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Good morning/evening,

I hope you are all well, glad to hear your feeling better Sinfree. :) Well done to Chrissy , mummy,Dave, Louby, Oscarpe and Joolz and anyone else I have forgotten for getting through the first couple of days. Hard work but worth it believe me.

Welcome to twin-1-68 well done on reaching 3 weeks today.

Big welcome to our latest members

Rusti, curly dude, Mcham, YBLN. Please join in our happy community.

Have a lovely Wednesday. :) :)

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Morning all, overcast and cold in kent ...well southern cold lol, not northern cold, still not needed my winter coat yet....guess they breed us tough up norf :)

Hope all the pack in puffer possie is feeling strong and proud of their achievements so far. You all seem to be doing brilliantly :)

Welcome new folk pop by and say hi, we love hearing from you all.

Sin hun, hoping you are feeling better too xx

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Good morning Al, pressie for you. :)



Wots them then ?? :o


Hi Al, not gone yet but better than it was thank you. It's cold here, been sleeting tonight :(


ohhh no Jilly now i need them again :( i have lost over a stone and a half in the last month.......dont really want to put it back on...but i may treat myself by wandering down to the naafi :) x


Hey Al, if you want to go to the naffi gal, then, goooooo flippin get some :) :)


Good morning Jillygirl, Alice and everybody :)

Jillygirl just love the pic gal :) :) What you up to today then, apart from annoying hubby :P :D :D

Al, how you doing gal ? I really doooooooo hope things are getting better for you :) :) Ave always got some warm lovin huggs left, so if you want em, you've got em gal :)

Sinfree, a little something for you tooooooo :P :D :D


A massive big warm welcome to all you newbies on the site :) :)


Sent hubby packing today! :P

He has gone to measure up for new carpets for the old flat. then we can put it on the market. It seems to have taken forever to get it finished.


Psst Pete i will take one of your hugs now please :) x


haha, thank you very much Pete, I'll add them to my drugs stash. :D


Good Morning All,

Sorry I didn't make it on yesterday, me feet didn't seem to touch the ground and by the time I got home, I had a raging headache so took myself off to beddybise.

All refreshed today though and started my day with an 8.00am meeting :-)

Looks like everyone is doing ever so well. Remember that as positive as you feel now, it is possible that you may take a bit of a dip in terms of emotions but please recognise that this is all the normal part and process of giving up nicotine. If you do feel this dip, then focus ahead and know that you will be on the 'up' again before you know it :-)

Now, I need a cup of tea :-)


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