as he is a sly one to beat. However you can do it just stay strong. If you slip up dont worry we will be here to pick you up and put you on the straight and narrow again. :) :) xx

Remember its the cigarette that does the smoking, your just the sucker.


Hi Kas, a huge warm welcome to Quit Support - our friendly online stop smoking family :-)

Try and look at all your past quit attempts as practise runs for the real thing - Think about what you went through each time and learn from your experience :-)

You will get there in the end, you just have to keep on keeping on until you do.

Nobody said it would be easy, but everyone says that it is worth it ;-)

Kas100 in reply to EmJay

Thanks Emjay, love the quote, that's so me


orfordholly2 YEAR WINNER

Welcome to the group Kas :) xx

Kas100 in reply to orfordholly

Thanks Holly and well done to you- nearly two weeks!!

It can only get easier


orfordholly2 YEAR WINNER in reply to Kas100

Thanks Kas. You can do it :)

droopyJMarvellousness LTW in reply to orfordholly

Hi Kas welcome to this great support site :) your doing great hun, I know what you mean about quitting being the easy part, I gave up for a year and went back to it..... why, I have no bloody clue, but I am determined this time and also I don't want to let anyone on here down.

Everyone has been a huge help, don't think I could have got this far without them :) They really are golden angels, each and every one of them :)

Stay strong and keep the faith :) -x-

Kas100 in reply to droopyJ

Hi Droopy, same here- keep giving up then start again.

I only intend to have one or two when I start again but we all know that doesn't work.

Hoping being part of this group will give me the support to not go back this time.

I need to stop feeling sentimental about losing my lovely silk cut and think about gaining my life

Kas x

droopyJMarvellousness LTW in reply to Kas100

I think it does help as we have all been there, done it and got the flippin T-shirt :( am now fed up washing that flippin T-shirt :)

Just remember that everyone on here was at one stage where you are now,starting out (again, in a lot of cases,mine included!!) & look at us all now.During my quit I've had surgery on my back & now have a mum who has been diagnosed with dementia but you have to be determined NOT to be beaten,that's the easy way out.I still have the odd day when I would quite cheerfully have a cig but I'm not gonna go thru this again EVER. Welcome to the community,this time you WON'T go back.Good luck.

Hi Helen, that's for the encouragement.

Think your comment about not being the only one going through this has given me a kick up the backside to stop feeling sorry for myself and be strong.

So sorry to hear about your mum, that must be so upsetting for you.

Take care

Kas x

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