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Since I've quit

Hello :) I quit smoking by in the beginning of March because I got the flu and kinda thought that because I hadnt smoked for 5 days I might as well quit, but since then I have had the most awful headache every single day starts at the back of my neck and works it's way up and round, also my joints and muscles ache. In the last couple of days I've started having these funny turns where I feel really faint, can anyone else relate?


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100%. I've given up before , usually when ill as you really don't feel like smoking. So what happens is your body is fighting your cold/flu and also starts to recover from not having 4000 poisonous chemicals pumped into it every hour.!

You are going to ache a little. You may feel a bit woosey as your body adjusts. You will probably develop a cough and may have bleeding gums. There's a whole host of things that can happen. But they always clear up.

Also giving up smoking , in my opinion makes you more aware of your body and health, Therefore exacerbating those symptoms.

This happened to me in January, but I was very aware I was missing nicotine, I went and bought gum (which is not to everyone's taste) but it gave me instant relief from cravings.

Since January the 12th I have not had a single puff.

Feel soooo much better.

Think about your coping strategies. Drink tea coffee chewing gum , distract yourself.

Make a quicklist of all the reasons not to smoke.

Think if you had one now? would you cough , splutter , tight chest, horrible taste.

You are NOW a non smoker . Stick with it. When you get over the flu completely you are gonna feel soooo much better and richer.

Remember the NRT if you feel you may relapse and of course all of us on here who have done this. We can help



Hi Gemmasters and a big warm welcome to quit support. Congratulations on making the decision to quit as this is truly the best possible thing that you can do for your health :) :)

Headaches are a common symptom of your body repairing itself from all the nasty chemicals from cigarettes. With the feeling faint, this could be due to have more oxygen in your body or another cause maybe that your blood pressure may have dropped. To be on the safe side and for your own peace of mind, it would be worth seeing you GP :) :)

Can you let us know what your quit date was so we can add you to our wall of winners and make sure you get the right badge at the right time :) :)

Keep up the great quit you have got going and these things your experiencing will get better :) :)



Hiya Gemma and a big warm welcome to quit support😃 Sorry to hear you've not feeling too good😩 sounds like your body has taken a battering between flu and withdrawal symptoms😱

You've got some good advice from our lovely members so hang in there with your quit and hope you feel better soon💐 I think there's been a really bad flu this year that seems to hang around for a long time but nicotine withdrawal can be painful as well.

Try and drink lots of water to flush out the toxins and speed up your recovery 👍😃x


I agree with you to brarwiood,there is some type of virus or flu that's been goinging around this year and it is really bad and everybody has a hard time fighting it,but people who smoke seem to have the hardest time getting rid of it.


Hi ya Gemmasteers, a big warm welcome to our quit support community :) and a massive well done to you too, for reaching about 2 months quit :) :)

I see you've had some great advice from some of our members on here :) I would say, you have got some after affects from your flu and some side affects from quitting smoking, but saying that, it would perhaps be a good idea to nip and see you GP, just to be on the safe side eh :)

Gemma, perhaps try exercising if you can, just a bit at a time and drink plenty of water, cos these will help your body to clean itself out of all that crud we get with smoking :o You may find that you cough up some phlegm, spit it out and get rid of it :) I know its not very nice, but this will help clear your lungs and it dosnt normally last long :)

Take care and please dont be a stranger, you come and have a chat to us :)

Pete :)


Hi Gemmasteers, welcome to this lovely site :) everything you mention is perfectly normal and all us quitters experience weird and wonderful side effects, most pretty crappy but the great news is it really doesn't last long in the grand scheme of things. Stico with it but be sure to visit your Gp if anything really worrying starts happening.

well done on your quit and stay strong x


Hi Gemmasteers, Well done with 2 months quit, but sorry you are feeling unwell.

Just a tip you might like to try, and that is to do daily steam inhalation, this was recommended to me by my Doctor, you can buy a facial steamer from Boots the chemist, you can use it as often as you like, it will really help to clear the airways and hopefully the headaches too.

I use it quite often.

Hope you feeling better soon. :-)


Hello germasteers,welcome winner to the stop smoking support group,I quit in February 20. I too was sick ,but had a sore throat ,swollen glands for over4 weeks,and that's why I chose to quit. I actually though i had throat cancer or thyroid, had tests done. I had fevers off and on,but I feel wonderful now!!! It takes time for all that to clear up after quiting smoking. You have to remember when you smoked it supressed your ammune system. So your body way of saying what happen and it is actually looking for the nicoteen and chemicals. Your body will soon find its way back to healing its self.I walk a lot and try to stay busy and eat healthy stuff. I still want a puff every once in awhile but it goes away quick now. I have smok d since I was 13 and I am 56 now,and I thank the Lord ,I made it this far since I smoked that long.You have all of us here to support you,hang in there you will be feeling better soon 🚭


I think you may be experiencing something unrelated directly to smoking. Perhaps it's something that you used to mask with smoking. Perhaps a coinsidence, perhaps you think they are related which may or amy not cause a pcychological reaction. My advice is bad. Get a bit drunk. see what happens. As far as i can see you are a non smoker, enjoy the :o out of it. I spend every evening singing until I can't be arsed any more and I fall asleep lol. It's great I used to smoke and coigh now I can sing. ANd it's been like 2 days lol. I am having fun dude. :o being a smoker. If I feel any pain that I'm not used to it's probably cause I'm a little tense but it will go very quickly. Done it before. This time i quit for good. It really does nothing for anyone.


Hey gemmasters each quit is different but I had headaches for ages..i also had sore teeth, sore throat, felt miserable and angry. there are still times when I feel awful but I think that is part of the process 😃 as the other lovely quitters have said, get yourself checked out....if only for piece of mind 😃😃😃

Your doing really well hun so keep up the good work 😃😃


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