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Pre Op check today and I can say I don't smoke !!! :)

So, today i go for my pre op check and I woke up this morning and thought that for the first time in years I can say I don't smoke anymore.Still have good days and horrible days when I would cheerfully sell the house for just one cig but I'm still hanging on in there 9 weeks in.Have to say I'm quietly proud of myself. Still on my ecig (again good days and bad) but 6mg of Nicotine and no chemicals like Formaldehyde and Uric acid have to be an improvement. Have a good day all and pat yourselves on the back because we no longer need the cigarettes.

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Morning Yellowsnodrop, Hope all goes well with your Pre- Opp checkup.

I to am 9 weeks in, and feel exactly the same as you, and e-cig works better some days than others :-\

Fingers crossed for you today, :-) :-)


Hi ya Sunny :)

Am sending you a great big WELL DONE to you toooooo :) :) 9 weeks quit, that could be another YAYYYY, but have got fed up with that one :o sooooo, I'm going to give you a flippin big yippppppppy dippppppy dooooooooo :) :) instead :o

Just wondering :o if you have tried the inhalator, instead of the e-cig ??

See ya soon, Pete :)


Hi monkey, I love Yippppppppy Dipppppppy Dooooooo :-)

No I haven't tried the inhalator, would that be via the GP ?

But not planning on using an e-cig as a substitute, over a long period !! Oooooo I've said it now !!! :-\ ;-) :-*


Hi ya H :)

You can get the inhalator with the cartridges from any chemist and most big supermarkets as well. You dont have to go to your GP :)


Hope it all went well today you non smoker you! :)


Hey Friez, hark at the kettle calling the pot :o you none smoker you !! :) :)

YAYYYYYY to you an allllll :) :)


All is well & best thing is that blood pressure has dropped drastically and is now very normal. YAY. :)


Aup H :)

Thats just great news :) :) andddddd, your blood pressure has dropped tooooo :) I should hope you told the docs that you have quit the smokes eh :) cos they know how hard it is to quit, and I think they erm, just give a bit extra when they know that you are really trying to help your body :) :) Erm, does that make sense to you :o !!

Anyway H, thats the way to go, YAYYYYYYY :) :)

Please keep us informed eh :) Pete :)


Hi H, glad to hear you're still going strong and looking to eventually reduce/cut out the ecig. Great news about the blood pressure too. Gook luck with the op and see you again soon. :)


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