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Slimdusty returns

Evening all, well about a year ago I found this sight with the hope of giving up the darts......no such luck. I have tried about 3 times since and have started up again. I am 36 with 2 kids, both me and my hubby smoke. I really want to kick it once and for all. Not so sure hubby does...so I have gone for 2 days with out any darts, relatively pain free but then hubby comes home and I have had a few each night. Don't feel great about it ....... But want to know if I will ever be able to do it!! Heeeeeeeellllllppppp

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Hey Slimdusty, welcome back :)

It aint easy kicking the habit but you will do it, you just have to really want it. How have you given up in the past? Cold turkey, patches, gum, Ecig? I think its safe to say that most of us have tried to give up previously.

As you know there are plenty of people on here who have different journeys and will be able to give you some sound advice. What seems to work for most people is actually planning your quit and choosing a quit date. Writing out a list of why you want to quit & the pros & Cons of smoking... the latter should be a huge list as there are no pro's to smoking!!!

I see you have two children so do you smoke inside/outside the home? if its inside then maybe you need to make the best decision and not smoke indoors, that might help you. Of course if you and hubby give up together then that would definitely make life a bit easier :)

Whenever you decide to quit, your family will also reap the long term effects...... better health, no longer smell, have more money in your pocket for extra treats :)

Good luck with it and keep us posted -x-


Thanks for your response droopyJ. I gave up when I was pregnant with both of my kids, and I found it easy. Then I started again, we only smoke outside, and I only smoke at home. I think the psychology of it, is that I am ashamed to smoke and know that I shouldn't do it. I am trying to do it cold turkey, so will persevere. Thanks again. x x


G'day Slimdusty. Let me get this straight.....you're quitting because you're ashamed & you know you shouldn't do it. So, do you WANT to quit? Wanting to quit will sustain your effort much longer than shame. The biggest challenge you have is in quitting while hubby continues to smoke. Resist the temptation to "shame" him into quitting with you.....he will resent you for it if you try. Leading by example MAY get him to follow suit but don't count on it. Quitting is a very personal thing, like ending a bad relationship & it needs to be kept between you & ole nic.

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My sis gave up with both hers but after her second she never went back and its almost 17 years for her now.... I try and take my inspiration from her :)

I think you probably found it easier to give up when you were pregnant as it wasn't just your health you had to worry about. But you should worry about your health, I don't know how old your children are, but they are really switched on these days when it comes to the cigs and the impact smoking has on your health (I know coz my niece used to nag me like mad...)

Its interesting that you only smoke at home, do you think its because smokers are ostracised and seen as almost lepers in the current climate?

Going cold turkey is brave but please use a lozenge or chewing gum whatever it takes to stop your self from giving into a craving... there are a number of lovely people on here that are quitting cold turkey and they are doing really well. Tap into them and see if they have any tips for you :D

Keep up the hard work and we are all behind you :) -x-

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Hi Slimdusty, I am confident you will do it, as something you have said about being ashamed, and only smoking at home. Because that's exactly how I was feeling, stay strong, and Good Luck, and keep in touch. x. :-)


Hi Slimdusty, if you haven't already, read Allen Carr "The Easyway To Stop Smoking". It worked for me and I was very dubious that a book could help me quit but, well it did.:)

It won't win any literary prizes and be quite repetitive and condescending at times but if you open your mind to what he is saying, you can see the through the tricks. I won't go into it too much cos I don't think I will explain very well but basically he asks you why do you smoke?? And how can one cigarette be both a de-stressor, relieve boredom, help you concentrate, calm you down, help you sleep, wake you up, help you deal with sadness, happiness and any other excuse you have for smoking. It really made me realise that I do these things myself not a cigarette, my friend read it and said it's like a jedi mind trick :):)

Give it a go, it will only cost the prize of a 20 pack and it might work for you too.

Good luck whatever way you decide to quit



Aup Slimdusty, nice to see you again :)

You say you dont smoke when your alone, just when your hubby comes home eh, well, thats simples then, just flippin kick him out :o job sorted :D :D

Slim, I know what you mean about living with smokers, cos I do to gal :( and i know how hard it is, but your half way there gal, cos you want to quit :) :) I see your going cold turkey this time, wellllll, perhaps try your e-cig again and when your hubby comes home and goes out for a fag, YOU go out ARMED with your e-cig :) your new friend :)

Show hubby that YOUR STRONGER than he is, that you dont need a cig :) thennnnn, just maybe he might have a think about quitting too :) :)

Not sure what strength e-liquid you used last time but maybe get the next one up eh :)

Slim, I'm not really sure why you feel ashamed of smoking though !! is it because of your children ?

Please stay with us :) :)


Hi slimdusty, lots of good advice given already, so I will just say welcome back and believe in yourself, you CAN do it :) x


Hi slimdusty, I can't add anymore to what has be said the other members other that if you Google Allan Carr's book mentioned above, you can download a pdf version.


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