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Cravings !!

Good Morning everybody, our lovely Emjay posted this erm, a bit ago now :o but it might just help you :) :)

When the cravings get tough...

Posted by EmJay ROY CASTLE

11 Jan 2013

What happens when the cravings become too much?

Here's a few things to try that can help you through these moments;

1. Stay Positive

It really is important to remain as positive as possible as this can affect your whole outlook on everything. Feeling negative is understandable, however, you need to push these feelings out as they will make everything seem a lot harder. It's like carrying an extra load on your shoulders. Losing the negative feelings will lighten the load and nothing will seem as bad to you.

2. Keep a craving log / diary

Grab a small notepad and pen.

Write down at the top "I can do this".

When a craving comes on make a note of the time that it is.

Make a note of what you think may have brought on this feeling. Was it because you saw somebody smoking, it just entered your head, you spotted a cigarette packet etc...?

Write down the words "I am doing this"

Think about how you are actually feeling, does it feel like a physical feeling (in your body somewhere) or a psychological feeling (in your mind)?

Make a note of these feelings, both physical and psychological.

Write down "I have got through this"

Carry on with what you were doing beforehand...

Next time you feel a craving coming on repeat all the above.

After a while, you should be able to recognise any triggers that bring on these feelings, you can then plan how to avoid them.

You will also notice that given time, they will become less frequent as time goes on.

This feeling will pass, you just have to see it through.

3. If possible do some exercise

If you can go for a walk, then a nice stroll will do you the world of good. Practising deep breathing exercises as you go. Filling your lungs up with fresh clean oxygen.

Maybe if you are at work, just have a nice big stretch. Get up and nip the loo or go and get yourself a nice cold drink of water. Just take yourself for a little walk away from your workstation if you can.

If you can, go for a jog, or have a go on your rowing machine if you have one. Maybe if you just try a very brisk 'march on the spot' for 2 minutes.

4. Have a pint of water

This will help pass a craving and stave off any pangs of hunger, it will also help flush your system too. You will need to pay more visits to the loo though

5. Focus on exactly how you are feeling, do you really believe that the craving is that bad, that you cannot overcome it?

Can you get on with something that may take your mind off it for a short time?

6. Go and brush your teeth

It would be such a shame then to smoke and undo the good work so far, especially just having brushed your teeth and given yourself lovely clean breath.

7. Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises can be used to give you a calming feeling, help relax you, give you a bit of energy if you feel a bit lethargic, slow your mind down a bit should you feel it racing away.

It's worth practising different breathing techniques beforehand so that they come more easily as and when you need to use them. Have a look through our archives for some of our different types of breathing exercises

That's just a few suggestions to help you get over cravings. Try them and see how you feel and let us know how you get on

Remember that whether or not you decide to smoke, the craving will go away

Together we can do this

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Very helpful this monkey, not having such a good day today But I know this will pass :)


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