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One Year Last Week...

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Yeah!! But I'm really struggling with urges. I'm managing through them, but they are so strong and frequent, I think they're making me really grumpy. Is 1 year another one of those "times", like the 3 month point? Thanks to all for your wonderful support and constant reminders about how yucking smoking is and how great NOT smoking is. :)

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I dont think. Quit on 29th july, I feel the same at times. I miss the extra dopamine. The feeling of worry free bliss most of the time; the feeling of confidence and well-being. But most of all I miss the crutch of being able to get high on smokes whenever anything went sideways.... thats what I truly miss.

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💥💥💥Whoop jayhawk💥💥💥A full 12 months smoke free!!Such an achievement!

SUPER well done hunXXX

I don't believe that 1 year is a 'black' milestone like 3 months. I believe that you DO have to change your mindset in order to enjoy your accomplishment!!Do something with your new freedom,nothing changes unless you change it!!

What are you doing with the extra cash?Extra time? Please don't sit there waiting for something to happen, MAKE it happen.......... XXX

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WillowSong27 Months Winner

I dont know Jay. Im approaching a year and it seems recently it feels like i just quit.

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JayhawkLONG TERM WINNER in reply to WillowSong

Same here. The same level of intensity and frequency as when I first quit. Prior to August, I might have had a thought about cigs once a week if that. Kinda weird.

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droopyJLTW MARVELOUSNESS in reply to Jayhawk

I gave in at one year and it took weeks, weeks I tell you, for the bruises on my shins to disappear where I was constantly kicking myself for caving!!

I personally think it is a “3 month special” it happened this time round too except there was no way I was going to go through that hell again!! I can tell you it will pass but you need to be strong with yourself and say “bog off you despicable piece of cancer causing crap”

Hopefully that will do the trick 👍 stay strong and keep the faith coz 1 year smoke free is flippin AWESOME 👏👏👏🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭

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Here's a link to a post which should help you Jayhawk.

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Hi Jay, first of all huge congrats on your major milestone 1 year👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

I think because it’s a biggie, smoking is on your mind☹️ You’re thinking back to when you quit and how you felt then. It’s important to remember we smoked for a very long time and it was a large part of our lives, so from time to time we will get urges.

I still pass an outdoor smoking area of the local coffee shop every week and sometimes when I smell the caffeine and nicotine, the memory is there and I think back to it. Almost a romantic association but then the sensible side of me kicks in and I’m soooo glad I don’t smoke anymore🚭✅

Basically what I’m trying to say is there will be times when you want to light up because we were addicted to it. The good news is we no longer act on it👍🏼

Shove those thoughts to the back of your mind and enjoy living a better smoke free life. You are worth it💕🌻xx

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Hi Jay, congrats on 1 year, that is a biggie and I'm with Briar on this even after 2.5 years there are still times when I think about it but know I can never act on it.

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Positivity pays off

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HANG ON THERE. KEEP BUSY, BAKE OR SOME OTHER HOBBY.It is all in your head. I don't mean it bad, it is mindset that needs altering. if you fall off the wagon, gather your strength and start again by pacing yourself, no cold turkey, rarely works.and reward yourself.

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