Fourth day with no smoking

I'm on my fourth day of not smoking well it's been three days and 11hous according to my give up app on my phone.
I can't believe im doing it, am looking forward to seeing my skin and tastebuds come back to life aswell as the other benefits ... Has anyone else just stopped smoking like myself???? :)

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  • I have ... since the end of Feb ... and feel so much better about myself ... I still enjoy everything else in life .... and realise I never enjoyed smoking ... I just enjoyed the relief of the nicotine fix 4 days you shoud not crave nicotine physically but you mentally still do ... if you start to wobble and feel like you are depriving yourself ... you are not. You have stopped and you have already made the right decision. You sound positive and it's a wonderful feeling being a non smoker ... well done .... :)
  • Hi Wonder,
    Thanks for the comment, yes i am feeling positive.... i did actually think i wanted one this morning but then i sat and thought how i would feel and what would i do after i had one and it made me not wont one if that makes sense.
    I think you are the first person that has giving up that i have spoke to that sounds good about it. Others still think or crave it........
    How long did you smoke for?
  • Hi I'm Vicky French I've smoked 25 years.I haven't had a cigarette in 4 days.I finally did it I truly believe that this is it for me. I will not go back to depending on those straws filled with deadly poison to help get me through a day of problems that I thought taking a puff on them was making me feel better instead I was slowly succeeding taking my on life actually committing suicide.I'm vowing today to not let those killers control my life the way I feel and most importantly to take me from my family my four beautiful daughters and three little grandsons there not beating me because they have no control over me no more .I control my life and I choose to have a life where I look forward to getting out of the bed and actually feel good when I do.So with that I say Goodbye Smoker and hello Nonsmoker!:)
  • Hiya Vicky and a big warm welcome to quit support
    Congratulations on 4 days quit
    You've made the best decision you can, well done on taking control and be very proud of yourself. You'll have every reason to jump out of bed in the morning and look forward to the day. If you have any problems or just feel like a chat, come on here as there's always someone around to help. One day at a time and you can do itx
  • Whoops sorry Vicky I forgot to tell you our mantra which really helps is NOPE not one puff ever as this will help you stay quitx
  • I've still not had a cigarette and more to the point don't want one. I've suffered a lot with stress, depression and even been bullied at work but I have not turned back to wanting nicotine. It's remained a positive part of my life being a non smoker and I wish you all the best.
  • Thankyou soooooo much Wonder for helping our members :) :)

    Its really lovely to see you gal :) :) but am so sorry you've had a hard time of it :( but hey gal, things can only get better :) :)

    Wonder, you flippin enjoyyyyyyyyyyy your new life to the full gal :) and do you know what :o I just cant fault you one little bit gal :) but am flippin trying :D :D

    You take care now and hope to see you soon :) xx
  • Hi ya Vicky a big warm welcome to our lovely quit support group :)

    Sooooo, your on day 4 now then, thats just ACE gal :) and you sound as if you know what you want in life and you want to be free from mr nic :) and like you say, YOU control your life from now on :) :)

    Please feel free to come onto our Daily chat and ermm, well have a chat with us :) Hope to see you soon, Pete :)
  • I smoked since i was 13. I'm now 41. I wasn't 20 a day or anything but had got up to about 60 a week .... so it was still a fag walking to work ... one at lunch time (2 if I was stressed) I just had to have one walking back to my car and then another when I got home after before a glass of wine .. one before bed ... and on a night out I would miss half the evening standing outside with the rest of the smokers and would think nothing smoking 20 on a night. You should feel positive. I feel about an inch taller ... no one can judge me or look down on me now. I actually pity other smokers and do not envy them as I secretly know they envy me (but they won't admit it). They are amazed that from day one of stopping I knew i'd cracked it. Don't feel doom or gloom ... you've made such a positive change .... and I'm so positive because I read a book called Allen Carr's Easyway to stop smoking. I cannot rave on enough about the method. This 2nd hand book cost me £2.50 off ebay and it is better than thinking you've managed another day smoke stop smoking from finishing the book (reading it now you have stopped will still help as it will give you such a positive feeling to know you are already a non smoker). well done for stopping.
  • i was the same as in the same smoking habits.....
    thanks for the book idea but i be honest just coming on here is helping, i went cold turkey and i think it was just the right time to quit. ( i started when i was 14 and i am 30 now)
    it does feel great dont it :)
  • Hey there! That is really sound advice Wonder and is so true. I've read the Allen Carr book myself, only because I have heard so many of our Clients talk about it and it really does echo the same kinds of messages that we try and get members to recognise and understand. The psychological part of stopping smoking is where most smokers are challenged and by planning and preparing for this will lead to success.

