Good morning everyone, First of all apologies for not calling on site yesterday, and thanks Helen for opening. I had doctors first thing ,then after shopping we went out for lunch with brothers in law etc. Then it was scrabble afternoon, back for tea then evening bingo. Before we knew it it was 10.30pm.

Day 5 Pete thats super dooper!.

Ok kettles on if you fancy a cuppa anyone.

Have a lovely smokefree day. :)

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  • The picture has really made me smile Jilly so thanks for that x I didn't log on until late so wrote the daily chat at around 10 p.m. !!! Missed you Jilly, glad you're back today. H x

  • Hi Helen, You open the daily chat just as good as me. Make my 1 brain cell have a rest. Have a relaxing evening. :)

  • Good morning Jillygirl, Helen and everybody :) although saying that, its flippin dull and wet here, but it looks like it will be brightening up later :)

    Jillygirl, just love the pic gal :D :D and you put your flippin feet up today, do you hear me gal :o :|

    I'm just waiting for 1 of my Nephews to arrive, cos 1 of his door mirrors has mysteriously fell off :o hmmmmm !!

    See's ya all soon :)

  • Hi Pete,sat with my feet up now. What have you been up to gardening or d.i.y. Hope the mirror got fixed. How was day 5 . catch up later.

  • Jilly, I'm going to try and keep that pic on my tablet, I love it :-D

    Sunny here so far. Popping out soon, need some retail therapy ! :-)

    Happy Friday to everyone x :-)

  • Hi Sunny, enjoy your therapy , I went out for some retail therapy and came back with a bag of mixed nuts and raisins. (not exactly exciting. ) :O

  • Well Jilly I to bought a bag of nuts, my favorites Walnuts :-P but I also bought a bargain top for £5, its quite a loose top but oh dear Istill need to get rid of my tummy bulge :-(

  • I am sat here reading your post thinking I too need to lose my tummy bulge (thats when I have finished my bag of crisps) think it would be easy wouldnt you. :)

  • Oh no, not Crisps ! Naughty :'( Says I who had a lovely healthy salad for tea, and then had some scrumy ' Tiramisu '. :-( :-D

  • That sounds even better. Well it is nearly the weekend. what the heck. :P

  • Hi everyone not been on for a while, been struggling the last few days and not sure why, you think the longer you have quit the easier it would get but not with me, however I have resisted the urge even with all the stress at work too but have to admit came pretty darned close, hope you are all well it's going to be a glorious weekend I believe, can't wait to get out for a lovely walk in lovely weather x

  • Hi Kaprin, sorry to hear youv`e been struggling , but it does ease off (promise) :) Have a lovely weekend to cheer yourself up. Well done on being smoke-free. :) :)

  • Well done Kaprin on resisting the urge to smoke when under work stress, I

    I know if iI was still working how much harder it would be to ride the urges,

    But 4months quit is great, we can't turn back now, it's onwards and upwards, Stay Strong, :-)

  • Hey Kaprin, its great to see ya again gal :) and your just 1 flippin ACE of a young Lady, you got through that stressful time :) :)

    I know that I have to work on that, cos when I get stressed, that's when I lose it :o

    I hope the weather is kind to you Kaprin and you get out for a nice walk :)

    Pete :) xx

  • Had to log on to see the goose pic again,just had a,good laugh again.Thank you so much Jilly.

    Sounds like you and Mrs S have had a good day,I've just eaten some chips (oven ones tho,still yummy) I have also indulged in a bit of retail therapy in the form of (this is gonna be really sad so prepare yourselves!!) 200 Swarovski loose pearls in cream,rosaline(my favourite colour) navy blue,grey and bronze,400 Swarovski bicones (crystals) in a whole rainbow of colours & a packet of beading needles.Started a bracelet in purple lined blue cubes and gunmetal cubes which I'll finish tomorrow(a bit Punk rock meets Downton!!) as it needs a beaded fringe (metallic plum with light plum.drops I think) I also have plans for the spike bracelet I did last week using Tigers Eye and Bronze glass spikes to do it again using Rose Quartz and lavender sparkle glass spikes.Happy Weekend All.Helen x

  • Oh Helen come and live near me your bracelets and earings sound gorgeous. send more piccys when youv`e done them. :)

  • Helen when I had my back surgery 18 months ago I started making earrings, in fact made them for all my colleagues at work for Christmas so therapeutic think you have convinced me to try again! thank you which website do you order from jilly beads?

  • Hi everybody, I hope you've all had a lovely day :)

    I've fitted my Nephews door mirror on his car, well 2 actually, cos then they matched :) THEN, he says, uncle Pete, could you just have a look at this, and that dosent work, and this wont open, and how do I fix this !!!!! :D :D

    Got it all done for him, and he's now a happy chappy again :) :) untill the next time eh :o :D :D

    Sunny, so you think crisps are naughty !! :o well, you had best come and spank me then gal, cos I luv em :P :P :D :D

    Jillygirl, whats a tummy bulge then ?? hmmmm, your not are you ?????? :P :D :D

  • :D :D :D same as a beer belly !

  • :P :P :D :D :D

    Nice one Jillygirl, just luv it gal :D :D :D

  • we could become buddhists. :P


  • That reminds me of when I went to yoga yesterday. New ones go to the back of the class. I was there with 2 other middle-aged women newbies. At the end, we get out legs up and we're on our shoulders (I hope you can work it out :o ), then we go further over and try and get our feet on the ground behind us. We were giggling because we all had our bellies getting in the way and couldn't breathe properly. :D :D :D

  • No good me trying that. Doc gave me a new inhalator for my lung and I can actually tie my shoelaces now without gasping because my belly was in the way, Nite Nite Andie and everyone. xxx :D :D :) :)

  • Nite nite Jilly, loved today's pic btw, sleep well. :) xxx

  • :P :D :D :D

  • Thinking of starting yoga let me know how you go on May join you remember doing it years ago, it was the flatulence that stopped me your body gets so relaxed somewhat embarrassing but hilarious x

  • I remember a friend of mine saying about how everyone had that problem at the end of the session. I haven't heard any in mine. I tried "normal" yoga some years ago and decided it wasn't for me as it is too static. I have discovered Ashtanga yoga which is much more dynamic and I think I will try and stick with it. Let us know what you do. :)

  • Yes that's the one I did where they say you are a tree!

  • What a good idea my friend x

  • Haha made me smile this post Pete you are naughty but we all ove you dearly x

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