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DAILY CHAT/ SUNDAY/ 19/10/2014

DAILY CHAT/   SUNDAY/  19/10/2014

Good morning/ afternoon,/ Evening, to everyone.

Sunday and one of those days where your either chilling out, or scurrying around doing all the jobs you kept promising yourself to do.

Big congratulations to Ray who has reached his 1 year milestone today.

So all you new members take heed it can be done. Just remember our saying.



One Puff


Enjoy your Sunday. :) :) :) xx

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Love the pic jilly :) You are so right. that NOPE holds us all in good steed to quit and stay quit. I know that is definitely my mantra :) :)

Have a great Sunday everyone

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Nitey nite Lin :) :)

I make it about 00.30 am down under, sooooo I expect your zzzzzzzzzzzing now gal :) just sending you cuddly sleep well and get your batteries charged up for another busy week huggs :) :) xx

Maybe chat late/earlier :o :D :D


Nitey nite, at that time, i would have been well and truly in the land of nod



There you go Lin, am a cuddling you :) :) xx


Good afternoon Jillygirl and everybody :) :)

Loving the pic Jillygirl :D :D and I hope your having a lovely relaxing day today :) :)


Good afternoon Pete, Thought you would be out pottering in your shed. :)

We are having a flippin eck day. Hubby replacing ceiling wrose`s some wouldnt screw loose.

3 screwdrivers and a hammer later he managed them. :D

I made a pear and almond meringue topped pudding . The meringue burnt on top. anyway scraped it off. still edible.

Might go for a walk now its safer. :D :D


Aup Jillygirl :) :)

Hmmmmm, sounds as if your having one of those days gal :o hey, tell hubby, forget the screwdrivers, just need the hammer :| :D :D

As for your puddddd, just chuck some custard over it gal :) but dont burn that, cos it tastes yuckyyyyyyyy :P :P :D :D

Enjoy your walk Jillygirl and see's ya later :) :) xx


Do you mean lumpy custard. :D :D :)


Well, what other custard is thererererere :o :D :D :D


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Good Afternoon all you lovely people :)

Cooking up a lovely roast dinner for all the family, so just having a quick pop on here to see if you're all behaving yourselves :D

Was going to invite Droopy as I know she loves a roast but not enough chairs, sorry :O

Glad you got that hubby of yours doing something useful Jilly, now if only I could get mine to do something.................anything :D

He just keeps disappearing for a smoke :X

Gotta go or there will be lumpy gravy or custard :D x


Lumpy gravy and Custard , Monkys speciality. :D :D

It must be annoying when hubby keeps going out for a smoke.

I used to do that , never even thought how my better half felt.


hello Jilly, Monky and Briar and anybody else looking in.

Roast dinners must of been on a few menu's yesterday cos i cooked one too. I dont cook often these days cos hubby loves too, however he often works Sunday arvo so i put a roast on for him :) :)

I had my oldest granddaughter overnight as she has to be at school early for an excursion and the early starts is difficult for mum :) :)


Good morning Lin :) :) I really do hope you had a lovely nights sleep :) :)

I suspect your granddaughter and yourself are having a bit of breakie now :) Hmmmmm, just wandering if little granddaughter gets what she wants :o or does grandma lay the law down :o :D :D

Enjoy your start to the new week Lin and have a lovely day :) :) xx


she kinda gets what she wants. I call it payback!!! lol I love having the girls overnight and spoiling them.

I think i did well when they were all younger, I have always been very firm but fair with them and its like we just have an understanding.

we even have nana secrets :) :)


Awwww Lin, thats just lovely gal :) :) :) xx


i best go drop her off for the day trip she has to some adventure park. School as changed from my day.

have a great evening :) :) xx


Have a lovely day Lin :) :) xx


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