Monday/ Daily Chat/ 24/03/2014

Monday/ Daily Chat/ 24/03/2014

Good morning/evening everyone.

Well its Monday and a big day for Oscarpeck04, Chrissie, Looby, Dave. mummy and Joolz all making today their quit date, I would imagine that with all the new members recently they are not on their own. So stay positive, strong , prepared and most of all stay happy. Any hiccups or problems just give Emjay a yell. If Emjay is busy I am sure that there will be someone there for support.

So good luck and lots of positive vibes being sent to everyone. :) :) :) :)

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  • Good luck to all the new quitters, i hope the day goes smoothly for you and that you are feeling positive about it all xx

  • Morning Jilly and Al hope your both ok x and a good morning and best of luck to everyone stopping today xx

  • Hi Beth, Yeah hun all good here....well you know as good as can be expected :) but getting stronger by the day and we have now reached that glorious point where he wants me back :) :) lol !!! if i am anyones back up plan lol ! x

  • Hi Al, glad your doing well, I hope your making him grovel. then tell him what you think. :) stay strong. xx

  • I have the strength of an ox...and maybe the legs too lol x

  • Aw Al sounds like your doing just fine . Yes make him suffer what a cheek he's got xx

  • Hi Beth doing fine ta. How are you? lovely seeing you on here. xx

  • Yes I'm fine thank you just been out all day with my sis to lakeside a shopping centre near us, just got in having a nice coffee and putting my feet up xx

  • Good luck to everyone if today is their quit date x

  • Good Luck to all the new quitters, NRT at the ready, Just say NO to those smelly, expensive, antisocial, killing white sticks. :-)

  • Now THIS is why I love this site - look at all this wonderful support! :) xxxxxxxxxx

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