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Just had breakfast and thought i would try not habing any of my ecig after i ate (havent used it since last night anyway) found that i can breath through a craving and let it pass with ease to be honnest so im going to try and go the full way and quit compleatly. Ecigs are on stand by but i hardly use anyway at the moment. Im not expecting miracles just take each craving as it comes. Well done to all you none smokers where ever you are in your quit your doing amazingly proud of everyone. Chin up and keep smiling. Laughter is the best medecine x

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Hey Smokefreeandme,

I have to agree, laughter is most certainly the best medicine :-)

I think that you have come up with a good plan of seeing if you can go without straight after your breakfast - A lot of the time, many smokers simply light up because it is something that they would usually do - If you practise this every morning, then not smoking (even an e-cig) after a meal will become pretty normal to you :-)

However, as you are doing really well be careful not to put yourself under any unnecessary pressure by going without something if you don' need to :-)

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Im just taking each craveimg as it comes if i feel i cant do it my ecig is on stand by. I will never push myself to far i will just try my best and do what i can. If i didnt laugh this would be really bard lol. When i get a crave i normaly start messaging a mate to keep myself focused on something else. Its lovely to hear from you and thank you for your support x


You're very welcome :-)

Remember that every craving you get is a positive sign that your body is just recognising that you're not feeding it those 4,000 plus poisonous toxins :-)

I'm out for a couple of hours but will pop my head round the door later ;-)


WELL DONE sounds like you have this well and truly sorted flower.You should be REALLY proud of yourself for getting this far.As EmJay says keep the Ecig handy just in case but I'm really impressed with how well you're doing.Keep smiling and all will be well.Hugs H


Still not used e cig breathing through cravings thanks for ur support


Well done smokefree, keep at it Hun :D -x-


Thank you x


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