Betts 4 Week Winners Party !!

Betts 4 Week Winners Party !!

Well, here we are again to wish a lovely member of this lovely site, a GREAT BIG FLIPPIN WELL DONE BETTS :) :) Its 4 weeks now gal, I know you have struggled in the past, as I and others have too :( but I know you have got it sorted now :) :)

As you can see, I've worked hard today to get the drinks in tooooo :o phew, am about cream cracked now :| :D

Well, let BETTS party begin :) :) :) xx

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  • Wup Wup! Wey Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy - CONGRATULATIONS BETTS! Your badge looks fantastic and it's very well deserved - Enjoy it sweetie xxx :) :) :) xxx

  • Madame, your red milk :)

  • Perfick! And beautifully served if I might say so - CHEERS!! :) :) XX

  • A massive well done to you Betts you've done fantastic and oooh to you to monkey on the party organisation,, good grief what a crowd here tonight

  • Hi Fresher :)

    May I ask what your tipple is please :)

  • Oooh I'll have a voddy and lemonade please monkey

  • Hi Fresher, I haven't seen you for ages, how are you doing? xx :) :)

  • I'm doing great thanks Chrissie,, I know I've not been on properly for the last couple of weeks, but have nipped on to see what your all up to when I've got the chance. I dropped my Nic down last week to 1.4 and was ok with that so have now bought 1.0 eeekk so will see how that goes over the next few days x

  • Oh that's brilliant Fresher, so good to hear that you are doing so well :) I've been dropping my nic as well so I'm on 1.2 at the moment - next drop is 0.6 but I will have to mix that a bit to begin with I think. We are certainly getting there !!! :) :) :) xx

  • Ooohh that's a good idea,, I think I'll mix mine a bit with the little bit I've got left of 1.4 x

  • Hey fresher, great to see you :)

    Love these garage parties, Pete keeps it lovely!

  • Right!

    Got my red shoes on, anyone for a dance.

    Handbags in the middle :D

    Here we go now!

  • Wow monky - get your shirt on man! ha ha ha :D :D :D xx

  • Hey, it aint me with my shirt off :o :D :D

  • You mean we have a gatecrasher!?!

  • Really! Wow I so thought that was you :D :D :D xx

  • :D :D :D xx

  • Yayyyy Hayyyyyyyy Betts :) :)

    Here you are Madame :)

  • Mmmmmmm ......

    Tasting gooood :)

  • Hahahaha look at us go

  • You sure know how yo organise a party Pete!

    The red bottle for me, please!

  • Hi Betts and everyone. Congratulations Betts on your 4 weeks quit. Can't stay, got my grandson staying tonight, just called in to say happy 4 weeks quit. Hi to Fresher too, wondered where you'd disappeared to. And hi Chrissie, long time no see :D Anyway have to fly, have a lovely party.

  • :) :)

  • Hi Sin, bet you all thought I'd succumbed but noooooo still slogging on lol. Just bin a bit full on with all my little ones and appointments and my dad lol x

  • Thanks sinfree. We'll try and keep the music down :)

    Have a lovely the with your grandson x

    Swaying to the bearded lady just now.


  • Heyyyyy, what about some sounds Betty, what would Madame like ?

  • Something boppy maybe?

    Ballroom Blitz if I can find it - its here somewhere :D


  • Wow this takes me back......and it's FAST!!! :D :D :D xx

  • Hey, Chrissie, dont you go doing yourself an injury gal, cos me being a first aider, will have to nip around and patch you up seeeee :o :D :D xx

  • Hey I know how to dance Monky, even in my killer heels!:) Although I may need a foot massage later :D :D :D xx

  • Madam, your wish is my command, later it is then :o :D :D

  • Just accidentally went back in time to last weeks Red Milk party :0!

    Think this red milk is going to my head?

    Glad we've stopped smoking cos we'll need all our breath for this one

    :D :o

  • Sorry I was waylaid :o

    OK to do it again anyone :o

  • I wondered what you were doing there Betts!!! How much of that red milk have you had? :D :D Okay here we go again but I may need oxygen after a 2nd attempt!!! :D :D :D xx

  • Yeah, thats the Ballroom Blitz by Sweet :P :D :D mind you, still like it gal :) :)

  • Here's a nice slow one to get our breath back, very red.

    Can a lady ask you for a dance monky?

  • Hey, Betts just love it gal, I'm swirling about to it now :) :)

  • Sorry I'm late everyone, couldn't find the garage in the dark! :D massive congrats Betts, great party in your honour, well done Monky and looks like you got great help from Chrissie as well. Enjoy your nigh Betts, well deserved :) x

  • Better late than never Briarwood!!! Now will you be okay dancing in your posh frock? :D :D :D xx

  • Erm, I might need a hand but I know you will always be there to help :) x

  • Always - although you do seem to be waddling around a bit! And will you please stop heading for the pond - you'll ruin that dress!!! ha ha ha xx :D :D :D

  • Just follow the music Briar - this slow one was a bit quieter tho.

    Need to send my hubby round to get a light put up. Pete's done enough :)

  • I'm not sure I deserve all this spoiling from you all, but I am going to enjoy it! What a super bunch of folk you all are, I love you all......, I'm stating to get a bit mushy here! Red milk does that sometimes!

