Good morning one and good morning all

Woke to a beautiful morning with blue sky and sun but 30 mins into my dog walk and the heavens opened and it hailed! Nearly middle of May and we're having hail stones! Unbelievable but true. Oh well, it can't get much worse or can it?

Anyway, to hell with the weather hope everyone had a good nights 'kip' and has woken up refreshed and ready for the day. Back to work for me but then I've only 9.5 more days and then I have 4.5 days off so that's something to look forward to.

Kettles on and I've just put toast under grill and there's jam or marmie whichever you prefer so if you want to join me, I only ask the once as I love toast!

Have a great day everyone.

Take care.

Luv, hug and a big :)


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  • Morning All :D :D :D

    Hi Kath ...have a great day. Stay strong. :-)

    Bettes....Congrats 6 weeks....you star :-) :-)

    Dads concert was excellent. Their oldest member is 96 and still going strong. Didn't get on here yesterday although it seems very busy as my brother was in an accident. A motor cyclist ran into the back of his stationary car. Luckily all people are ok just a little shaken, but lots of vehicle damage.

    Blackest clouds begining to roll in so it looks like so heavy showers soon.

    Have a great smoke free day : -)

    Sue xx

  • Good morning bunnySue,

    I'm sorry to hear about your brother, he must have got a fright, thank goodness he's okay.

    You must have been so proud watching your dad at his concert :) :)

    I hope you have a great day :)

  • Thanks Sue. :-) Fancy a cuppa? ...kettle just boiled. xx

  • I'd love a cuppa, thank you bunnySue, unless i'm too late now, in which case you can have one with me :) xx

  • Sue the kettle is always on here. :D :D XX

  • oh goodie :D :D that's the same as me then :D :) xx

  • Do you have a recording of the choir that we could have a listen too. I love listenening to those with musical ability - even though I have very little myself.

  • Sorry bunnyrabbit, I have let myself and you down. I was gutted by yesterday's shennanigans, and upset that the perpetrator has no consciousness of his affect. Today is terrible, I just hope it will get better, may take a little time. It opened old wounds I thought had healed. Maybe I'll be stronger when I get over it, next time.

  • Betts you will never let me down. I missed all the comments on here yesterday so I am unaware of what happened. For comments to have been deleted they must have been really bad. I'm so sorry that they have opened old wounds and distressed you so much. Why do people act that way. I think the old saying "that if you have nothing nice to say you should say nothing" is very apt. Is there anything I can do to help????

    Sue xx

  • Betts I deleted the comment above as I had too many typos...sorry

  • Thanks, bunnyrabbit. I should be old enough to know that some are unfortunately just nasty, thought I was. It isn't even directed at me, but I hate to see it, especially on a site like this. I had no idea I could still be so deeply affected! Guess it is the accumulation of stresses, straws and camel' backs.

    I think I have to work out what I can do. I didn't go into work today in the end. I should have, but couldn't at the right time. Got a heavy week on, so just got to pull myself together! Distraction. Not thinking clearly, overreacting and hypersensitivity are the dangers. Think I already found that happening after a phone call, came off feeling dreadful, but it could just be me. I don't know anymore. I am very cross with myself about it all, after all, I am a grown-up!

  • Hi madimad

    You didn't upset me at all. I was joining you in sticking up for the victim too, and agree absolutely with everything you say. It isn't right, and I thought hard before I came in to offer my support too. It just reawakened a particularly bad few memories and experiences of bullying I had known, and I hate it too. Unforunately the perpetrator, or bully, rarely acknowledge what they've done or do, as we keep seeing.

  • Good morning Kath.

    The sun is shining here but it's chilly, can't believe your getting hailstones in May :o the weather is going nuts :D :D

    I'll have a cuppa if there's still one going, just what i need in the morning. I hope work goes okay for you today, I'm off to get my tablets now, see you later :)

  • Iwannabe-smokefree: Have you stopped smoking today?

    Hello to everyone else that stops by.

    Amor and Vida are just about to have breakfast prepared on this fine sunny start to the day :-)

  • Morning John, glad you have some sun it is raining and very dull here. Hope Amor and Vida enjoyed their breakfast. Are you going out for your walk today? Do you think you will get vets results today? Sue cx

  • Rain will be over this way later today too. Yes, I will be going out this afternoon as long as any rain isn't to bad - I'm a fair weather walker! The little ones are enjoying some sun at the moment. I hope the vet gets the results from the lab' soon.

    It is sad that Amor cannot fly properly because of some chewed flight feathers. He doesn't fall to the ground in an uncontrolled manner. It's more like seeing a bird with clipped wings without the ability to gain altitude.

