i quit smoking on 13/10/2013. But since then i m passing thru the worst phase of my life. it had been almost 5 months but the withdrawl symp

still exists. Depression, chest pain, anxiety, tiredness, weakness etc still persists. i"ve consulted the most famous cardiologist of my city. he advised me for ECHO & TMT. the test reports were absolutely normal. but even then i feel that i have some kind of cardiac disease. when i was a smoker i used to go to gym and running for almost 5 km/day. but after quitting i m scared of doing that.

does u all feel the same kind of symptoms or else i need to have some other body checkups of mine.

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  • Hi Shar,

    I havent had any of your symptoms, but i am using an Ecig to give up, which means i am smoke free, but not nicotine free. Are you going cold turkey? I am sure Emjay will be along soon to best advise you x

  • ya m cold turkey. i was having 15-16 cig/day and suddenly stopped althoug at present m having the nicotine gum

  • Aww, hey I don't suffer with any of those symptoms (well maybe the depression a little bit) but I know how bad you must feel. Stopping smoking is always seen as the panacea to all ills, stop smoking and you'll be on top of the world before you know it. Only reality hits and it really isn't like that, at least not for some anyway. I was probably the same as you at 5 months. I do a bit of cycling and its really hilly where I live so its hard work most of the time. So I was very unimpressed when cycling seemed to get much harder rather than easier when I stopped smoking. But....12 months down the line and it is finally starting to pay off, now I can get around easier without getting out of breath, my speed has gone up and those hills don't seem quite so daunting any more though they are a bit of a pain when they're still there every time I go out. ;)

    If it is severe anxiety which it may well be, and you've been thoroughly checked out by a physician, and it sounds like you have, then just try some gentle exercise to start out with. Walk outside anywhere for 5 minutes, when nothing bad happens from that try 10 minutes, then try a bit of a brisker pace. Exercise is supposed to be very good for helping with anxiety so worth a try - yeah? Don't give up now, otherwise you're gonna have to start all over again, then you'd be well annoyed :)

  • Hi Sin, you know what i have found weird, i havent coughed up anything!!! i was expecting to be like the exorcist and coughing up all sorts of nasty mucus.... but nothing! i have had nose bleeds though...hmmmmmm! lol :) x

  • Hya Al. No I never had a cough either, nothing at all, not even a nose bleed ;) I remember you saying about that, have you been OK since.

  • hey you know i am still having the odd nose bleed :(. not as much as 4 weeks ago, but my god my gums are really bleeding, i had to buy a babies toothbrush which is extra soft as i was getting to scared to clean my teeth!!! i am hoping it passes soon, i mean it is coming up to 2 months for me now! thought i would be over this by now :( x

  • ooooh, nightmare. I still use a childs toothbrush but from what I can see I don't think the gum recession I have is halting, on saying that my teeth don't bleed much but they never have. Have you tried that Corsidol mouthwash, its supposed to be good for that. Don't use it when you've just brushed your teeth with toothpaste though, it kind of reacts with it, I can't remember what happens but I seem to recall it wasn't very nice. I think it was my tongue, it felt like I'd drank a scalding hot drink for ages after.

  • will give that a try, just sick of the taste in my mouth :( x

  • Hi Sin, I was told to use the mouthwash a good 30 mins after brushing your teeth. Like you I found out the nasty way. :P

  • It's awful isn't it, omg that dentist I had, had so much to answer to, he never warned me - grrrr.

  • Hi ,i have just quit smoking for last 1 month but i do take 1 some time if i need to . For last 2 days i am feeling chest pain coming up and going back and been there for last 2 days . i had my ECG and cholesterol check and was fine but now i dont know wt to do ,.

  • Sometimes our bodies react oddly when quitting. However it might be worth a check with your GP as perhaps you may be starting with a chest infection. Try drinking lots of water that should help with any form of nrt.

  • It's maybe heartburn or indigestion? Even if you never suffered with that before, like Jillygirl says, when you stop smoking things that you haven't had before can sometimes suddenly appear.

  • Hey Shar,

    I don't often post on here these days, however your post did grab my attention!

    Firstly I know exactly where your coming from, and I can assure you your not alone.

    It all depends on the person involved but quitting smoking can really takes it toll!

    I'm 6 months quit now, but around the 6 weeks mark I started to experience kind of what you are or have been. I always thought something was wrong with me and kept going for reassurance from the doctors. My tests were related to my coughing, I used to cough so hard I would cough blood up. I had all the tests (x-rays, bloods etc) all were clear.

    This went on for a few weeks, then I started having panic attacks and things really went down hill.

    In the end around week 10 or so of my quit I broke down, I was suffering from generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), made worse by the chemical in-balance in my brain when I gave up smoking.

    I ended up having some counselling and things started to work out for me. Like I said I'm 6 months quit now, so there is light at the end of the tunnel, you just need to stick with it, because no matter what smoking will KILL you!

    I'm no doctor so I can;t offer any medical advice, but perhaps go back to your GP and tell them about your worries and why you are worried. If your a lot more anxious than you were, mention this also. The NHS runs a well-being service which may suit you.

    Anyway, good luck what ever you choose to do, keep writing on here and let us know how you get on.



  • Hey Shar,

    Agree with Morriemoo there.

    I stopped 3 months ago today and at first the only worries where to deal with the cravings. But by 2 weeks in anxiety and the relentless shortness of breath kicked in. Not pleasant. I have never suffered from anxiety before but I tell you I have since thought that often I was having a heart attack or my brain would just die from lack of oxygen or something weird. It is just your body and brain adjusting to the lack of nicotine and other chemicals from not smoking. I also stopped cold turkey, after about 30 a day for 30 years, no NRT at all, and am proud of it. Ha ha. As bad as it feels it does get better and I am slowly feeling a minute bit better every day. So hang in there, try some breathing exercises, drink lots of water and try a tiny bit of exercise. I have found that having a positive and "happy" attitude helps tremendously. Good luck.

  • thanx morriemoo & 47strong for ur healthy advice.

    m just trying my best to cope up with all these bull shits.

    hope so that i'll recover from all these within a month or so.

    keep posting ur suggestions and experiences

  • wow same as my symptoms :) how are you now?

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