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DAILY CHAT/  TUESDAY/  14/10/2014

Good morning, afternoon, evening,

How are you all today? Its lovely to see all the support being given to our latest members. We have all travelled the same road with the same destination. We all have our own ways of stopping smoking, some need a little help along the way, (most of us) some are strong enough to go cold turkey. Which ever way you choose just stay focused and positive.

Just out of curiosity what reason did you have to stop smoking.

My reason was bad chest infections.

Have a good Tuesday everyone. :) :)

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Hello Jilly and everyone else.

I do hope that everyone is continuing your quit journey without too many cravings along the way :)

I had a bit of a wake up call with high blood pressure. This was the first time i had seen a GP for about 8 years..I think it scared the cigarettes smoking out of me :D :D :)

My mum had a stroke when she was younger than what I am now and this scared me..However, it has really made me stay focused combined with the support here from all you lovelies:) :)


Good Morning Jilly and everyone and Good Evening Glolin :)

Just to explain to any new members that Glolin lives in Australia and that's why it's evening for her, so I'm not gone mad yet :O

The G.P. told me to stop smoking because I have high Cholesterol :(

I honestly thought I would never be able to and if it wasn't for all the wonderful people on here, I probably wouldn't have got where I am today :)

So to any new members looking in, YES YOU CAN DO IT :)

Have a good smoke free day :) x


Hiya Jilly & the rest of the world.

My reasons for quitting:

1. My son

2. Coughing during the night

3. Wheezy chest

4. Smelly ashtrays

5. Smelly Me

6. Very soon too cold to go outside for a fag!



Think most of you know my story. Sister was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer 2 1/2 years ago, which is now terminal. Her and my other sisters gave up right away but I couldn't get my head in the right place and buried it in the sand. I don't really know what the turning point was. I think it was just the right time :-)

Now I hardly think about smoking, just sometimes I feel I should be smoking but don't actually want to. Madness :-)

Enjoy the ready of your day/evening



Thank you for all your comments on why you quit. I thought I would collect all the reasons and put them together to see if there was a common denominator (wow that was a big word :D) I may be able to present the reasons at one of my Roy castle lung cancer meetings, or even put them in their magazine. :)


For me it was high cholesterol, would not have made it this far without all you wonderful crazy quitters :P :D :D


Hi everyone for me it was C.O.P.D was advised to stop smoking. I really didn't want to but here I am 3months smoke free. ! Really can't believe it but so far so good . I have also been off the patches for 5 wks now . I was beginning to feel good and then managed to get another chest infection which has knocked me for six. Feel abit down but trying to get motivated again . On the plus side I'm still smoke free ! Hope everyone's staying strong, big hugs to everyone x


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