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SATURDAY  /  DAILY CHAT  /  10/05/14

Good morning ,

Saturday and time to start enjoying your weekend. The sun is trying to make an appearance, which cheers everyone up.Congratulations to Betts on reaching 4 weeks as a non smoker. Everyone on here is a winner. I havent checked out the wall of winners so congratulations to any one else reaching a milestone in their quit.

Have a lovely smokefree day. :) :)

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Thank you jillygirl!

Love the photo :)

I really didn't know I'd get to my 4 week badge, and so glad I have. Thank you all for your tremendous support. I couldn't have done it without you.

Stay strong all! You are worth it!


Morning jillygirl and everyone, raining here this morning, few jobs to do today ordering new fencing, some window shopping and the food shop of course but hey it's still a lovely smoke free day, have a good one everyone loving the picture jillygirl soooooo cute! X


Morning all, love the pic jillygirl, a massive congrats to Betts on your 4wk badge, well done hun, it suits you and of course as jillygirl said everyone on here is a winner :) enjoy your smoke free day :) x


Good morning Jillygirl and everybody :) :)

Just loving the pic Jillygirl :D :D :D hey, did you get all your housework done yesterday then, or you got hubby to do it today :P :D :D


Housework done. just last minute bits to wash etc. then pack. hubby never lifted a finger. :P


Hi Jilly - as you are obviously on a roll I wonder if you'd mind popping round to mine? I really didn't get much done today I'm afraid - naughty me! :) :) :) xx


Good morning everyone. :)

Lovely new badge you've got there Betts, congratulations - onwards and upwards! :)

We're supposed to be getting lots of rain today but the sun's shining at the moment. I went to parkrun with my wellies and waterproofs but really didn't need them after all. They kept me nice and snug in the shade against the wind though.

Have a good Saturday. :)


Good morning Andi :) sooo no running today then gal ?


Hmmmmm, nice wellies :) :)


Thanks Andi

Saw a flash of wellie in the park this morning :)

Was this you?



Love the pic.....soooo cute :), Love this site as it's so inspirational.......... hate the weather as every time I step outside I get soaked :( treated myself to a lovely eggs benedict this morning and am out with my two lovely neighbours for a big boys curry and I can't wait, I always have the same thing (so predictable)...and am relaxing watching the grand prix qualifying....Hope you all have a good smoke free weekend x


Whoah, this sounds like a goooooood eating and chilling out day to me - save us some leftovers :) :)


You've got two hopes... :O The boys next door will finish what I can't however they don't get a look in with the onion bhaji's :) mmmmmmmm feeling peckish again :) :) :(


We had rain for most of the day and my cat Greedy Benny the ginger ninja has been hiding under a car which is leaking oil !! Need I say anymore except that Greedy Benny has just had a date with a bottle of fairy liquid and a sink of warm.water,he's just SO NOT happy !!!!! :-)


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