    I help 'him' the best I can to get about and usualy know if it wishes to venture to another part of their room during free time. I get a food or water bowl. Amor hops on and I take 'him' where I feel he wishes to go :-)

  • Oh poor thing hopefully they will soon have him back soaring to the ceiling. It is painfully watching them when you know they want to do something. I have never had birds, mum didn't like them said it was bad luck, but have always had dogs. My oldest dog died last year after having a brain tumour (inoperable) for a year. It was awful watching him towards the end as he kept falling down and we had to keep picking him up, but he still kept wagging his tail when he saw us and hopefuly enjoyed his 14 years with us.

    If you manage to get out enjoy your walk. Off to work now, only two more months to go thanks to your good advice re retirement I have took the bull by the horns and tendered my resignation but working until the end of the school year.

    Sue cx

  • 'He' will be flying high before long! My mom and nan thought elephants were unlucky - not that one would have fitted in the small council house :-) Sorry about your dog. It's always sad to see our loved ones, human or otherwise, fade away. No right right way to go but at least you had chance to say bye bye to your canine friend.

    I hope all goes well with your retirement. Since I finished I can't reaaly say I've missed going to work and it gave me all that extra time to be with with a very special woman! I built a computer when I retired so that I could dabble with 3D models and graphics that I first got interested in during the early 80's (before the internet!).

    Best Wishes,


  • img507.imageshack.us/img507... (reduced size image)

    Writing of building a computer and dabbling with 3d models/graphics reminded me of my first work called 'Lionne' - A simple 3D mermaid with lion fish style fins and tail. Looks a bit shabby now but at the time I loved it. We all have to start somewhere with new things, don't we? Otherwise, we would not recognise improvements!

  • Is there no end to your talents John? xx

  • Any talents I have are very limited ones - just enough to get through life in a nice way :-)

  • Returned from a relaxing stroll in today's lovely sunshine and have just contacted the vet's to find out what's happening with Amor's test results. The results came back from the lab' this morning. The receptionist couldn't tell me about the results so I'm waiting patiently for a phone call from the vet. I have let little Amor know and he looked at me as though 'he' understood. Amor has a completely different temperatment to fiesty Vida :-)

    Ring phone, ring!

  • While waiting for the vet to phone about Amor and to just pass a bit of time I have been reading over older posts.

    When I first joined this site last September I quickly became used to the regulars unique and individual style of writing. However the last few months I have been seeing posts where it looks as though someone is talking to their self with a different user name.

    Spooky that almost overnight 'new' members appear that each use the same style of writing, right down to how paragraphs are 'padded' out!

  • Good Afternoon Everyone :-)

    I'm sorry I've not been around as much as planned. Yesterday I spent the day with my family as my niece was making her Confirmation at one of our Cathedrals - as some of you already know we have two ;-) This meant I was only able to pop on and off as I could. Today I have been delivering training and all of a sudden it's past 4.30pm! So if I've not got back to any queries etc then please hang fire whilst I have a catch up with all the latest posts etc :-)

    A quick cup of tea whilst I 'crack on' :-)

  • Just spoke with the vet about little Amor. Vet explained that Polomia virus is causing the problems with Amor. The virus is known to be prevelant in budgies and similar birds. There is no treatment and the virus causes sudden death of the infected bird. Symptoms of poor feather condition will worsen over time and I have to consider what is in Amor's interests to prevent undue suffering to Vida's little 'man'.

    The virus can transfer to healthy birds, as Vida is. However, I cannot bring myself to seperate those two - they have been together since hatching.

    They will remain together together for the time being and will only be seperated if Amor has to be 'put to sleep' by the vet. Something I could not do myself :-(

  • Hi Emjay,

    I hope you had good weather yesterday, bet you had a lovely time :) you put your feet up with a cuppa now it sounds like you've been working hard today.

  • Hard to understand how little Amor can make a grown man cry so much. 'He', in his own little way helped with my grieving after Angels took my darling Linda away.

    I have asked at a lovebird forum if there is anything I can do to make the remainder of Amor's life more enjoyable.

  • John I am so sorry about little Amor. I know just how much you can get attached to them. I have always had some form of animals in my life . And believe me I have taken days of work so I didn't have to leave them suffering.

    All our love and good vibes being sent to Amor. :)

  • Amor's long term future is out the hands of humans and after getting some specialist lovebird advice I'm more hopeful that Amor will be with 'his' Vida for a long time to come.

    This reminds me of something I was going to mention about Vida's fancy man, Chico - has he had been to a vet for a health check, so to speak?

  • Hi John , yes he`s been checked over thank you. :)


  • So sorry about the test results. I am surr there will be someone who can give you advice. You need to take time to think what is right for you and your two friends. It is a hard decision to make. my thoughts are with you suec x

  • Be assured I will do what is right for little Amor. I tend not to make hasty decisions but would never let Amor go through undue suffering. Amor will get through the virus in 'his' little own way.

