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Hello everyone, After reading through yesterdays blogs there seems to be

a difference of opinion on what the quit support site is for.

Yes it is to help and support each other to stop smoking.

However putting comments on the daily chat doesnt have to be to do with stopping smoking. Chatting and having a moan or laughing is still good therapy and can take ones

mind of smoking. People do not have to partake, and they do not have to read everything.

If people are wanting advice they can go on to questions. Any tips or useful information

to do with stopping smoking could be put on a seperate blog and not on the daily chat.

We need to respect each other and help each other. Too many conflicts in the world without adding to them.

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I second that :) couldn't agree more.


Hear Hear JillyGirl :-)

Following on from Sue, I third that :D :D


I agree too.

Years ago, when I first started working in my organisations offices, we used to have Fun Awaydays. We would all take a day's leave and get another team to cover our work(we would do the same for them). This would give us some respite from the stresses of the job and also allow the team to be together in a fun situation. Sadly those days have gone and even our staff room is only that for a designated 2 hours a day. I think this reflects how in many ways, society has begun to accept that it is okay to be rushing around chasing our tails. It does make it harder to relax and just be, I know I find that hard to do. So it is really important, on a site like this, to have somewhere to do that. Add to that, that it does need people who are regulars to keep it going.

I do hope I haven't digressed and glad the move went well Jilly.

Sally.. :)


Aup jillygirl :)

I erm 5th that gal :) :) I agree with everything you said :) :)


Well said Jilly. :)


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