So Happy!!! :)

Hi Everybody - I just HAVE to tell you something.

After a few drinks with my daughters last night I left my car at the pub. The girls had said oh don't worry about it, dad will give you a lift tomorrow to fetch it back, so I knew I had that option. My other option was to walk back to the pub to fetch it, and after some "gentle" persuasion from Mr Monky Motivator Pete, that is what I decided to do!

So I set off at exactly 1.20 pm - and I arrived at the car at exactly 1.50 pm - it took me exactly 30 minutes to get there and includes going up, as it turns out, a pretty steep hill!!! I then immediately jumped into the car and drove straight home again because I wanted to measure the distance - it went from 98.2 to 99.7 so that is exactly 1.5 miles! WOW

By the way, I got out of the car at exactly 1.55 pm (so it took me exactly 5 minutes to drive home!)

The thing that makes me so happy is, although my breathing was a bit heavier, especially as I walked up the hill, I was extremely comfortable with it - before I stopped smoking I know I would been extremely breathless. Also I was warm, but I had on a top, a chunky cardigan, a coat and a scarf - prior to stopping I would have been "sweltering" after the walk and it's possible that my head would have been thumping! But I was just a bit warm and my head was fine!

Stopping smoking has made so much difference to me already I honestly can't believe it. It wasn't how long it took me to do it, it was how well I did it! I am just SO Happy!

I was always so exercise shy because I could feel the effects of smoking on my body and I was ashamed of that - so to me, this was just amazing! Do I want a cigarette now?..........NEVER!!! xxx :) :) :)

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  • Chrissie only one thing to say to you :-

  • Hear hear Jillygirl :) :)

  • Ha Ha ha - thank you Jilly! I was so proud of myself - how silly is that? It's not like I've run a marathon or anything, but to me it was just brilliant. I've been too lazy/afraid for too long, so now is the time for me to get moving again I think ! :)

  • Hey Chrissie, thats just soopercalafradulisticexpiallidosous news gal :) :) :)

    Chrissie you feel proud of yourself, for that wonderful achievement :) cos I tell you gal, am so so proud of you myself :)

    Chrissie, before I quit smoking, I bought a rowing machine, cos I new I was unfit :o you ask why a rowing machine, cos it was going at the right price ok :P :D :D anyway, I tried it out, God did I puff and pant and cough :o but since I've quit smoking, its got easier and easier, ok sometimes I get off it and am puffing a bit, but thats due to I'm giving it hell, cos of a craving :( :) :)

    Sooooooo, now you know how beneficial quitting the smokes is to you eh A massive well done to you gal, cos if I'm honest, I didnt think you would walk back to your car, BUT YOU FLIPPIN DIDDDDDDD :) :) :)

    I am sooooooooo proud of you Chrissie :) :)

  • Tee Hee! I was determined to do something positive today, and I did! And it was actually more positive than even I imagined!!! Oh I'm enjoying this!

    Thank you for your message - it made me laugh! :) And well done for knocking 7 bells out of your rowing machine when you are suffering from cravings, what a brilliant thing to do :) xxx

  • That's great Chrissie. So lovely to hear you go from Sad to happy in 24hrs. xx

  • Aup marchy, I hope your well and still practising :)

    Hmmmm, from sad to happy in 24hrs eh, well she's a Woman, that says it all really :D :D :D

    I think its time I went a hidding :o :D :D

  • Yup, it's definitely time you went a hiding, before I hit you with the handbag I was planning on dancing around this evening! :)

  • :D :D :D

  • Did I hear right, you getting a hiding from Chrissie?

  • I wish :o :D :D

  • Keep right on wishing - it's never gonna happen x

  • Hi Marchy

    How are you doing this lovely (albeit overcast) Saturday???????

    I always feel so fantastic after I've had a dip - there is always that to look forward to and I've never been disappointed yet! Actually you should remember that as you travel this road - there may be bad times but the good times always always follow!

    So has your Saturday gone? Are you still practising? xx

  • Well done Chrissie, you did it - uphill and all. I knew you could, doing it for the girls! Oh and don't worry about that cheeky monky, I'm watching him, haha x

  • ha ha ha, that was so funny Briarwood - yes that cheeky monky is definitely heading for a handbagging isn't he! :D :D

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