FRIDAY - DAILY CHAT - 25/04/2014

Morning Everybody

Well it's very foggy here - has the saharan sands made a return I wonder?

Gosh this has felt like a long week in spite of it only being 4 days!!! But it is Funday Friday so we have the weekend to look forward to! A quick hello and well done to Briarwood on achieving 5 weeks stop today - you are on a roll girl, enjoy it and well done you :)

Have a really wonderful day and we'll catch up again later xx :) :) :)

ps Sorry so brief - I forgot to set my alarm so slept in again :( :D :D

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  • Morning everyone,

    Grey and dull here, but it doesnt matter as it is friday.... woooohhooooo!

    Well for the first weekend this month, I have nothing planned, and i am looking forward to recharging my batteries and chilling out. Seem to have been in a whirlwind the last couple of months, so looking forward to some calm :)

    Have a great and smoke free day xx

  • Good Morning Chrissie, pinkie and everyone. You're going to have a nice relaxing weekend pinkie, good for you. You deserve it. Things will be a bit more hectic for me as I'm babysitting! So I'm going to have a nice relaxed day today - off for a swim in a bit and that's my little bit of heaven. So enjoy your day, smoke free all the way :) x

  • Oh thanks Chrissie x :)

  • Afternoon All :-)

    I didn't make it on here at all yesterday, I had an early start - 7.30am Radio interview (BBC Radio Stoke) and then carry on with my journey towards Preston. By the time I got home, I performed my usual Thursday night trick of falling asleep on the couch after my tea and then woke up to go to bed!

    Looks like it's been quite busy round here. Lots for me to catch up on, as it's Friday again (already) I think I may have to settle down with a glass of wine and have a good read! Not now though, as I'm still in work - so that would be wrong! Shall wait until I get home ;-)

    Chrissie, I hope today has been a tad better for you in work sleepyhead, you're turning into me! ;-)

    Briarwood, I hope you enjoyed your chillaxing day today, charging up your batteries for you babysitting duties :-)

    Al, sounds like you have a great plan there. Try and stick to it! I'm probably going to try and do something similar... I blessed with family though so things may change! :-/ :D

    Happy Friday everyone :-)

  • are a radio star!!! I'm so impressed, in fact I'm proud to know you :)

    So was it fun? :) :) :) xx

  • It was a bit of a funny one to be honest, I was supposed to be inbetween person setting the scene and the "voice of 'reason' expert on the panel "between MP's regarding e-cigarettes... (Should have sent Sin really, or at least read up on her article beforehand!) However, the first thing blasted at me was "should buying e-cigarettes over the counter be made difficult?" I gave a (very quick) overview of the positives and negatives of e-cig use but then didn't want to sound as though I was anti-E-Cig... So, explained that whether safe or not, e-cigs have encouraged and helped many, many people to stop smoking... Even those who may have never considered stopping smoking before... I would hope that positives come out for their safe use.

    After I said my piece, that was it.... I either said enough to set the scene or said too much and used up the time :-/ As it was Stoke, i heard the MPs being inteoduced and got thanked for my input... I never heard the rest of the programme...

    I didn't get a chance to promote Quit Support or even talk about our charity!

    Oh well eh?! No doubt other opportunities shall arise :-/

    I'm now home and shall just bob off to pour myself a glass of (much needed!) wine ;-)

  • Hello

    Just thought I'd pop in and introduce myself. My name is James and after nearly twenty years of smoking I have decided to stop - I have been without nicotine for all of 20 hours.... journey of a thousand miles and all that. I'm much encouraged to see so many of you have kicked the habit for so long.

    So, relaxing at home and trying to find a drama/film where people don't smoke (black and white films are definitely out!). Would normally be having a drink but staying dry for the first few days as I don't want to make things any harder than they need to be. So far so good on the symptoms front. Feeling fidgety and clenching my jaw a lot. Very early days. Reading around this site there is lots more fun coming my way!

    Look forward to sharing the journey and getting to know you



  • This is exciting! It's like countdown to 24 hours - eek, it's just 3 and a bit hours to go now - can we keep this gentleman distracted enough to hit the big 2 4!!!

    I think we can!!!!!! :) :) :) Keep the positive mental attitude, this is a fantastic thing you are doing and it only takes one day at a time

    Okay I made the conscious decision to not plan or do anything for the first 2 weeks of my stop, and that included enjoying my Friday night glass of red. I ended up on here chatting away and having some fun so hopefully you will find the same - besides I simply couldn't concentrate on tv or films in the early days - I keep just staring into space, rather zombie like actually :)

    So welcome to Friday night at quit support - we hope you have fun! :) :) :)

  • I'm definitely with you on the zombie staring! Enjoying the Friday support :)

    Two and a half to go!

