Good Fridays BBQ night

Good Fridays BBQ night

Good evening everybody :) :)

Well, its Friday night again, BUT its Good Friday night, which I think we should celebrate eh :) :) Sooooooooo, here we goooooooooo :)

Loads a grub :P :) :P :)

Loads a cannies :) :)

Loads a flippin wine :o :|

1 bottle of port & lemon, just in case a very young Lady joins us eh :)

Now who's got the flippin sounds then !!!!

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  • Oh here you are - good thinking, the Daily Chat was getting very slow again!

    Wow that bbq look great! Well done, I think Sin was bringing the sounds :) xx

  • Have found some sounds for now eh :o :D :D :D

  • that made me laugh out loud sin! I bet they sound great :) :) :)

  • Erm, SIN !!

    How many glasses of wine have you actually had my Dearest Chrissie :o :| :D :D :D

  • As per usual I'm just on my first glass - and very flipping nice it is too! :)

    Anyway, you know I'm a lightweight, but I don't care - it helps me not have a hangover!!! :D :D :D - can I have another kebab please? :) xx

  • Sorry Monky - I thought I was responding to Sin :D :D :D xx

  • I will put it down to you having a senior moment :o :)

  • cheeky monky! but so true! :D xx

  • Soryyyyyyyyyyy :) :)

  • Okay, whilst the others are at the bar - can I ask you about my non garden? Do you mind? so what it is, I don't actually have a garden because my flat backs on to a park. We have a fenced off washing area out there and against that someone has created a border and then there is a border at the back and one at the front, both up to the flat below and I don't think there are any plants at all in those borders.

    The council (this is an ex council flat) cut the grass occasionally but don't edge it or anything. Anyway it looks drab, what I would really like this year is to plant something in those borders which would fllower this year, as well as ideas for some little plants that would be there all the time, just to make it all a bit prettier.

    I could take photos tomorrow so you can have a look at what I mean. Now would you mind having a look?

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze :) :) :) xx

  • Chrissie dearest, of course I dont flippin mind gal, :) :)

    You take a couple of pics, so that ave got some idea of the area to plant, and I will help you :) :)

    As simple as that gal :) xx

  • Nice! so do you think I could put something in that would flower this year? And do you think I would need to do something to the soil, as there hasn't been anything in it for, well ever actually! xx

  • Yep, and they will flower this Year gal, :)

    And yep, you will ave to flippin weeeeeeed it see :o :D :D

  • well that leads to another problem, can I send pics of the weeks in case they are flowers? tee hee :) xx

  • WEEDS - I meant weeds! :)

  • Ha ha ha ha ha Chrissie, my dearest, are you sure your not on the port & lemon :o :D :D

  • ha ha ha - not yet, but you never know :D xx

  • :D :D aww they're cute

  • Hey there - just posted on the daily chat asking where you were! nice to see you again :) :) :) xx

  • Ah memories! And it only feels like 2 weeks ago! :) xx

  • Ha ha ha, yeah, me toooooooo Chrissie :) :) only a bit longer than 2 weeks eh :o :D :D :D

    Erm, for me !!

  • Well don't forget I did see him 2 weeks ago at my friends birthday do - although between me and you it wasn't the real one! :) xx

  • A bit of Queen I think :)

    Whoooooooooops :D :D :D

  • that link took me back to Baby Jane! Are you having a senior moment by any chance? :) :) :) xx

  • Yep, I thought myself that's not Queen.

  • try it now then :o

    huh, typical flippin Woman, you want everything to be perfect :o :P :D :D

  • haha, that's a good one for a stop smoking site

  • Sorry I've been watching Coronation Street. Umm, is there anything left on that barbecue for me, am feeling quite peckish now. And a nice big glass of red wine would be nice. Oooh, just thought, have still got half a tin of beer left, that'll do.

  • Cheers Sin, and you are welcome to a large glass of red, there's plenty here :) xx

  • Evening all.. I'm hungry now too, anything edible left? I have beer I can offer in return.. :D :D

  • Hi Alli - so great to see you, go for it girl, the bbq is never ending! :)

    so how are you doing? :) :) xxx

  • Doing good thanks Chrissie... :) How's yourself?

  • I will find you some Alli :) :)

  • Not meaning to be awkward - but will you make it the veggie option.. :D

  • Here you go Alli, a veggie burger for ya :)

  • See.. now I'm really hungry looking at that - I expected a bun with a bit of lettuce in the middle. :D :D

  • That looks yummy, I could just eat that and I'm not vegetarian.

