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Daily Chat: Monday 2nd January 2015

Daily Chat: Monday 2nd January 2015

Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening!

Wowser, its been an absolute forever since I opened up shop, in fact it's been an absolute forever since I had a good natter!

Happy New Year to you all :-) I have had a cracking number of challenges this past couple of weeks, no wifi, no phone, no laptop - which isn't any good without wifi anyway! Then, to top it all after having an upset tummy I seem to have lost my front peggy down the loo, never to be seen again!! Things can only get better!

I have so much to catch up on here with everyone, so before I do can I just say:

A huge welcome to all newbies, congratulations on making the best decision for the better of your health :-) :-)

A huge well done and congratulations to everyone who has reached their next Winner's Award :-) :-)

A huge , huge thank you to you all for keeping things running as smoothly as ever- especially Pete and JillyGirl who thought I'd disappeared off the face of the earth no doubt :o :o

Right, best I get a wiggle on and start reading through what you have all been up to :-)


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Hiya Emjay and anyone else looking in.

Emjay - Glad you have your internet etc up and running again.

it really is a great team effort with this site with everyone supporting each other combined with you admin guys. .A win - win for everyone :) :)

I am really loving all the new members too, I am not sure if they realise just how important they all are as for me, it is a constant reminder that I don't want ever want to go back to those first weeks, yet i also love to encourage and support them on their journey. It really does make my heart melt watching the first week badge appear, then the first month etc.

Collectively - we are awesome


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Hi ya Lin, I expect your noddin now gal, soooo sending loads a cooooooooool sweet dreams to ya down derrrrrr :) :) xx


Hello Mrs. :O I hope you have sorted yourself out now. What a carry on. We certainly missed you on here. I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and New Year. Catch up later. xx


Hello all you lovely quitters :)

Great to see you back Emjay, happy New Year :)

Jilly and monky have been doing a terrific job :)

I see you had a brilliant holiday Glolin and having a heat wave at the moment, lucky you :)

Had problems posting yesterday, not sure if it was gremlins or not :O

Welcome to all the new members, it's fantastic to see this community growing :) x


Good morning Boss, its lovely to see you and a big happy new Year to ya :) :)

It sounds like you've been through it gal, but I hope your all sorted now and your tummy is better too :) :)

See's ya soon :) xx


Hi everybody :) just to let you know, I'm going off line now, cos we have been experiencing a lot of power cuts just lately where I live :P :( and Western Power ( cos I complained about losing loads a data from my PC ) have kindly just delivered a battery backup system for my PC :) :) which must have cost a bit :o

So am now going to install it and it will have to charge up for at least 8 hours before I can use my PC, but also have got to go to work tonight :P :( soooo, I will be back tomorrow morning '' Early '' so, if any of you flippin lot have been misbehaving I will reprimand you ( I will think of something ) tomorrow seeeee :o :D :D

Take care everybody and stay strong and focused :) cos am dead proud of you all :) :) xx


Take it easy Monky, dont work too hard. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Happy New Year to Emjay, :-)

Well Monkey off line, you know what they say. ' While the cats away the mice will play ' Hee Hee, :-D

Take care, Here's to a smoke free New Year, Hoorah. :-)


Good Evening All, my 'being online' didn't last long did it?!! :o All seems to be back again now though, so fingers crossed it stays this way :D :D

Lovely to be back with my Quit Support buddies, I've missed you all big time xx

Pete, I hope work flies by for you tonight and your back up system thing-ma-jig makes everything worthwhile ;-) Sounds like Western Power are a bit more helpful than Virgin Media! :o :D

Linda, I hope you are enjoying a good nights kip. I just heard about the extreme weather conditions you are having and just want to send you 'keep safe' wishes. Chat to you in the morning :-)

Hey mrssunnyside, it's great to see such a lovely badge next to your lovely name ;-) Happy New Year to you too :-)

Hey Briar,although I am sure yesterdays online gremlins where nothing to do with me - there always seem to be gremlins about wherever I go, I am a complete jinx when it comes to anything electrical or gadgety - I am a nightmare around mobile phones and I seem to be getting worse! :o :o

I hope your first couple of days of the New Year have started off well and that any New Year resolutions made are proving to not be too eventful - having tried the 52 week challenge last year and not doing too well, I've decided to put £1 a day away this year :D :D


I survived yesterdays heatwave of 42 degrees, we are expecting the same again today. have a couple of hours driving to do in the heat of the day and am thankful for aircon :D :D Off down to Melbourne to watch one of the Big Bash 20/20 cricket games. It is an evening game so hopefully it will be a pleasant evening.


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