Daily Chat: Sunday 6th July 2014

Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening to everyone looking in :-)

Another really early start for me today, we fly back home at 11.40am and we're two hours behind UK time here in absolutely gorgeous and sunny Vilnius.

We've enjoyed a great couple of days away here and it is most definitely a city break I would highly recommend.

So, for those of you who do like to travel, continue putting those pennies away that you would have wasted on cigarettes and grab yourselves a bargain flight :-)

I'm on my iPad at the moment so can't put up a picture, although I might try and do it from my phone in a mo :-)

Have a lovely day all and I'll pop on later once I'm back home :-)

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  • Hi emjay, sunny here too. My internet is broken, noooooo :( so am on 3g on a mobile yuk, snail pace. Watching le tour on TV making my knees hurt just watching. Hubby currently at Blackstone Edge with a front row seat waiting for them to pass by. I'm sat on the sofa with a much better view.

  • hehehehehehe....... bet its more comfortable too :)

    I'm going down to the embankment tomorrow to watch it :)

  • Aup Droopydraws, you just got outa bed gal :P :D :D

  • Ha blooming ha :) nope have been up and into work this morning and back in time to watch the grand prix :) You been fishing in your butts today ;)

  • I thought you'd finished work for a week :o huh, typical flippin Woman, only tells you half a story then gets that wrong :P :D :D

    NO, I will have you know that I havnt been fishing in my butts seeeee :P I've been cooking dins in my butts so therererererere :P :D :D

  • weeeeeelll I have finished HOWEVER I needed to go in an scan my assignment so that I could email it see..... and I got given a bar of chocolate by one of my colleagues ....... ooh must go and eat that now I've had lunch :D

  • I've eaten it...... :(

  • WOW, that was quick :| sooo you aint got none left for later then :( hmmm, I will try to find you some for later then gal :)

  • I don't hang around you know....:)

  • :D :D :D :D xx

  • you making soup then????? :)

  • No a flippin salad, had a rite morning tooo, burnt the lettuce, the radishes boiled dry, dropped the spuds on the floor, so had to get the cat to lick all the bits off em and to top it all, my cucumber went limp :o :D :D

  • LMAO :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  • Droopy, I've got to go do some ermmm butting about now, so I will hopefully see you later gal, if your about :)

    Enjoy your day J :) :)

  • hope you sort your cucumber out ;)

  • Cucumber sorted J, put him in the freezer for a bit, job sorted nicely gal ;) :D :D :D

  • Good to hear, and how's the big butts going on :D :P :P

  • Aup Fresher, my big butts is doing fine thank you for flippin asking gal :P :D :D

    Hows your's ? ermmm, small ones of course ;) :D :D

  • Hahaha yea I wish,,, they're doing fine thanks for asking but not as full of water as yours lol :) :)

  • Hey Sinfree, I thought you would be out on ya bike today, racing them gal :o :D :D

    Not sat on ya soffa indoors while the sun is shining 8-) :D :D

  • What exactly is this 'sun' thing you are all harping on about eh?????? 8-)

  • Its a thing in the sky that tells us its day time, well, on the odd occasion eh :o :D :D

  • wow could definitely do with that down here.... we just got a load of cotton wool in our sky... :(

  • Good afternoon Emjay :) sooooo you've been gallivanting about again gal, hmmmm, Vilnius, is that just down the road a bit from Skeggy :o :D :D

    I hope there wasnt any painting and rock moving for you this time Emjay :) erm, not sure about the nodding though eh ;) :D :D

    Take care gal and have a safe journey back home :) :)

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