  • Hello Alli, pull up a pew. I don't think I've spoken to you before :) So you'll have to refresh my memory on where you're up to with your quit cos there are so many new people I struggle to keep up :D

  • Pew pulled.. Hi Sin. :) I'm on day 18... Finding it hard, even with the ecig, but still going with it. :)

  • Oh, right. Sorry for the time delay in replying, am struggling to keep up with everyone. Got my phone alerting me to email replies, then I check my emails on my laptop, then I have umpteen tabs open for healthunlocked. My heads spinning :D :D

    Day 18 is good. I think everyone who stops smoking with just an e-cig is doing brilliantly. I started off on Champix, then after 3 months went on to lozenges plus an e-cig and I've just managed to get rid of the lozenges in February this year. So am up to 16mg fluid in my e-cig but only just dropped from 24mg so I'm struggling a bit with that. It's not easy but we'll all get there in the end.

  • I was looking at flowers at the garden centre this afternoon. People were carrying out great car loads of them. I don't know where to start with gardening. Our garden is rubbish too, very heavy clay soil. My dad says horse manure breaks down clay soil. There's plenty of that gets left on the roads around here :o

  • Where I come from was heavy clay soil - back breaking but great for roses! I think people used to put something on it to break it down but why am I thinking of Lime?

    How's the pond by the way? xx :)

  • Perhaps horse poo has lime in it :D Our pond is much better thank you. Mud all dried up and there is a temporary fountain of sorts, it's a hose pipe connected up to the pump, sounds like Niagara Falls outside. Fish safely back in the pond and a proper mesh net cover over it to stop pesky herons from fishnapping. We have also got some reclaimed flags off ebay to put around the pond an make a nice patio type area.

  • That sounds lovely - your place for the next bbq then Sin? :) :) :) xx

  • Yep Chrissie dearest, am with you on that one, sooooooo, its all to Sins next bbq eh :) :)

  • tee hee - sure is! It'll be posh, they have a pond and everything! :) xxx

  • Yep, next bbq in my garden. You have to watch the dogs tho, they steal stuff off your plate when you're not looking, Tess is the worst for that trick.

  • Oh so you have ditched me for a POND huh

  • Never Briarwood - you are an amazing host, we just don't want to put on you every time! Let Sin round around looking after you for a change! Although she might get her husband to do it :) :) :) xxx

  • Oh that sounds good and I'm not going to bed till I get my happy dance you knowX


  • Ours is a nightmare too. It's nearly an acre in all, with solid rock underneath a layer of what would have been, sheep grazing type grass. :/ I'd love to try growing veggies and stuff, and I'm planning putting the boxes type thing on top of it all and doing them from there. But at the moment it's just terrible. Even my windowboxes all need replanted. I really must get motivated. :)

  • That is a lot of grass to cut :D Have to get yourself a couple of goats to keep the grass down.

  • No, a couple of sons... hahaha... Wouldn't mind goats, but they eat everything in sight! And with 3 chickens, 3 cats and 2 dogs - not to mention all my kids - it's getting a bit crowded around here.. :D :D

  • I'm envious! It sounds like you have a lovely crazy life! xxx :) :) :)

  • Crazy yes! Lovely - emmm - not so sure about that. I seem to be constantly in the kitchen feeding someone or something.

    It all seemed such a good idea at the time... :D

  • I have three sons and they eat everything in sight too, do you want a borrow lol

  • Haha... Just send them off grazing.. Oh, if only it was that easy.. :D

  • Lovely offer but I have 2 daughters who raid the cupboards the moment the walk back in the door from uni - they also take my food back to uni with them! I'm always left with empty cupboards!!!!

  • Yeah the girls seem to be worse - my cupboards are always empty.. One of them has a knack for finding all the hidden goodies and taking them.. :O

  • Aww, I would love chickens but I don't think our dogs would get on too well with them. Perhaps I could get a couple of ducks for our pond.

  • NO Sin - get a Swan!!!! That would be sooooooooooooooo Cool !!!!! :D :D :D xxx

  • OMG yes, that would be sooo posh wouldn't it. Aww better still a pink flamingo, that would look nice stalking around the garden. :D There's plenty of geese knocking around on the canal and up at the lake, not the same really tho.

  • I second the swan :D Although it would get lonely, so you'll have to get two. :D

  • Now I'm really envious of your pond.. :) Our dogs get a peck on the nose if they go near the chickens - but they wouldn't dare go near a duck - they would soon run them off. :O

  • We've had the pond for years and years. Noticed the other week though that the water level had dropped. The pond liner was so old it had gone brittle and sprung a leak. Sorting it out and replacing the liner has been a bit of a faff to say the least as there's a spring running underneath so the hole kept filling up with water. Our garden looked like a rugby pitch a couple of weeks ago.

