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I only went and did it!

So I survived the Christmas party. I stood outside with smokers chatting and laughing and I didn't smoke. I was tempted but I resisted. The nicest feeling was how I felt this morning. Normally I would wake up after smoking solidly the previous night feeling like my lungs had been filled with Poly-filla but this morning I felt brilliant. Tired but brilliant. I'm on day 21 and ridiculously proud of myself.

Have a fab smoke free day everyone

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WOOHOO!!!!!!!!.....Go you good thing..... That is absolutely a brilliant achievement so early into your quit and you should be feeling ever so proud of yourself. I feel very proud of you :) :)



That is brilliant news. you must be so proud of yourself. BIG well done. I have just rushed out to get your badge off Monky. :D xx


Fantastic!!!! Well done you!! It's such a great feeling and you should be ridiculously proud of yourself, you are over the very worst hurdle now and I bet you had a great time too :)


Hi after31years. Well done I am really happy for you. And well done for bring 3 weeks smoke free. Keep up the good work :D xx


Conratulations on your 3 week quit and I'm soooo happy for you, be very proud :) :)



I think you're absolutely amazing,early in your quit to have that much temptation shoved on your face & you came out the winner.You have every right to be proud.WELL DONE.


Well after31.... I am ridiculously proud of you..... way to go and WHAT a fantastic quit you got going on there :)

hangovers are definitely better when you don't smoke as well :O :)


Well done after 31 years... that was a test & remember this.....N.O.P.E = not one puff ever... you're doing great!!!!!



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