    Swirled off my feet, Pete :*

  • Take some nice slow deep breaths Betts :) :)

  • Oh yes you DO deserve it Betts x :)

  • Absolutely, no doubt about it, we are just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy for you - 4 WEEKS BABY!!!!! XX :) :) :)

  • ps It's the lack of red milk that makes me cry! ha ha ha xx :D :D :D xx

  • What do ya have to do to get a blooming drink round here then? :O just quack is it? :O

  • HA HA HA - Now that made me laugh out loud!!! :D :D :D xx

  • Would Madam like to try this :)

  • Lovely! Thank you so much - although I'm assuming that is for me and it could be for Briarwood! Sorry if that is the case, and where's mine? ha ha ha :) :) :)

  • As you can see Madam, there is more than 1 glarss so I will pour you another one now, if Madam wants :) :) xx

  • Excuse me, did you just pinch my drink? Only went for a gander round and no flippin pond huh :( think I preferred sins place, sorry Monky I know you did your best :D

  • Couldn't you find Monky's pond in the dark! Tell him to put the lights on!!! Besides I know what you were really looking for - The Grey Goose Vodka!!! :) :) xx

  • Ha ha ha , you know me sooh well. He hid it in the greenhouse and the cat's guarding it :D

  • Ha ha ha love it gal :D :D

  • Ha ha ha Briarwood, this is like my fish pond gal :D :D

  • Errrrrrrrrrrm, yes well :O

  • Sorry, just put the cat out :o :) :)

  • Just going for another glass.

    Here's one for Chrissie!

  • I absolutely love this song! How did you know ??????? :) :) :) xx

  • :D :D :D

  • ;) :)

    Just seemed right somehow - now, where's that ***** bottle?

    Has Briar gone and taken it out to the ducks??? 8-)

  • Well there is a fair amount of quacking going on out there, she's such a party animal that girl! :) :) :) xx

  • Here you are madam, erm sorryyyyyyy it took sooooooo long :o but think I may have had 1 too many cannies eh :o :D :D :D

  • :D :D :D :D xx

  • Wey Hey it's UK's Turn and a very impressive postcard I have to say!!! :) :) :) Go Girl!!! xx :)

  • Cheers :D

  • Oh that's funny

    :D :D :D

    Haven't laughed so much in ages :D

  • Well if you took off those dark glasses, you would be able to see it? :D :D

  • Yeah, but this is cooooooooooool, for a coooooooool party 8-)


  • We beat it!

    Kick the fags out for good 8-)

    So here's one to celebrate! Just beat it!!!!!

    :) :D

  • Excellent choice Betts! xx :) :) :)

  • Oh yeah, that's just right :D

  • Danced to that twice, so need a little sit down.... :p

    Better get back to the Eurovision thingy! Have to rewind to UK bit Chrissie, back in a mo.......

  • Oh I absolutely loved that - and I was there, dancing to it twice with you, oh how I miss that era of the man they called Michael! xx :) :)

  • A legend.... xxx

  • The girl Molly did good! I'm actually excited that we might end up in the top 5 this year!!! xx :) :)

  • Here's one to just take the tempo down a bit eh :) :)

    May I ask you for this dance please :) :) xx

  • Me Me Me - I love Whitney, I wonder if she's dancing with Michael now? It nice to think so! xx :) :)

  • Yeahhhhhhhh :) :) xx

  • Oh, yesssssss

    What a beautiful way to sway away after a lovely evening.

    We're swaying........

    :) :) xx

  • Mmmmmmm....

    Not sure about the outfit, but hey! Why not?!

    Thanks for a winning dance pete, think we get a few points for that :) :)

    Next stop strictly :D

  • Thank you all for a wonderful party xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • I hope Madam enjoyed her night at Monkys winners party garage :) :)

    You take care now Betts, see's ya tomorrow :) :) sweet dreams now :) :) xx

  • Night, night monky.

    Sweet dreams :) xx

  • Great garage, by the way :) :)

    You must have built it just for this :) xx

  • Ah night night Betts - and a zillion congratulations on achieving your first badge - it is an amazing feeling isn't it! Sweet dreams xxx :) :) :)

  • Well all you wonderful party people, thanks for a super cool party but I have to leave now - Betts enjoy the rest of your nite, but keep ur eye on Chrissie, she pinched my drink earlier :D Monky thanks for the hospitality, errrrm pity about the dirty pond :D keep an eye on that cat, I think he's over the limit! :D x

  • :D :D

    Night night Briar, mind that, er, pond on your way home :D x

  • Night night Briarwood - it's been an absolutely blast and I'm really sorry about spilling my red milk down your beautiful dress! But you were trying to grab it off me at the time! :D :D :D xxx

  • :D :D :D

  • At least the dress matched the wine :p


  • Pete, I hate to leave you with all this mess! Wow, they know how to have a good time, eh :)

    Need a hand with the clearing up??

    Can still stand up, so should be OK...... :) 8-)

  • Dont you worry Betts, I will sort it gal :) :)

    Nite nite :) :) xx

  • Well to be honest Betts Pete did promise me a foot massage tonight so don't worry, we'll let him clear up tomorrow, he's a bit tiddly now anyway :D :D :D :D xxx

  • What you hic, flippin hic, on about Woman hic, :P :P :D :D :D

  • If you tickle me there will be trouble!! :) :) :)

  • As iffffffffff :D :D :D

  • Nighty night Chrissie :) x

    And thank you :)

    Enjoy your massage 8-)

    Now do it right Pete!!

    The wooden ladder for me.

    See you all tomorrow :) xx

  • Well, nite nite everybody, I hope you enjoyed yourselves :) :)

    A massive great big well done to you Betts for getting your 4 weeks winner badge, just looooooove it gal :) :)

    I hope you all sleep well and have some beautiful sweet dreams :) :) xxxxxxx

  • Night night Monky - I'm sorry if my feet were a bit smelly, it's all the dancing you know! :)

    Sweet dreams to everybody and I'll see you all tomorrow xxx :) :) :)

  • Looks like you all had a fantastic evening shame I missed it but no doubt there will be more hope you have all had a great weekend x x

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