Good afternoon everyone. Well its Sunday and very cold in Yorkshire , but at least its not stormy and rainy.

How is everyone doing with their quit smoking regime, let us all know. If your struggling we will help , if your on a winner we will celebrate with you.

Enjoy your day no matter what your doing. catch up later on. :) :)

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  • Good afternoon Jillygirl and everybody :) You just pipped me to the Daily chat Jillygirl :o :)

    We had a good frost this morning, a lovely change from the dull, grey rainy mornings we've had the last few days :)


    I see there is a bike leaning against a tree in the pic, hmmmmm, is it Andi's or Sinfree's I wonder :o and where have they gone toooooo ?? does anybody know !! Noooo they wouldnt, its too cold :o :D :D :D

  • Well it could possibly be mine. I thought, sod that for a game of soldiers, its far too cold for riding a bike and went off for a jogette instead :D

  • :D :D :D

  • :D :D :D

    Sinfree, it looks like you've had a bit of xmas pudddddd gal :P :D :D :D

  • I thought it was your bike. I see you haven't changed that saddle yet. :o ;-)

  • I actually have a new toy. An all singing, all dancing pedometer. So, as it's a bit rubbish on the weather front for riding a bike I've been walking. I actually managed the 10,000 steps yesterday. Flipping eck, you don't realise how far 10,000 steps is till you try doing it. That is the recommended amount of steps everyone should do every day :o I walked 2.45 miles yesterday morning and nearly died of boredom (I really don't like walking, just don't get far enough, fast enough) then we went shopping in the afternoon and its a bit of a trek from Tesco's car park in Stockport to the actual shops in the town centre so by the time I got home and looked at my pedometer I'd done a total of 9,898 steps for the day so at 11.00pm last night I though mmm, might as well make it to 10,000 and did a quick dash around the block. I walked another 2 miles this morning to the shops, just in time as its raining again now, rain........how unusual, haha.

  • Thats brill Sinfree, I will have to start going that bit extra. I shall see if I can get my lung capacity up to 60% as its about 45% at the moment.

  • Yeah know what your saying about the pedometer Sinfree, hubby bought one some months back, and he was the same could'nt believe how far he had to walk to reach the 10,000 daily steps, he was convinced at first it was faulty!!! Bless.

    You should be super fit eh, putting me to shame !! ;-) I'v allways got an excuse !! ;-)

    And todays excuse is it's very windy and lashing it down now too !!

  • Yeah, Sunny, you flippin send poor hubby out to try it out eh :P :P :D :D typical flippin Woman, talks about it, but dont do note about it ;) :D :D

    Think its time I wasnt here :o will have to find a hiding place, cos I aint calling for a taxi, cos Emjay's driving is something else !! I tell ya :o :P :D :D

  • Hehe. I tested it for distance against my phone with mapmywalk running and it is fairly accurate. It's raining here now too, so been trying to get some steps in using Wii fit but it's taking too long.

  • Hey Sinfree, you've cleared the clutter off your dinning table havnt you :o sooooo climb on top of it, lay on your back and kick them flippin legs a your's gal :| :D :D

  • :D :D :I

  • I think he just wants you on your back. :o :D :D

  • Sinfree, ermmm, am just wondering !! does this err pedometer put your make-up on for you :o :D :D

    I've got a Walk-O-Meter which you clip to the side of your pocket, but it looks dead !!, soooooo I will try to find a batterie for it :o and wear it tomorrow and see how many steps I dooooooooo !!

    Watch this flippin space :o :|

  • Umm I don't really get that but......something that did put makeup on while I just sit there would be just wonderful. Better still something that put makeup on while I have a lie in would be even more wonderful. I still miss nipping out for a ciggie when I'm putting makeup on.

  • :D :D :D I'm sorry Sinfree :o

    You said that it was a singing, dancing pedometer, I just wondered what else it did :o :| sorryyyyyyyyy :(

    As for putting your makeup on while you have a lie in, ermmm I will see what I've got in my garage !! :o :D :D

  • Haha, a trowel? Oh I get you now, I forgot I'd said it was all singing and dancing.

  • Sinfree, you dont know how lucky you are gal, cos I keep my shovel in the coal house :P :P :D :D :D

  • Sinfree, if you want to bash me, I will take it like a man !!

    TAXIIIIIIIII and flippin quick !!!! Where the flippin ecks Emjay when you want her :o :D :D

  • I think he keeps his trowel in the greenhouse. ;-)

  • Sin, have you got one of those fitbit thingys then and did you get it for Christmas?

  • No, it's not a fitbit it's a buddy. I bought it myself. I spent an age before Christmas looking at them all and couldn't justify spending nearly £50 on a step counter. Glad I didn't get one, I saw them in Tesco yesterday and the fitbit zip is the size of a button. Mine does the same thing and was half the price, they have a website too where you can upload your data to. I got it mainly to use with my turbo trainer cos its supposed to count steps as you cycle but I've not actually tried it out on that yet, mainly cos it's too cold in our house to get started. Can't use the turbo trainer in the living room because its too noisy so the only room that is big enough and the noise doesn't bother anyone is our bedroom where at the moment it's around 8 degrees - :( I think its actually warmer outside.

  • I've walked 27.5 miles with it since I got it two weeks ago and that's with Christmas and New Year in the middle of it when I didn't use it at all. Not bad for someone who doesn't really like walking.

  • The problem with outside at the moment is that it's pi**ing down with rain - yet again! :o But surely, once you get going on your turbo trainer (whatever that is) you'll get warm?

  • It turns your bike into a stationery bike for indoor cycling. Yeah you can work up quite a sweat once you get going but - oooooh its cold up there :( Raining here too and very windy yet again, but hey we're used to rain here :D not that I ever go out in the rain.

  • I'm fed up with this weather and I've only been back a few days! :o I thought I'd get out for a good walk every day but haven't been out once. I'm not bothering with running now, I only ran once, early on while I was away so won't bother now til next month. As for getting the bike out, we won't even go there! :D :D

  • s'rubbish isn't it. Mind you I'm not complaining really, I'd rather have this than snow myself. When it's 26th January (my 12 month anniversary of stopping smoking) I'm going to put a picture up of what the weather was like on the day I stopped. Brrrrr. Hope its not like that this year.

  • What was the weather then? (I wasn't here - and won't be again this year.) :)

  • aww, lucky you. Wasn't you skiing? That's pretty much what we were doing too, without the ski's haha.

  • There are currently rivers of water blowing up the street in the road. Which is some going considering it's going up hill. On that note I'm going to go now. I made a new years resolution to go to bed at 10.30. Have not managed to achieve it yet. So I'll say nite nite Andi and anyone else who's looking in, hope the weather is a little drier tomorrow.

  • Nite nite Sinfree, Andi and all :) Get a lovely nights kip eh :) :) xxxx

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