FRIDAY / DAILY CHAT / 28/03/2014

FRIDAY / DAILY CHAT / 28/03/2014

Good morning / evening,

Welcome again to all our latest members, we are getting really busy on here. Its lovely to see you all supporting each other,

I will post a few hints and tips on here later, which may help the new members. Sorry to those who may have already seen them.

Have a lovely smoke free day everybody. xx :) :)

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  • Morning all. Thank you for your love and support yesterday. I didnt have a cigarette you will be pleased to know. But that is the closest i have been in the last 2 months :(

    Hope everyone has a nice easy stress free and smoke free day xx

  • Hey Al, I really do hope your feeling better today gal :) and a MASSIVE GIGANTIC FLIPPIN WELL DONE TO YA :) :)

    As Jillygirl and Emjay has said, I'm soooooooo flippin proud of ya gal, I am :) :) You just flippin strutt about the place with your head up high Al, cos you are now a true WINNER am just trying to do one of them bum wiggle dancers for ya, but the flippin cats giving me some rite funny looooooks, I tell ya :D :D :D

    You keep strong and focused now Al, cos you are getting so so close to where you want to be, thats smoke free gal :) :)

    Loving huggs heading your way gal :) xx

  • Awwww thanks Pete, and the bum wiggle is all in the hips ;) .... i am trying to stay strong hun, really i am, i wont go back to smoking but i think it could be time for massive life changing and location altering moves to be made, so unhappy, and no one deserves that.

    Just need to get my head around it all, but I cant move back home without a Job....which is a real problem! x

  • Where's my hips then :o cos if I've got some, then I might be able to wiggle them eh :o :|

    I know your trying your hardest gal :) :) and yes your right Al, no one deserves to be unhappy, but am afraid in this world there is some unhappyness, BUT not as much as happyness :) :) You see, you will be happy again before you know it gal :) :)

    Cant you get a transfer to near your home ?

  • I cant transfer as not on secondment :( i gave up my job in DEFRA to join the MOD, but i would have to apply for a job back up home like everyone else, but there is nothing up there, i keep looking on the civil service gateway, but nowt :(

    When i am ready the universe will put something in my path :) x

  • Al, there is always a way gal :)

    When I was a lot younger my Grandad used to tell me to diversify :o look at the problem at a different angle, a different frame of mind, a happy mind :) a new mind :)

    Look at what skills you have, how can you adapt them ! what do you really want your home life to be like ! do you want to go back to your home town, or just want to get away from erm, you know who :o

    Erm, I dont know whether any of that has made sense to you :o but you can have a completely new happy life Al, please dont give up looking eh :)

    Sorry Al, but am flippin noddin now gal, so I will get to my flippin sack eh :

    Speak later, Pete :) xxx

  • Good morning Al, Hope your days a better one today. Your defo a non smoker now, going through all these problems etc ans still not smoking. Soooooooooooooooo proud of you. xx :)

  • :P :P whooooooosh

  • Good morning all :-)

    A 'normal' day at the office today for me, catch up time. I spent all yesterday with soldiers and hopefully we may have a few popping on for some extra support. As usual for me on a Thursday, I get home late, fall asleep on the couch and wake up in time to go to bed!

    Al, at this point of you stopping smoking process, it is normal to have this feeling at this time - remembering that all those nicotine receptors take around 12-14 weeks to down regulate - they are just throwing a tantrum when (they think) you'll least expect it. I have to agree with JillyGirl - we are all so proud of you and the heaps of hassle of what life has thrown at you during this time and how you have dearly with it has been amazing. You are a strong person and we'll get you through this xx

  • Good morning jillygirl and thank you for this reminder love the way you focus all our minds first thing, I find this really helps me focus for the day, hope you are well and planning a wonderful weekend x

  • Morning Jillygirl and all, Love the opening, yes I'm focused for the day now. Hope everyone else is too.

    Happy Friday to all. x. :-)

  • Happy Friday to you too Sunny. :) :)

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