  • Well, dump it on ya garden then gal :) :)

    Yes Sinfree, your Grandad is so right gal, any manure will help to break down the clay in your garden gal, but it wont happen over night eh :o :)

  • It's my Dad who said. Both my grandads only had back yards. Don't know where my Dad got all his gardening knowledge from, Gardeners Question Time probably.

  • Hello everyone, through a shrimp on for me monkey :)

  • Hi Fresher - happy bank holiday too you! Have you had a great day? :) :) xx

  • fresher, your wish is my command gal :o will this one doooooooooo :D :D :D

  • Oh that's a big one you've got there!! :O

  • Oh yes please

  • Hey Fresher.. :)

  • I'm with alli on that one, veggie all the way, or same as Fresher - a nice shrimp

  • Thanks monkey, and yes Chrissie still hanging on, I had a morning and half with major issues and little devil tapped on my shoulder a few times,,,,, knocked him out and I'm still here smoke free :)

  • Well apart from barbecue smoke haha

  • Well done you! And I really mean that. I really do think that the "stressful" times are the hardest, that is when I get really determined to buy cigarettes, thankfully I haven't but that's because the ciggie git really annoys me now! ha ha ha - fighting talk there girl! :D :D :D

  • It sure will clear out our lungs for us... :D :D

  • Oh wow how did I get soooooh lost? Have missed loads, sometimes my wi-fi goes astray and I'm left stranded. Have gone from BBQ to manure in 2 shakes of a lambs tail!

  • About time too misses - this is your garden we are sitting in!!! Great to see you again now grab some food MRS 4 WEEK BADGE HOLDER!!! We'll be doing a happy dance for you soon :D :D D: xxx

  • Well hurry up with that dance, I've been waiting all day for it ha ha x

  • Sorry I forgot to say PLEASE x

  • Well done to you Briarwood - looking very chic with your new badge.. :) :)

  • Ah thanks, you say the nicest things x

  • Just going to shake hands with the Vicar :o see ya soon :)

  • Has he got a bike to turn round then too? hahah

  • No problem Monky - can we have a happy dance for Briarwood when you get back - and you KNOW which song we need don't you??????? :) :) :) xxx

  • Hi Alli and bleedin hell monkey only just noticed the pic when Alli said it was a big one lol

  • Haha Chrissie, find myself stood in supermarkets now behind people buying cigs, oooh you really don't want to do that hahaha. Or when my hubby said I need some cig papers so I queued up to buy and felt like shouting out...."""" Erm I don't smoke" haha

  • I so know what you mean - a lady held me up for so long in the shop tonight AND she was buying cigs - it beggars belief!!! :D :D :D xxx

  • Well I just saw hubby's cig box he left on the table but I asked nicely to put them in his pocket as it was a bit of a temptation, I have to admit!

  • Hey Woody, get that temptation out a your head now gal, orrrrrrrr, I'lllll come and give you what for seeeeeeee :o :D :D :D

  • Yes I think ur right, that's why I'm off to bed. Thanks, nite nite x

  • Baby, it's only temptation and you've got that sorted, but I'm sorry it's happened because when it happens to me it gets me down!

    So sleep well and tomorrow is another day and you will feel great and happy that you didn't succumb!

    ps is it okay if we stay in your garden? xxx :) :) :)

  • You can all stay for the wkend coz I'm off early in the morning to my Daughters for the day and when I get back tomorrow evening we can party on. Just throw the cans in the recycling bin and don't forget to put the cat out x

  • Well that shrimp just didn't fill the spot, takeaways on its way now,, :)

  • How could THAT have not filled you! It was huge... :P Have a couple of pizza's in the oven if anyone, like me, is nowhere near a takeaway. :D :D

  • the more food the merrier - what are we having? :) :) :) xxx

  • Pizza's ready - have the cheese one (dr oetker one ofcourse - dead posh me...) :D and a meat and more meat one. Get in quick before it all goes.... :D :D

  • Did someone mention cheese????????? Please please please save a slice for me :) xxx

  • One slice left.. Get here quick.. :P

  • Haha Alli it's cause I shared it,,, honest. :)

