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Good morning /evening, Another sunny day here in Yorkshire. Amazing how it makes you feel more alert and happier. When its grey and rainy we tend to almost hibernate. Anyway off to the shops this morning , just to browse probably still spend. :) Whats everyone else up to today? Whatever it is have a good nope (not one puff ever) day. :)

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God morning Jilly, bright and sunny here too, we are being honoured with the sunshine this week aren't we. A good start to my enforced retirement, long may it continue. Don't be spending all your hubbies money at the shops. I may walk to Asda this morning, bought some groovy sports leggings and a top yesterday in Asdas half price sale in anticipation of some warmer cycling weather. Need a bigger size top me thinks as I would actually like to move my arms in it.


Morning everyone, Hubby and I off shopping soon too, but only boring food shopping. I could do with some new summer clothes ( in a bigger size ) I think most of my clothes are going to be to tight this year :-( need some baggy tops to hide my bulges !!

Still as we know it's all part of quitting the cigarettes,

Happy Wednesday :-)


Been out and joined the club. :D bought 2 tops a size bigger. Only £3 each at Asda. that price cant go wrong. :) :)

I must get some exercise this summer. Thats my next target.



Morning All :-)

A lovely sunny day here too, daffodils are all opened and looking lovely :D

I had a lovely day ff yesterday and just about to enjoy my 2nd day. I had a good catch up with family yesterday, today s going to be spent getting my wig chopped and then visiting folks who I've not had chance to have a cuppa with for a while.

Lovely to have our Sue back, hope you had a fab time on your jollies :-)

Helen, how are feeling today Missus? Hope it's heaps better and was just 'one of those days'. Big hugz to ya xx

Mrssunnyside maybe buy some nice fresh fruit and veg and start making up some nice ready chopped snacks to keep in the fridge. :-)

Jillygirl we haven't heard from our Mister NOPE for a while have we? Hope he's okay and just getting on with his smokefree life :-)

Hey Sin, what's making your leggings so groovy then ;-) I was thinking about you on Saturday - I got a last minute ticket to see The Australian Pink Floyd Show, I'm sure you would have loved it :-)

Big waves to everyone else looking in, Al and Ellie give is a shout if you're about :0

Now for a quick cuppa before the hair gets cut!


Hi EmJay, my leggings are grey Lycra with orange fancy piping down the leg and 3/4 length. Well its more of a salmon pink than orange, stripy long sleeve top in same colours. Will try to pop picture up. I think you got wrong person with Pink Floyd, I am more V festival, not that I would go cos 1. I am far too old and 2. I don't do mud. I like Disclosure and Rudimental at the mo. I did go to a kasabian concert for my 50th birthday tho which was really good.


Hi everyone sunny but cold in Cumbria. X


Well I am signing off soon as its snooker and darts night for us old fogeys :D Have a good evening. :)


thanks jilly u too x


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