  • Hi James, pleased to meet you. You have come to the best place - so please stay with us and we will distract and entertain you along the way. You CAN do this remarkable journey and we will help you, as we all help one another along. Stay tuned :)

  • Thank you! Nice to meet you and everybody on here.

  • Aup James, a big warm welcome to this lovely quit support site pal, and well done you for taking the plunge to quit the smokes :)

    As you have found, there's loads of help and advice on here, and the great thing about this lovely site is, were all in the same boat as to speak :) and are all going or have gone through what you are going through at the moment, so come and shout if you need any help, cos somebody is usually around :)

    Speak soon James, Pete :)

  • Thanks Pete! Good to know I'm on well trodden path.

  • Hi James and well done on your 20 hours, especially cold turkey that's hard. I've done 4 months on Monday and would never have done it without my e cig so big pat on the back for you. Have to admit I didn't stop having a drink as I found out I wanted one less as I was more chilled and amazingly didn't think about it as much. Sure more people will be on to speak to you soon, they are great on here and a massive support :)

  • Fresher - wow - 4 months on Monday - wow - you are amazing!!!!! @justsaying :) :) :) xx

  • 4 weeks not 4 months,,, I wish haha :)

  • You dipstick!!! ha ha ha - the thing is, I never questioned it I just thought WOW! hey we'll still do a happy dance for you on Monday - IT'S BADGE TIME!!!!! :) :) :) xxx

  • Thank you and congrats on approaching four weeks! Amazing - you give me hope! I'm keeping my options open re e cigs etc and playing it by ear but so far so good!

  • Haha thanks Chrissie, can't believe it myself. Especially with sooooo many stresses lately which would normally had me running for a cig or twenty. X

  • I so know what you mean hun, but wow 4 months - that is like.....MEGA!!! So happy for you, in fact happy dances are a calling!!! Monday night - 4 months - wow! xxx :) :) :)

  • Oooooohhhh mmmyyyyy goooodd is that what I put, I meant 4 bleeding weeks. Just realised what you'd said haha. Told you I was stressed lmao :) xx

  • So funny :D :D :D - forgive her James, she's stopped smoking you know!!! :)

  • ha ha! :) I thought I'd misread the posts!

  • Haha you'll get used to me and us all,, we're all a bit mad due to giving up the evil weed haha :)

  • Hey Fresher, ermmmmm, how many brain cells you actually got then gal ? :P :D :D :D

    Its 8 weeks for me on Monday, hmmmmmm, I can feel a party coming onnnnnnn :D :D Well, gal, you got a party frock then :o annnnnnnnd, can you doo the bum-wiggle-dance ? ?

  • Yey a party! Oh how I love a good party - Can I come????? :) :) :)

  • Of course young Lady :) :)

  • Yey, thank you - it'll be so nice seeing Fresher getting her 4 week badge, and you getting your 7 week one !!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA H :) :) :) :D :D :D XX

  • :P :P :D :D :D te flippin heeee, Oy you can gooooooo off people you know :P :D :D

  • Hey, you know I loves ya! :) :) :)

  • Yeah, I love me as well :D :D

  • Can't add up but defo can do the bum wiggle dance monkey haha

  • It's wishful thinking haha,, defo still happy dance time, never thought I'd get to 4 days never mind four weeks haha :)

  • I had a pure moment of joy in the co-op tonight peeps!

    The young girl who served me immediately asked me if I wanted any cigarettes - no thank you I said, I've stopped smoking for over a month now - with the biggest smile on my face EVER!!! The guy on the next till knew I had stopped and congratulated me - I was so proud :) :) :) xx

  • Awwww, Chrissie that must have been a great feeling gal :) :) and yes youuuuu feel proud of yourself :) :) :)

  • I do, but also cringing a bit that it just shows how often I used to go in there for cigarettes - that is actually becoming a distant memory for me now - how lovely! :)

  • yes Chrissie, I used to go to our local shop in the Village on a Sunday morning for the papers and always buy you know what as well, but now I go in and just buy the papers :)

    It is a lovely feeling, I think its cos you can say NO now eh :) :)

  • Yes it is that, and it's also like, I've stopped before but always felt like I was depriving myself if I went into the shop and didn't buy you know whats, but this time I just feel happy when I don't buy them - It's the greatest feeling! :) :) :)

  • Well for the first time today my twenty year old and 17 yr old were sat downstairs for once and the older one said, mum when did you last smoke? I said it will be a month on Monday, they said 'wow that's amazing' I got all embarrassed and didn't say anything, they then said my dad should try it next but he's way to stubborn' haha.. Have to say even though he hasn't said anything in any way positive or negative I think it annoys my other half that I've packed in,, it's what we have always done over the last 26 plus years

