Testing my (hopefully) healthier lungs

This Saturday I will be testing my non-smoking lung capacity to the max while I undertake a 26 mile hike across the beautiful hilly Wiltshire countryside to raise money for the Alzheimer's Society. I've been training really hard however discovered during my honeymoon in Somerset last week that training in the completely flat county of Suffolk I may be in for a bit of a hard time lol.

If any of you lovely people live on route from Stonehenge to Avebury I would be grateful of any cheering on!!!! Again Yay for not smoking and I hope I don't let the side down!!!! :)

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  • Hi LilyMay....wowser 26 miles I will definitely be routing for you hun...although I don't live anywhere near, Ill be there in spirit :) Good luck vibes being sent to you in readiness for Saturday :) -x- ooo

  • Thank you Droopy, think I'm going to need all the good vibes I can get lol x

  • Well done you, will think of you on saturday. Brilliant charity.

  • Hi LilyMay, good luck on Saturday, 26 miles and training on your honeymoon as well :)

    Just goes to show what can be achieved from your quit journey :)

    Ya must be one heck of a fit lady, I'm sure you'll do us all proud :) x

  • Way Hay LilyMayyyyyyyyy :) :)

    Love it gal, just love it :) 26 miles eh, thats some going gal, but I have the fullest confidence in you :) :) I'm sorry but I dont live near there :( but like the others have said, I will be routing for you and sending loads a get up and go Vibes to help you :) and just incase they arnt enough, a size 8 boooooot may just help you up them hills eh :o :D :D

    You will doooooo it LilyMay, I know you will :) :) and I will be cheering you on in my thoughts gal :) :) xx

  • WOW!!!...that is a decent run and a fantastic cause that your are fundraising for :) :)

    All the very best Lily and i will be cheering you on all the way from Aussie :D :)

  • WTG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an inspiration to others. Good luck and take it a step at a time !!!! Enjoy the day !!

  • Go Lilymay!

    Fantastic! Will be cheering you on from a way away, catch all our good bibes coming to you on Saturday!

    WTG :)

  • Wow that is a hike! I dont live near there, but will be cheering you on from Kent :) x

  • Thank you everyone!! :) x

  • Hey LilyMay, 26 miles - That's a marathon! Hats off to you though, training throughout your honeymoon! I hope you are finding that your smokefree married life is blissfully happy :-)

    For those of us who live a tad away, we'll definitely be cheering you on from our Quit Support sidelines on Saturday ;-)

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