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Still around and still keeping going. Another tough week this week, because I have had to cope with first COPD exacerbation. What an idiot I was all those years ago, especially since I always viewed I wouldn't smoke because of living with a father who smoked 80 -100 a day - I still really don't know how he did that not that it's anything to be proud of!!

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Hi Karen, well done on staying quit. This weather doesnt help c.o.p.d. I know how you feel about if you knew then what you knew then. Like they say you live and learn.



Hi Karen. Sorry you are suffering with the cold exacerbation. It must be very hard. But also am so pleased you're doing well on your quit now :) 2 weeks is brilliant already, you've been really strong! Huge well done you!!

We all wish we'd never started. I can remember thinking I'd definitely not be smoking at 21. Then 30. Then 40......and so it went on. Crazy people we were. Nic is a real baddun. My dad quit at 70 and was so proud! I'm not 70 yet, but now I'm quit I can hope to get there better :). We do it when we can.

Sending you warm wishes and healing vibes :) Have a good evening :) Nice and smoke free!

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For cold should be copd. Flaming autocorrect again!


wish it was a cold ... don't like this one bit!




One whole month!!!!

You star :)

Big celebration when you're feeling better xx

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Hi ya Karen its lovely to see you gal :) and I have a massive big apology to say to you, for I missed your new 1 month Winners badge :( I am sooooo sorryyyyyy Karen, do what you have to do to me :( I will take the consequences like a man :o ermmm, maybe, if you can catch me :o :D :D

Karen, your doing ever so well :) :) and with the first copd exacerbation as well :o it cant be easy for you :(

You be proud of yourself gal, cos I tell ya, I'm very proud of you Karen :) :)

Take care now and see you soon :) Try to stay focused and positive :)


Hi Karen,

Sorry to hear you are suffering with your COPD and i gather the colder weather now is not going to do you too many favours :( :(

Well done at staying strong and keeping off the ciggies :) :)

One day at a time :) :)

Send bug positive huggsss your way :) :)

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Hiya Karen, congratulations on your 1 month badge, brilliant :)

Hope you're feeling better soon, take care :) x


Hi, thank you all ... monky, you're definitely safe at the moment, simply haven't got the energy to chase anybody! But once I'm better ... ;-)


Aup Karen :) :)

Hmmmm, so you think you can catch me when your better then :o

We will see eh :P :P :D :D xx


WOW Karen, loving your new bit of bling hun :) I month.... whoooohoooooo that's a fandabidosie quit you got going on there :)


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