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1 year today

1 year today

Hey guys I just wanted to come on and say "yeeeehhhhhaaaarrrrrrrrr... It's been one year today since I quit smoking..

And mainly wanted to come on and say a big thank you to everyone who supported me in my first months.. Seriously don't think I could have done it without you guys..

I can't believe it's been a whole year since I thought "let me give it a go AGAIN" and here I am.. A year later 2 stone heavier mind!! :) partly due to my new taste buds actually been able to taste my cooking!! Lol - have had to buy new whites overalls in a scene worthy of a youve been framed video -the pair I started with pooped open nearly giving me a black eye!! Looooool

So again thank you to everyone who kept me going when i was having rough days and gave me invaluable advice.. Also the picture is of a app I have on my phone that's been fab too to remind myself, I think it's got it's sums wrong as I have saved roughly 3 thousand pounds (wish I'd put it in a jar now, as I would be writing this from a beach somewhere hot)


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Thank you.. Does feel great- just gotta get the weight off now!! Lol


Hey Lisa -jane, BIG well done on reaching a year. Isn`t it a great feeling. Not only the money you saved but your healthier too. sorting out weight is trivial comparing smoking.

Good for you! :)


print with your name on. :) xx


wow, first brilliant Lisa-Jane, you have done so well to get to a year without smoking, we all know just how hard that is. And Jilly, the 7% club? Is that roughly the percentage of quitters who manage to reach 1 year. Wow that's quite an elitist club isn't it? well done Lisa and definitely something to aim for, I quite fancy belonging to an elitist club :D


Sin its in America so don't know if it applies over here.

We can start our own elitist club. :D


Thanks jillygirl it feels real good, I'm so proud of myself . Never thought I'd make it this far- big thanks for your support


Hi Lisa-jane,

That is fantastic, a big well done to you



Aup Lisa-Jane :)

Its great to see you again gal, and a massive well done to you for gettin to a whole year smoke free :) :) :)

Hmmmmm about you likin your own food now, erm just wondered if you had been to cookery classes :o :D :D :D

Funn apart Lisa-Jane, you hold your head up flippin high gal, cos you deserve it :) :) A big big well done to you again, your just ACE gal :)

Pete :)


Thank you Pete, you are right up there in my support people.. You played a big part in the beginning of my quit process so thank you for your support x

Haha my cooking is "splendid" I'll have you know- well the dogs seem to think so!! Haha but no I think it's because everything tastes so good.. Although I have the odd day after a lovely meal I suddenly think about them white sticks!!! Grrrrrrrr

So a big than you goes to you xxx


Oh brilliant Lisa-Jane, congratulations on a whole year, well done. Never mind the extra weight it will eventually sort itself out (she says hopefully after putting on two stone lol)


Hi there Lisa-Jane. So glad that you came and bragged about your 1 year anniversary. :) Absolutely fabulous, congratulations. :)

Downside - weight! :( Mmmmmmm........ I'm working on that at the moment. :o Bloody hard work, especially as I don't believe in dieting. Basically cut out all the crap, reduce the carbs and increase output if at all possible. :o :D :D

Good luck on the next phase and don't forget to keep us posted.

Andi :) xxx


Hey andi,

Weight!!!! Hmmmmmm well I have put on over 2 stone- partly my own fault. But I'm swimming now have an exercise bike which doubles up as. A clothes horse!! But hopefully I will get there.. Doctor no longer blames my illnesses on smoking but cos I'm now over weight!! Can't bloody win!

I'm like u don't believe in dieting, quitting smoking is a doodle compared to me trying to quit my choccy!! Lol

But thanks for ur support xx


Fantastic achievment, very well done you :0)


Thank you guys xxx I don't get on often as I'm mega busy but I do always think about you and I do read blogs when I can ... Xxx


well done on the year great going i got to waIT 2 days for year mark :)


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