Day 10 testing times

Just thought I would share how awful this week has been, broken boiler no heating or hot water til next Tuesday, money paid in a day late, how I have not reached for those fags is amazing, after 2 whole days of rows with rude unhelpful people I'm sitting in bed suffering insomnia again wondering why is life so damn difficult! Money worries are my hardest to overcome after 2 yrs of being out of work right now well might have to cancel my treat to have my nails done to cheer me up and pay another bill instead, feeling low again but still smoke free xx

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  • gosh Sharon, you sure have had a rough time..BE proud of yourself for staying off the dreaded cigarettes. Hopefully by not having to by cigarettes, the money saved helps your financial woes.

    I feel for you with the insomnia, I too suffered with that when i quit,

    You are doing ever so well :) :) :)

  • Hi Sharon, you really are having a tough week but it shows how tough you are as well not to cave in, so well done :)

    Insomnia is very very hard to deal and leaves you feeling tired and makes it difficult to deal with other problems :(

    Here's hoping that everything will start to get better soon :)

    Just remind yourself how brilliant you're doing and be proud you are staying strong :) x

  • Aww poor you. I hope you are ok now. I am glad you are still not smoking that is great news. I hope you have better week next week. :D x

  • Thank you all again for much needed support!!! Start my new job Monday morning! Feeling a little anxious, hate being the newbie and hate the first day but trying to look on the positive side, getting back into work after 18months, I am now a non smoker, looking forward to being able to treat myself now and again, not ciggies anymore, nice clothes, nails done, hair trimmed. I've had a hard 2 yrs, I had a car accident which involved my daughter and granddaughter, lost my job, my father died suddenly and then went through premature menopause, all within weeks of each other, the year before I lost my home and me and my children were made homeless and lived in one room (4 of us) for 3 months, my eldest went into premature labour and my granddaughter was born 2 months early, things havnt been easy for us for sometime but light is now at the dark long tunnel, if I can quit smoking out of all of this it will be the best thing I have ever achieved, I've always blamed my smoking on my stressful life but it hasnt helped it's made my health worse and my pocket, it never helped me through those stressful times. anyway onwards and upwards, looking forward to changing my life for the better!!! X

  • WOW Sharon, that is one helluva story... BUT this is your new start to life, your a non smoker and back in the workplace, the only way is up, up ,up for you now :)

    Good luck for Monday and remember everyone starts off as the newbie :)

  • Thanks droopy, I wanted people to know that the demon fags are not the answer to coping with stress, I did for years, it was always my excuse for smoking and if I listened to it now it would be saying, awww more stress new job on top of all that crap have a fag and you will feel better, you deserve it, it's rubbish, it doesn't help or distress all it does is cause more misery!!! Anyway, taken up enough space on here tonight lol, bored everyone with my life stories, thank you all for being there xx

  • Well Im delighted that you have discovered that so early in your quit..... it took me ages to realise that ;)

  • Aup Sharon :) am sooo glad you've found a job and can get back to some sort of normality :) :) Please try to look forwards to it and just think of the money you will have, not just cos you got a new job, but with quitting too :) :) and like you say, you will be able to treat yourself to something really special :) :)

    Accidents do happen unfortunately :( just sooo glad you and your daughter and granddaughter came out ok :) :)

    Ermmm, premature menopause, just aint going their gal :o BUT, as you say, the light at the end of that long tunnel is getting brighter :) :) and this is what its all about, put the past behind you and gooooo for what you have now and what you are going to have :) :) and that is happier days :D :D

    Sharon, smoking has never helped anybody :o :o and you've been to hell and back and it hasnt helped you :( sooooo, come on gal, you can dooooo this, not just for the money but for your health as well :) cos you will need some flippin stamina to look after your grandchildren :) :)

    Sharon, I hope all goes well in your new job and you get to like it :) :) and here's to a new life for you :) good luck :) :) xx

  • Hi ya Sharon, a big huge well done to you for not giving in to you know what at this very hard time :) :) it can only get better now for you cant it :) :) and you just flippin hold that pretty head up high gal and be PROUD of yourself :) :) cos i tell ya gal, I'm dead PROUD of you :) :)

    As for the no heating Sharon, well, you will just have to flippin exercise more eh :o :D :D to keep warm :)

    As for your insomnia, your using the patches arnt you :o so try leaving them off at night, when you go to bed :) and see if you can sleep any better :)

    Please stay with us Sharon and we will try to help you :) xx

  • Hi Sharon. You should be vary happy with your self. You are doing great.

    On Monday as well :D xxx

  • Hiya Sharon, just wanted to wish you good luck tomorrow in your new job :)


  • Thank you so much briarwood and every one else that wished me luck for tomorrow, I am very nervous, think I have lost alot of confidence since I've been out of work, suppose that is normal, I treated myself to a new handbag for work and a padbook to take notes along the way so I can refer back if I forget things they are teaching me, sound like I bit of a nerd lmao! But I'm really looking forward to getting back to work and hoping I will pick things up quickly. So nice that everyone cares and some lovely cards you have all given me, will let u no how I got on probably Tuesday as my first day is 8am til 8pm but have an hour and half lunchbreak, got my gums and eciggie for emergencies!!! X

  • That's great Sharon that you are all prepared and we'll look forward to hearing how you get on :)

    You can do this coz after all you have come through, this will be a piece of cake for ya :D :) x

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