  • Yeah right... Not even the tail was offered... tut tut.. :P

  • Yay Pizza. I love pizza with hot chilli's and mushrooms and peppers please

  • Sorry.. It's only a cheese one... :( But the posh one.. :D

  • Aup Woody, a 4 Weeks WINNER now thennnnnnnnnnn yipppppppppeeeeeeee

    As you are a listening to this, am a bum a wiggling to ya seeeeeee :) :)


    Congratulations baby xxxxxxxxxx :) :D :D :D

  • Am dancin' am dancin'... Well done Briarwood.. :D :D

  • hey Babe, let them hipps a rock !! :) :) :)

  • Well done briarwood,,, amazing xx :)

  • Thanks everyone for a fantastic nite and all the support and bum wiggle dances. You are an amazing bunch! Now I'm bunched after all the dancing so good nite to you all and thanks again x x x

  • I've got a pic for you to prove that bum wiggle dancing happened here tonight - I can't actually work out how to add it at the moment but be prepared - this is special so check in tomorrow!!!

    Night hun - and well done you xxx :) :) :)

  • Hmmmmmm, would this be your bum wiggle dancing then ?? :o

  • Actually it's a bum wiggling penguin! All will be revealed :) :) :) xx

  • Nity nite erm, Briarwood eh, :)

    I wish you a lovely sweet dreaming sleep tonight, and am sending you some 4 week winner huggs to go with it see :) :) If you dont want em, keep your doors and windows closed eh :o :D :D

    Take care gal, luvs ya :) xx

  • Nite nite Briarwood - have a good sleep. :)

  • Congrats briarwood on your 4 weeks quit, here's a tune to wiggle to, Don't Stop Wiggle, Wiggle. It's quite boring actually and you've got to wait for the Littlewoods Ad first but hey ho

  • Haha love it,, just had a little boogie myself,, and a wiggle wiggle wiggle :)

  • Hey Fresher, now steady on gal :o :D :D :D

  • :) ;);)

  • :D :D :D

  • Now THAT will get us movin' and a groovin'.. :D Must watch the ole' hips though.. :D

  • Another one? Last one. I love this

  • Yeah I like that too.. Nice one.. :D Any more?

  • Umm, I dunno, I need to go to bed in a minute. here is one more

  • bit of a weird video but I like the track, heard it on the radio the other day.

  • Yeah it's nice. Weird video as you said, makes you wonder who thinks them all up.. :D Goodnight Sin, and enjoy your day tomorrow. :)

  • OK, am deff going now. Night Alli.

  • Rite, its time for me to say nite nite, cos you flippin lovely people on here have flippin worn me out seee :o BUT, I enjoyed it :) :)

    I hope you all have a lovely, lovely nights sleep, and if you have a dream, then let it be a Easter Egg dream :) :)

    See's ya all Tomorrow and luvs ya :) xx

  • Monky your bbq was amazing - I'm totally stuffed now and combined with the copious amounts of wine consumed I'm ready to nod off myself! That was me talking posh by the way :) Thanks for a great night

    and luvs ya too! :) :) :) Sweet dreams xxx

  • Nite sweetie - thanks for all the gorgeous grub and ofcourse, the dancin'

    Sleep well.x

  • Night Pete, Chrissie and the BBQ posse, have a lovely day tomorrow. I'm busy partying tomorrow at my grandsons 4th birthday bash so I'll see y'all Sunday. Night

  • Knock knock.... Only me! I did come armed with a couple of bottles of wine, a crate of beer, some cordial and fresh juice (for those who don't drink or are driving!) and a lovely large fresh salmon (I'm trying to be posh too now) because it is Good Friday :-) However, it has taken forever to post this!

    Seriously though, you lot crack me up :-)

    Glad to see you've managed to keep each other occupied and had a barrel of laughs along the way :-)

    See you all on the morrow :-)

  • Morning EmJay - your post just cracked me up! So so funny :D :D :D

    Wow that salmon sounds amazing - sorry you missed the main event but hey, we could have salmon and scrambled eggs for brunch!!!!! Now that would be lovely with the fresh orange juice followed by a nice pot of fresh coffee - sorted!!!

    I'm desperate to know how your gardening went yesterday? Did you get it all done or are you back on it today?

    I'm really not sure what I'm doing today as Danielle is currently studying away in her room - year end exams are coming up - so I daren't make any noise - I know, I'll go food shopping!

    Have a lovely day whatever you are doing xx :)

  • Pity we missed you last night Emjay - the extra beers would have been nice 'cause we ran out and ended up sharing the last one - 3 straws, 1 can.. It got very warm, very quickly. :D And the salmon would have gone down a treat seen as Fresher never shared her huge shrimp.. :P

    Have a good day.x

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