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Reformed smoker

Always used to say reformed smokers are always the ones to complain the most about smokers.

Well yesterday I morphed in to one of those, whilst out shopping someone stood by me who must have had a fag before coming in to the shop. I politely tried to get my friend to move along and she just stood there looking at me daft, when that person moved away I explained to my friend what my issue was she burst out laughing.

I can see the funny side but ewww what a stink and its only been Nearly 3 months lol

Dot x

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Hi Dot 😀

Know what you mean about the smell, my hubby still smokes and to hear me go on about it sometimes, you would think I had never smoked 😆

And yip my hubby does stink 😂😂



I'm with you on that! My best friend smokes and when we are out socially and she nips out for a cigarette - when she returns I cannot stand the STINK - the sad thing is I USED to smell like that too...Gosh! Giving up was the best decision I have ever made...


Hiya chubby stuff, wow nearly 3 months, terrific👍

I totally agree with ya and yep my hubby stinks too😩x

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It is quite funny as when I smoked I was adamant I didn't stink of smoke.

who was I kidding !!!!

My friend is weird she has smoked but can leave it most of the time, but she loves the smell of it, hence she didn't mind standing by the shopper.

I am lucky as my hubby as hubby is on an e-cig and has been for 3 years but he used to tell me all the time I stank and I used to wind him up calling him a nagging ex smoker lol.


Aup Dot, its funny how things turn around in life isnt it :o :D :D

Am just wondering, how many other smokers think, or thought they didnt smell of fags :o cos when you were smoking, you just dont notice it, do you :o :D :D

Your doing just flippin great Dot :) :) soooo, you stick with it eh :) and hope to speak soon :)

Pete :)


I mind my first day of smellin smoke on someone else and thinkin I spent most of my adult life smellin like that. It was like an bullet in my head. Made sure I would never smoke again xxx

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