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FRIDAY - DAILY CHAT - 11/04/2014

Hi and Happy Funday Friday to Everybody!!!!! :)

I have to thank Pinkie (Al) for an amazing post of inspiration last night re the soldier who lost his legs in afgan but was still so upbeat and positive when she met him yesterday. As she says, if he can be that way after all he has been through, want is the big deal for us changing a chosen habit! Pinkie thank you for that post – you REALLY inspired me!

Now it's my youngest daughters birthday on Monday, so to celebrate she wants to go out for a drink with her big sister and her old mum this evening :) It should be fun :) :)

Have a fabulous smoke free day everyone and a wonderful weekend.

Love Chrissie xxx

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Morning all, overcast here in Kent but hoping it brightens up, off into London tonight to catch a movie and have some food with a friend, Just what i need :)

Awww Chrissie thank you for appreciating the post, its true the guy was amazing, we are on the 1st floor and no lift, and he was up those stairs like a gazzelle, and he only had his " driving" legs on lol...he was funny. And the most gorgeous brown eyes...oops did i say that out loud ;)

Oh have a fab night out with the girls Chrissie, wish i had a daughter sometimes, boys are so.....well.... boyie lol

Well I hope everyone is feeling strong for the weekend, remember if you are around alcohol....be on your guard :)



Hi pinkie, how was your movie? What did you see? Hope you enjoyed it anyway x


Good morning Chrissie, Al, and PIPPS, Sorry didn chat much yesterday felt a bit tired due to being up most of the night with leg and foot cramps. Hospital put me on a new inhaler which has steroids in and now got side effects, cramps in all limbs ans oral thrush. Hope he takes me off it on Monday. Anyway less of my moaning you are all doing fantastic. Lots of NOPE people on here now. Yeah!

Chrissie you enjoy your time with the girls. especially now your a non smoker. :)

Have a lovely day everyone. :)


Oh Jilly hope you are feeling better soon hun :) xx


Morning all, Chrissie have a great birthday celebration with your daughters tonight. Pinkiezoom enjoy your movie and food with a friend. Yippee it's Friday. Aah jillygirl - you've been a bit under the weather so hope you feel a bit better soon. Take care. My little celebration is not smoking for 3 weeks. So thanks to everyone for all the help x


Wooohooo 3 weeks that is fab hun well done :) ... which can only mean one thing, this time next week you will be sporting your winners badge :)



Thanks Pinkie, when I get my winners badge next week, I'll definitely be shouting my good news from the roof top yeah! X


Afternoon All :-)

I feel a bit like the scarlet pimpernel here! I didn't get home until late last night and then did the usual fall-asleep-on-the-couch thing!

It seems I have a whole load of posts to catch up one here :-/

I'll have a quick catch up now and then head off home, grab myself a cuppa and continue with the catching up :-)

Chrissie, have a lovely, lovely evening tonight and we'll see you sometime tomorrow maybe? :-)

Al, I'm looking forward to hearing all about this soldier's story. I'll catch up on yesterdays daily chat in a bit :-)

Briarwood, I'm loving that it's Friday too although I'm sure this week seems to have dropped a couple of days out as it seems to have arrived ever so fast! :-) I have a Winner's Badge here with your name on it ;-)

JillyGirl, sounds like you are in the wars at the minute, hope you feel heaps better soon and are back to your usual crazy self :-)

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