Found a way to beat cravings!

I stopped on Saturday gone. First off it was the habit of smoking that was the problem, ie: after meals, and at set times of the day. (still fighting this one). Now the cravings have started, first I try to keep busy but if struggling I have two slices of Jalapinoe chilli's. God it can hurt but I forget the craving and they are low in calories.

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  • Hello Jimigolf,

    Welcome to quit support. BIG well done on quitting. Your doing well the first couple of weeks is the hardest, but it does get easier. I know when I first quit I was busy on this site , I found it kept my mind of the ciggys. Have plenty of snacks around preferably healthy ones. Nuts fruit etc. Are you using any nrts. or are you going cold turkey. Whatever way you decide there is loads of advice through Emjay our advisor, and all the other members. Please browse through the site, lots of tips. Join in the daily chat , if you want to shout scream or have a laugh. we are all bonkers but very supportive. Keep up the good work. :)

  • Hi Jimigolf, sounds like you have come up with a new suggestion there :D

    Remember that the more cravings that you get under your belt, the stronger you will become :-)

  • Hi Jimigolf

    Congratulations on quitting. I'm on day 8 and I think it's about 5 % easier. Love the chillie suggestion....think they'd kill me so you are already great on at least 2 levels :-)


  • Hi Jimigolf

    Love the suggestion but not sure if I could cope with the fiery mouth - will have a go though :)

    Watching TV at night my cravings kick in strong. That's when I am not busy doing, guess that's why. I have a couple of alternatives I am trying, but it is a bit pricey, so not every night - fruit that occupies my hands as well as mouth - pomegranates! Special treat only. Then the other is a fruit pastille ice-lollies. Those don't occupy my hands (bit cold :)) but do keep me busy easing off each layer of coloured ice, one at a time, down to the stick. They were on 2 for 1 offer, so cheaper than the pomegranate :)

    I'm trying very hard to keep off the cakes, crisps and chocolate! Not altogether successful on this yet though :0

  • Many thanks for the comments, just trying to make it a bit lighter. One thing I have learnt, I am using NRT stage 1. I was applying the patch at 6pm each night (roughly the time I stopped) but found the cravings were more difficult during the afternoon. Then I realised I was using the main strengh of the patch whilst I was asleep. So now I change the patch first thing in the morning. Will report if this works better. Best wishes to all.

  • Thanks for reply, at the moment the patches seem to be working, so will stick with it. I'm trying to cut back on the chilli's as I don't think I can get patches for them. (Only joking) Don't know if it will help but after I checked on the internet I found that Lloyd's online chemist was selling patches at a third of the price of the supermarkets. I don't know if this offer still applies today and I got free delivery. Makes the decision a little bit easier.

  • Didn't know about that thanks. Just checked Lloyds and they have put the prices back up, still got 2 weeks worth of stage one. So I'll research again later.

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