Well i have read all the posts on here today, i have gone back and forward to this site all day trying to find the strength not to have one cig.  Finally i could put it off no longer i had to go to the shop, as i got to the check out that little devil was still on my shoulder but i did it i went to the self service so i couldn' t ask for them. Walked out of that shop with the biggest grin on my face. Thanks to willpower and all you who have replied to me today i think i'm going to be fine. I have just devoured a bag of bigger than normal crisps but who cares i will worry about that later. I am a non smoker .

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  • Wow! Loving that momentary choice of going to self-check out! Powerful!!

    That's what it's about. Those choices take you into a strong quit against trying to climb out of the smoking pit again & again & again & again-

    May your confidence grow from that choice & Crisps taste even better! :O)


  • Thanks iris i feel like a new person (new body to go with it would be nice) i just feel stronger beat mr nic this time. 

  • The rest can follow once we've put Mr.Nic down once & for all. I have to go gentle at times, if Ben & Jerry calls I don't give myself a hard time, that usually just generates a vicious cycle of eating more! Not smoking is the most loving action I've done for myself, with a loving attitude I naturally begin to desire to exercise etc..For the buzz against a regime. Making my quit FUN is key! Best, iris/NOPE

  • Awesome!!! I had a pack of shortbread and feel terrible about it (well not too much), but like you I am a non-smoker!

  • Yeah, another victory tictac👍🏼 7 weeks and counting, well done hun🚭😊

  • Thanks - i am just pleased as punch with myself. NOPE NOPE NOPE

  • HAYYYY Tictac, if we can BEAT the flippin cigs, then we can BEAT the ermmm, little nibbles we fancy eh :) :) 

  • OMG I LOVE shortbread!!!!

  • we can do this oh i love shortbread

  • FANTASTIC J, you beat the demon and it wasn't easy but you did it, well done and I'm proud of you too🚭👍🏼 Great way to celebrate your success, crisps is perfect you lovely non smoker💐 6 weeks and counting woo hoo👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🚭😊

  • thank you i feel like i could do anything now .Bring it on

  • Oh J160 thats absolutely brilliant.  Yep seems like your a non smoker now.  :) xx 

    What the heck    


    Enjoy!  xx

  • WAYYYYYYY FLIPPIN HAYYYYYYYY  ''J'' flippin love it, love it, love it :) :) and am loving that great big grin on your face :) :) 


    Dosnt it feel fantastic, I am so so PROUD of you ''J''  :) :) 

  • thank you so much now if i could just have the shortbread jilly posted and the kitten in your post i would be a very very happy non smoker 


  • thank you Carissa we are both winners.

  • Congrats J160 on your 6 week quit and your will power to overcome the dreaded nic, thankgod for self service tills eh !! 😜😜 well done xx

  • 1st time I've heard a positive spin on the self-service! so thanks for that-    The automated computer voice has crippled me at times; "Breathing Techniques Come Forth...and FAST" :O)   NOPE

  • Congratulations on your determination and willpower. Six weeks is impressive. Well done u. And crisps great choice' nothing wrong with crisps, nice bit of dip yum 😀

  • Thank you Andrew feeling really good tonight.

  • Well done j160 . So proud of you, looks like we both best Mr Nic today.  Yeahhhh xx

  • Thank you Maddy i cannot wait to get to 3 months you must be so proud

  • You will , 6 weeks is Fab, you will start to get stronger every day that passes . We can do this xx

  • Woohoo!

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