Tomorrow is NO SMOKING DAY

so throw those cigarettes away,

You definitely will improve your health

Saving money will improve your wealth.

Dont let old Nic give you the crave

You will only end up in a grave.

Please dont struggle and dont be blue

Quit support is here for you.

We help all members new and old

Many a story has been told.

Your not on your own so join us today

We are with you all the way.

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  • Luv that Jilly, thanks👍🏼😊

  • Thank you Briar, Hope your ok love. As you can tell I am slowly getting back to a sort of normality. As Monky says we are never normal. :D

  • Aw don't believe that Jilly, it's Monky who's never normal😂😂

  • Good luck for anyone starting their quit tomorrow. Be determined, be assured of your ability, be proud.

    I think it's really important to let new quitters know that old quitters really do remember how it feels to be starting out. It's a feeling that never leaves you.....I wish my 14 year old would apply the same logic to teenage years, apparently I was never a teenager 😊

  • Dear, delightfully normal Jilly, or should I say Pam Ayres?.

    Breath of fresh air this morning 😀

    Thank you Ngaire xx

  • Hi Ngaire how you holding up lovely lady 😊X

  • Still coping well with radiotherapy - had last treatment today. Now have 2 weeks rest and recovery. Day by day still until then.

    Thanks Droopy 😘😘

  • Bet your ready for the 2 week break. take it easy. xxx

  • Does that mean you get to go home to rest? X

  • Yay!

  • Fantastic, there's nothing like being in your own bed and in your own home 😊👏x

  • Thats great news Ngaire :) :)

    OYYYY and you do what them flippin docs say eh :o put your feet up and rest :) :) or ya got me ta deal with seeeeee :P :D :D

    Take care now :) :) xx

  • Oooohhh - that's me trembling in my boots! 😘

  • :D :D :D its lovely to see you can still have a laugh and joke Ngaire :) :)

    Take care now :) :) xx

  • Delighted you've got 2 weeks rest and recovery at home, take it easy hun❤️

  • Whoohoo jillygirl am loving it😊

  • That is very nice

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