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X Smoker asks

It is almost a year since I had my last cigarette and have suffered some side effects but the most annoying ones are shortness of breath and this very irritating cough it starts with a tickle in the throat then into a horrid cough I have seen my gp and I have been told that the cough could last upto 4years after stopping smoking, had anyone else experienced the same thing. Any advice on what to do or use to help with the cough please.

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Hi there,

Sorry i havent experienced it but i am sure one of the advisors will be along shortly to discuss it with you.

Well done for quitting. x


I suffered with a cough , my gp gave me carbosistein tablets for mucus. This helped a lot. I would go see your doctor again.


Hey Jenny,

I'm a year giving up and I still do cough up tar.

Not as bad as I did, but it's still there. I also had shortness of breath right up till 11 months, even now it sometimes presents itself.

Like Jilly said, pop to the doctors, maybe ask for a chest x-ray for peace of mind, but yes your lungs are going to take some time to heal, but they will heal :-)

Good luck,


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Great to hear that someone else had shortness of breath months out. I'm four months in and struggle with this daily. All the tests done, so I believe I'm health (heart test is this week, last one to make sure SOB is normal) but this SOB is driving me nuts. Would love to hear an update on this, did you get better, or feel better yet?


4 years seems a bit excessive.

When I quit last time for 4 months I had a terrible cough. Made the doctor give me antibiotics and it cleared up. Dr said they probably wouldn't do anything for me but they did work.

Well done on your quit



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