  • Fresher, thats just lovely of your, erm, children to say that to you gal :) :)

    I know just what you mean about your other half gal, cos I think my other half would rather have me smoke than not, if you see what I mean :o

  • I can relate to you with's what you do together sadly. We used to go outside and have a chat raining or not, now he's on his own and smelly lol x

  • Hey don't feel embarrassed for feeling proud sweetie - that is so lovely, your 2 are obviously very happy too! And rightly so. You never know, hubby might surprise you and join you, once he sees how well you are doing??????? xx :) :)

  • That's my hope Chrissie but he's a stubborn one, likes what he likes and does what he does lol x

  • Yep, I know just what you mean Fresher, er-in-doors is just the same, I've tried to get her to quit, but that ended up in a big argument, it ended up, me pinching a pack of her fags and taking them for a walk, hence, I didnt get to 5 Months quit :o

    Soooooo, please, please dont try the same eh :) :) When he see's how ell your doing, then it just might make him think eh :)

  • Well Monky you ARE going to get to 5 months and keep going this time, I just know you are. I think you're GREAT. Now don't go getting a big head will ya? :D

  • Hear Hear and I totally agree - you are definitely going to get there and further because we won't let you go for a walk, even if we have to tie your legs together!!! :) :)

  • :P :D :D :D

  • I wouldn't even attempt to try and tell him to,,, he would kick against it all the more,, sadly x

  • Congrats Fresher, just as well I got my feathers fluffed ready for the big party on Monday, a joint one with Monky! Can't wait. Yes I know all about the other half that still smokes, although mine has cut back a good bit. Like you say it's not the same going out for one on your own. I know mine is happy for me but kinda misses what we did together. Well I'll keep trying to convert him, nag nag nag ha ha ha :D

  • I strongly suspect that they are waiting to see how you both get on. Everybody is afraid of stopping - partly because of the fear of failure, but if they see you succeeding, that might actually motivate them to do the same - you just never know girls! :) :) :)

  • Tie his legs together, oh you're way too nice Chrissie, I was thinking of Chopin them off :D

  • Who's flippin legs ?? :o

  • YOUR flipping legs Monky :D

  • Good evening Briarwood :)

    Yeah, I thought you meant mine :o ermmmm, in that case I will go with Chrissie's comment, and be tied up, cos I aint been tied up for ages seeeeee :D :D :D

  • Oh I bet you haven't and you're not going to. - so get that big smile off your face now :P

  • :P :P :D :D

  • Thanks Chrissie hun, I'll send him round so YOU can explain that to him ha ha :D x

  • Thanks fresher and chrissie, sounds sad really though doesn't it, it was our common interest fighting against the non smokers that we'd always sneak off somewhere to have one,, end of an era... Hopefully x

  • Obviously meant briar not myself,,,, you can tell he's stressing me out lol xx

  • I think you can dooooooo that yourself gal :D :D :D

    I think its time I wasnt here :o rite, where can I hide !!

  • Fresher ?????

  • Lol, you don't want to come here ,, far to many teenagers and kids lol :)

  • Hey Fresher, you been on the wine gal :o :D :D

  • You said you needed somewhere to hide lol, I said nowhere to hide here lol

  • Was thinking of hiding behind your settee gal :o :D :D

  • I AM - I went to the shop and I bought red milk!! Actually I bought red wine and milk, but I actually went to the shop for milk - it's very nice you know :) :)

  • :D :D :D

  • Eh! :O

  • Oh god I'm doing a lot of explaining tonight, I posted before to briar and Chrissy but actually our fresher and Chrissie lol,,, stress head what can I say lol x

  • Predictive text it doing me lol

  • As the wife of someone who stopped smoking about 10 years ago can I just offer a tip. Don't even suggest that they stop smoking. My hubby rarely mentioned me stopping smoking but on the odd occasion when he did all he got from me was "yeah whatever". I never envied him that he'd stopped, I was totally happy to go smoke on my own, (I would still happily go stand outside for a ciggie no matter how cold it might get -20 I'd still go), he has very little sense of smell so that never bothered him when I did smoke. Someone at work has seen me go through 2 quit attempts and as a fellow smoker he was always happy that I'd started smoking again. This time though, he'd ask me every week if I was still stopped and when the weeks turned to months and eventually a year he stopped asking and even tried an e-cig. Didn't last and I very much doubt he's on the e-cig now at all. Suggesting a smoker stops just because you have is just a recipe for an argument.

  • Totally agree, and will never say anything to him as I've had sooooo many people say it to me over the last thirty years, you've got to do it for yourself when your ready, you will never do it when somebody says you should

  • Oh my gosh, how many times have I tried to stop smoking for somebody else and only a little bit for me - my only regret is that I didn't stop sooner - totally for myself!!!

