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Hi all I have not been on for quite a while

Well I am still off the cigs (quit Jan) but don't know if it a step back or not but have been using an e cig for a week.

For some reason I had a craving that I just could not shift. I tried to distract myself by cleaning out an old chest of drawers and I actually found an e cig which I have been puffing on for a week or so. How do I stop this now ........

linda xx

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Hi Linda, big well done on staying off cigs ..5 months thats brilliant. Just goes to show how strongly the mind is affected by nic doesnt it. I would say you probably will have to treat it like you did cigs ,remember what you did to ,how you thought when you got rid of cigs. Good luck and sending you lots of positives :)



Hi Linda,

You seem to have the right idea about keeping busy. Is it the nicotine taste your craving, or the habit of putting something in your mouth. If its just the habit then why not use the e cig without a cartridge. I did that with the inhalator when I quit. good luck and stay positive. You will soon be celebrating 1 year of being a non smoker. :)


Hi Linda.

5 months is fantastic and at least it's not the real ciggies. :) I'm not sure when the cravings finally disappear. Like Jilly says, maybe keep going with an empty one. How's the running going? Perhaps you could put your focus more on that and think of all the running gear you can buy with all the money saved by not smoking. ;-) :)


Hi linda,ive been stopped now for 76 days today with the use

Of an e cig and dont feel under any pressure to stop using it

If you feel better for using it carry on,i enjoy my e cig especially

All the different flavours and strengths,i started on 24mg nic and am now

Down to 11mg eventually ill get down to 0 nic,it isnt doing you any harm

Its like caffiene,stop when your ready or not at all.good luck Babydoggy.


Magpie 363, I stopped smoking end of January. Thought I was doing ok but thr last three weeks have been awful. I keep thinking of fags all day every day. Last Friday night I had three puffs of my friends cigarette, sad to say I enjoyed it. I won't start smoking again, or at least I hope not. Just wondering what I can do to help myself past this silly stage. Since packing up the evil sticks I have have had three bad chests and noe have a heavy cold and sore throat. The good thing is I don't have the awfull rattle in my chest when lying down. I have put on a lot of weight but I bought myself a rower which I use for about 15 mins each day. At least you know you are not alone with these blooming cravings. Funnily enough I have been thinking of buying an e cig but as you said does that mean we are going backwards? Ah well had my moan, onwards and upwards, good luck.


Thanks guys for all the helpful ideas I will have a look at the zero nicotine and just be grateful it is not the real cigs xxxxxxxx


Hey I just gave up by thinking this is my last cartridge I wont be ordering anymore and I wont be hooked on a plastic dummy and 8 weeks later I sold my kit to a work colleague


magpie363, have you considered using the inhalator at all? At least you know then that you are only getting the nicotine as and when you need it and the small amount you will be getting will be taken in through the mucous membrane in your mouth rather than inhaled into your lungs. Let us know how you are getting on and we'll support you whichever choice you make :-)

Sorry nixy, I've only just spotted your comment.

you've done ever so well to get this far and it would be such a shame for you to go back to smoking so please remember that if you are not careful, then one can and does quite often lead to another :-/

The thing is, on one hand stopping smoking since the end of January is good going and seems like a long time, however if you work it out it's only really about 17-18 weeks or so. Keep on keeping on and see that you don't get caught out when those nicotine receptors throw out any last attempts to get you back hooked fully again :-)


Thanks Emjay I have ordered some ecig/inhalators with a small amount of nicotine. I am determined I am not going to buy a packet of fags. I could not bear to go back to the ash, the smell, the feeling like a leper, so these just might do the trick. I have been using the old e cig I found in the drawer and that seems to keep me away from the idea of cig buying/smoking xxxxx


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