    Kittykat2881, you are doing amazingly well, in my experience I have found that those who seem to miss smoking the most or the longest are those who have stopped for somebody else's reasons rather than their own, or those who stopped smoking without really preparing and thinking about it beforehand. That's why we try and encourage everyone to think ahead of their quit date, when possible. It is fantastic to be able to help somebody to stop smoking but even better if we can guide them to being totally free, this means not feeling as though they are missing out on something.

    At the end of the day, you are stopping doing something that you no longer want to do anymore...

    Well done to the both of you :0)
  • Thanks emjay,Yes i have good reasons to give up and that is what is making it easier.
    I went for a run last night and felt great... think it brang on the cough that everyone has been talking about! :) not that i mind
  • Wow, get you! Are you a runner or is this a new adventure? You're definately heading in the right direction to leading a smokefree lifestyle :-)
  • new adventure......!!!!!!!!
    I am trying to start a cleaning company up aswell to help fill my mind and not think about cigarettes...
    So fingers crossed that goes as well as the not smoking x
  • It's a fresh start all round then! Sometimes, if you want to change a few things in your life, you have to be willing to change a few things in your life... sounds like this is where you are at.

    Positive thoughts, feeling and vibes being sent and I'm sure your cleaning company will be a great distraction. Plenty for you to be getting on with :-)
  • Hi KittyKat2881, my name is Pete, go for it gal, YOU KNOW you can do it, the comments from the other gals have been great!!!!!!!!!
    Just think positive about why you want to stop smoking, and the fantastic benifits of actualy being a NON smoker!!!!!!!
  • Hi Pete,
    Thanks so much, I have just passed the first week stage... Im really pleased with myself... i have had a few cravings today but managed to get through it.... im treating my one week with a class of wine... :)
  • as the time goes by and you get more happier with your decision to be smoke free .... you go out on an evening and have no need to nip out for a quick fix of nicotine ... then as you nip the loo you pass someone who's just nipped out for a fag .... and the stale smell is horrid .... I really pity my husband for putting up with stinky me for the past how many years. Good luck with your progress so far ... look forward to the many benefits of quitting that will be coming your way :)
  • Hi Wonder hope your ok gal, just to let you know I've ordered that book off ebay, should get it wednesday!! 2 days after my quit date but I thought it would be a good backup, just in case!!!!!!!!!!! £2.95 now but what the hec a pack of fags cost £6.00 now. Your husband must be a very loving man to put up with 'stinky you' for so long gal, I went to live with my Dad for a few months before he pastaway, and he used to tell me i stunk, even after I had had a shower, so I washed all of my cloathes, that was the easy bit, ironing them was a different matter ha ha but did it somehow.
    Thankyou very much for the advise and will let you know how I get on with the book, keep looking foreward gal your doing great.
    Pete :-)
  • Thanks for letting me know Pete, good luck, and Kitty Kat hope you had a nice Saturday night smoke free :)
  • Hi
    Everyone... yes i did Wonder... :) proud of myself..... i did stand out side wit them and make them blow the smoke my way though lol.
    How was everyones weekend?? smoke free i hopex
  • I know its been 3 years, Im curious if you went through with the quit smoking or are you back on? I was googling the stages of people who quit smoking and what to expect of the 4th day, and found your question. Im on day 4.
  • Hi ya Tleukam, a big warm welcome to our lovely quit support community :)

    A fantastic well done to you for reaching your 4th day on your quit journey :) The first week is the hardest, then after that, the more days and weeks you get through, the easier it gets :)

    If you scroll up this page a bit, you will find '' TOPICS '' in blue print, have a look through Symptoms of recovery :) there's loads of stuff on their :) But please remember, we are all made different, sooooo, we get different symptoms :o Some have it easy and some of us have it hard.