  • No regrets hun, you're doing it now so that's all that matters. This is it here and now and you ARE doing it. Nearly 5 wks so that's BRILLIANT. Pat yourself on the back coz I Can't reach you from here x :)

  • So true Sinfree :)

  • Yes Sin, you are absolutely right about that :)

  • Poor James will think he's stumbled across Eastenders or Corrie episode :)

  • Oh my gosh - look at the time - only 40 minutes to go James!!! Wey Hey - tick tock and all that - how are you doing James? :) :)

  • Still here Chrissie! All going well I think - though I have just discovered a whole new level of clumsiness! Staying well away from the kitchen... First day nearly done.

    Fully agree with Sinfree - nothing would make me smoke more than people trying to pressure me to stop.

    Twenty three minutes...

  • Ha Ha Ha - oops a daisy! Woo Hoo more like 17 mins now!!!!!

  • Well Its about my bed time now, cos got a lot to do tomorrow now ave got the parts for my van :o

    Soooo, I will wish you all nitey nite and I hope you all have wonderful sweet dreams :) and wake up in the morning as fresh as a daisy :) :)

    Luvs ya :) xx

  • Ah, are you not waiting until 11? Oh well, we shall see you tomorrow and I hope you get the van fixed! Nighty night and sweet dreams :) :) xx

  • It's like New Year's Eve with James count down to 24 hours....19 mins now

  • I like the image of a new year!

  • Actually You've already started a whole new year and a new life for you - pretty cool eh!

    10 minutes - just thought I'd mention it!!! :)

  • And no hangover! Pretty pleased with the approach of day 1!

  • Hmm, not sure that will be the case for me - having a nice glass of wine with my daughter here! :) :) :)

  • Ha ha - good stuff. Looking forward to being able to taste wine properly!

  • Trust me, it does taste better - and I actually liked it before!!! :)

  • Oh I just LOVE New Year's Eve - love it, love it, love it!

  • Remember this quote James it's sooo true.... If I have just one cigarette, I'll be back where I started,

    Where I started was desperately wishing I was where I am today.

  • Its a good quote! I will remember it for when the "oh one won't hurt" battles start in my head

  • WEY HEY!!!! 24 Hours and counting!!! CONGRATULATIONS - YOU DID IT! One day at a time, well done you!!! :) :) :)

  • Thank you Chrissie. One day at a time as you say! Thanks for all the support!

  • Happy new smoke free 24 hours and smoke free life James :) :)

  • Thank you! And thanks to all for the support and warm welcome - its really made all the difference.

  • You are more than very welcome James! Okay if you feel a bit jittery in the morning get online and shout help! Someone will respond to help you along the way, it's as easy as that! :)

  • Will do. The easy third of the day coming up (assuming I can sleep OK!). Thanks again and enjoy the wine!

  • Just catching up James. Huge congrats on today! You've done great!

  • Okay peeps I'm bailing out now as it's actually my last evening with Danielle before she heads back to uni :(

    Well done James on your completing your first 24 hours - You will do it so just believe in yourself!

    Night night everyone and catch you all tomorrow

    xx :) :) :)

  • Night night Chrissie

    Only just logged on and not read all posts yet but so glad you're feeling more in control on the job front. As far as possible anyway!

    Enjoy your time with your girl. Precious times x

  • Night to everyone, I actually went up once then ended up coming back down with a little pixie that decided it wasn't bedtime after all soooo feeding time then back to bed as soon as.. X

  • Evening All :-)

    You lot are so amazing!

    Fresher, I hope that little pixie of yours has finished outing sheep now ;-)

    Chrissie, enjoy the rest of your time with your Danielle and hopefully a lovely sleep in tomorrow, with no rude interruptions of alarm clocks not going off :D :-)

    briarwood, I think we could have more dramas here than on any soap :D

    Pete, lets catch up tomorrow :-) I have some sweet pea shoots to plant out in the morning. I hope Agnes and don't take a liking to them!! :-/ :-)

    Sin, great advice on how to keep your 'trap shut', it's always helpful if your other half can support you in a quit attempt though, whether they are still a smoker or are the non-smoker... I brought home with me the e-cig info that you sent :-)

    James, congratulations on making it past your first day, welcome to Quit Support and Day 2! Take good care f yourself, stay positive, practise the breathing exercises and if you need it, got yourself some firm of NRT - Nicotine Replacemtn Therapy. If you need any advice on what to choose, just holer ;-)

    Not sure how much longer I'm going to be up for now, I'll have a little read through the rest of the posts and see if ve missed anything out but ths iAd seems really slw tonight, on top of the usual 'healthunlocked bother' we have! :-/

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