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Hi everyone, thank you for all your kind wishes on Sunday, first day at my new job over and done with without rushing to the shop to buy a packet of fags! Yayyyy!!! Wasnt easy guys as I was very nervous but told myself a fag is not going to make me less nervous infact it will make me paranoid that I smell of fags all day and then after I have that first fag I will then be itching to have a 2nd and so on!!!! So I got through it and am so proud of myself and proved you can get through nerves and stress without a fag!! I'm enjoying my new job and my brain hurts but so grateful for all the support you guys gave me Sunday night, couldn't have done it without you all, please anyone who is feeling similar, if I can get thru this, you can!!! X

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Whey hey! well done Sharon, you have done it. So glad you enjoyed your first day. Now plonk yourself on the sofa get a glass of wine or cuppa and raise your glass to yourself, you non-smoker. :) :)

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Thank you jilly, I will, must say I have just watched the video you put up today and it brought tears to my eyes, she was the same age as me and and I also have 2 daughters, how sad, my thoughts are with her family, I hope everyone watches this video so the message hits home, as this is why she made this film, thank you jilly again for all your help and support xx


WooHoo, well done Sharon.. that is absolutely fantastic and you should be feeling so very proud of yourself :) :)



Well done Sharon. Glad it went ok with your new job. I am really proud of you. :D xxx



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