    Tracy, you've made the best decision ever for you and your body, also your family too eh :) Stay focused and positive on your quit and when you get a craving, just remember ''NOPE'' :-


    If you have any questions, need help, want a chat or need a moan, then you just shout out gal and we will do our best to help you :)

    Just wondering Tracy, if your using any form of nicotine replacement to help you on your quit journey ? and if you could please let me know your quit date, then I can add you to the Wall of Winners and award you with a Winners badge as you progress through your quit :)

    Take care now and be proud of yourself for your achievement :) cos we all know how hard it is :o

    Pete :)
  • Hello! My quit day was March 2nd, at 5:30am. I'm not using any form of nicotine replacements. Decide to go cold turkey! I also cut my addiction of coffee just a month prior. So it's been an even more up hill battle for me. More than ever do I want to start drinking coffee in replace of my smoking, but I know drinking my coffee would be a major trigger. I didn't plan on quitting both at once. But I did. I couldn't be more happier and so dedicated. Thank you for all the info, I did a quick tour of it last night. I have to say, I love the amount of info and people here! So much support. Thank you!
  • Thank you for getting back to me Tracy and I will shine your new Winners badge up for Monday :)

    I bow down to you for quitting cold turkey, cos I know I couldnt have quit that way :o and for quitting coffee too :) cos, like you say, it can be a major trigger point as to can alcohol :o

    Good luck Tracy :) and like I say, you hold your head up high and be proud of yourself :)
  • Hi ...Yes ive just joined this site im also on my forth day im just thinking already how much money I would of spent ive decided to stay of the alcohol until I feel my cravings have slowly gone ...well done its not easy x
  • good luck
  • Hiya sarahlilly and welcome to quit support
    Congrats on getting over your first week, well done and looks like you could do with a new winners badge, fantasticx
  • Hi ya Sarah, its soo lovely to see you :) and a big warm welcome to our lovely quit support site :)

    Soo, your now 9 days quit :) :) thats just flippin ACE gal, it really is :) :) How are you feeling ? I have got your quit date down as the 23rd of May 2015 :) if this is not right :o please let me know and I will alter it for you :)

    Your doing ever soooo well Sarah, you really are :) :)

    PS, we have a post somewhere about how much you save during quitting, I will try to find it for you and repost it :)

    Take care now and keep focused and positive on your quit and before long, you will be FREE of that flippin monster mr nic :) :)

    Pete :) x
  • Thank you Pete for your support. Im on day 9 it's been a tuff day and I would of loved a cigarette in my car after work .. I took myself for a swim and soon forgot about Mr Nic .. X
  • Aup Sarah, thats the way to go gal :) try to find something to occupy your mind and hands eh :o and you made an excellent choice :) :) swimming :) :) you cant smoke while your swimming PLUSSSSSS its flippin great exercise for you too :) :)

    Exercise helped me a lot in my early stages of quit :) cos I used to get off my rower and I felt flippin on top of the World :) :)

    Sarah, may I ask you if your using any form of NRT :o cos if you are, then we can perhaps give you some hints and tips on how to use it :) :)
  • Morning all . I have smoked since I was 13 im now the big 40 and I do not want to waste my money and time on smoking .. Im on day 10. I have stopped by going cold turkey I feel its the best way . Once you shift the nicotine out your system your half way there .. This is an excellent site X
  • Sarah, if you need any help or want a bit of advice, please, please just ask :) cos thats what we're here for :) :) even if you just want a chat, cos I know that helps too :) :)
  • well done you,, keep up the good work <3


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