  • Good evening everyone

    Well another day at the office is over and took my two for the evening walk and would you believe it, it did exactly what it did this morning, and hailed on me so we all got very wet and very cold. Can't believe we are in May and we've still got our central heating on - oh well, look on the bright side. In 1976 it snowed (yes it did and a lot of it) at Spring Bank Weekend and then we had the red hot summer - remember summer people. Well, here's hoping.

    Been busy on here today so will spend 15 minutes or so catching up with what everyone has said before I wash up our tea things.

    Catch you all later.


  • Hiya Kath. Sorry to here you and your little ones got wet again! :-o Is this the 17th month of winter I wonder? Someone at work came out with tat today. Oh so little faith!! Hope you are having a relaxing evening. I've got 2 weeks to go and I too am also off for a week. Going to Woolacombe with my brother, his wife their dog, my financee and Barney. Can't wait. :-) :-)

  • It snowed on the first Wednesday of June 1976, large flakes that melted almost straight away on contact with the ground.

    By the way, do you have a nice picture of your dogs - always nice to see others pets?

  • I've gone to get specialist advice advice at a lovebird forum about the virus Amor has. Things look less gloomy now than when I spoke to the vet. Here's a reply I recieved:

    '...Not all infected birds will die. My own aviary is living proof of that. Back when I got my first Abbys, I was hand feeding 4 and I had one suddenly die. I could tell the night before that this one (my favorite, of course) wasn't feeling quite up to snuff. Next morning, I found him dead on the bottom of the cage. I immediately sent the remains out for a necocopy and the next morning, two more of the 4 were dead. I had one remaining baby and a bunch of other youngsters that were all around these 3 so I took several of them in for testing. All came back as having been exposed to Polyomavirus, but I didn't lose any others. My avian vet said that Polyomavirus is very unpredictable and you never know.

    Could be that Amor's test shows being exposed but that infection will usually clear within 6 months. Lovebirds are not lifetime carriers like budgies are. Did your vet test for PBFD? That can develop later as a result of the exposure to Polymavirus.

    By the way, my one exposed, surving Abby hen went on to produce several very healthy chicks with 2 different mates. My very special Miracle was her baby.'

    So, I'm more positive about Amor but know 'his' survival is in the hands of Angels! I hope they are kind to Amor and leave 'him' here to be with 'his' Vida. Amor y Vida - Love and Life go together!

  • That's sounds much better john. :)

  • Much better than what the vet explained! Thank you.

  • Pleased that the news is more positive John, good news that it could clear within 6 months and that they are not lifetime carriers. I think it is a case and wait and see and give him the best you can in the meantime. suec x

  • It's great that Amor may yet live to a ripe old age with 'his' Vida. In the morning I will review the little ones diet with a view to increasing protein content and maybe fat content a little more. I will also think back to when Amor started to be unwell, fast forward 6 months and then at that date go back to the vets for the culture and sensitivity tests to be repeated.

  • Good evening everyone.

    John, so pleased that you at long last know what's going on with Amor. I think the not knowing is the worst thing. We're all sending out our positive vibes for him and hope you have quite some time together yet. :)

  • That was the worst part, not knowing what was wrong with Amor. Although the virus is not treatable with medication that doesn't mean finality. Will see how the little 'lad' goes along over time. During their free time today 'he' was more active than he's been for ages, even amnaged some longer flights. Black Country bred lovebirds are born tough little souls that decide their own fate :-)

  • Okay folk off for my bath, so I will bid you all goodnight and see you all tomorrow.

    Night night and sweet dreams. :) xxxx

  • Hi all,

    John am so sorry to hear about Amor, but hopefully he will make a full recovery! I know that you will give him the best possible care! Is Vida at risk from the virus? I shall think of Amor and Vida when I do when doing my Angelic Reiki tonight...

    Hope that everybody is keeping well. Tis time for me to adjourn to bed...am up at 6am....

    Laters all

    Jan xx

  • Hiya Chuckles, lovely to see you again. Sleep well - I bet the Reiki helps. :)

  • I think Vida would have been showing signs of the virus before now because they have been together almost all their lives. the Reiki, Angelic Kingdom of Light, will help little Amor, Thank you.

  • Um, I'm very late on here today... Just another busy day.

    Really sorry to hear about Amor John... But where there's life there's hope. He may well rally through this, so enjoy all your days together.

    It seems to have been a Mega busy site this past few days... I do hope we all settle down to a comfortable place again. A very warm welcome to the new folks on here - it really is a very supportive site.

    Well, that's me - 8 weeks in now without a roll-up. I've never managed that before!

    Still, feeling alright, but varying still between patches, gum, lozenges, or a pull or two on the eCig, whatever I think might help best each day. Not ideal yet - but I haven't smoked a cigarette, so I'll just have to start weaning myself off this stuff now I think, eight weeks is long enough.

    Goodnight everyone, I hope it's a comfortable one for us all.

    Gill, xx

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