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Foul Taste in mouth

Hi Everybody

I am sorry to bring this up because it's not pleasant, but I have to ask because I'm not sure if this is something to do with stopping smoking, or if it's related to my trip to the dentist today.

Okay the trip to the dentist was an initial check up - the broken tooth is actually a broken filling of a broken tooth so she gave it a little file to smooth it down and we've make another appointment. Other than that she poked around a bit as in a typical check up and that was that.

about 3 hours later I was drinking a coffee at work - this was my 2nd cup as i'd had one when I'd got to work. I was 1/2 way down my 2nd one when I suddenly experienced this extremely foul taste in my mouth - I just cannot describe it, it just tastes disgusting! Then it stopped again. I blamed the milk although I know that it was fine. This taste has hit me intermittently all afternoon and is still doing it tonight. I can start drinking and it's fine, and then suddenly it hits again and lasts a few minutes then disappears. It's horrible.

Has anyone else experienced this or is it just me, in which case I wonder if it's the poking about that the dentist did. At the moment it seems to start right at the back of the left hand side of my teeth but also feels like there is some phlem or something in the back of my throat but there is nothing there! Just this horrible foul taste!

If anyone knows anything about this please let me know, nothing seems to help, mouthwash, mints it just appears when it wants to!

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Do you think it could have anything to do with the filling she put in or if their was any infection in the broken tooth, just a thought


Hey Chrissie, I'm not really sure what this could be to be honest. However, what I can tell you about is my first trip (after stopping smoking for good) to the dentst for a clean & polish... I remember having this most awful taste afterwards and I'm sure it was the tar and plaque that I'd had taken off. It didn't last much long afterwards, maybe a couple of days tops. Not sure if this played a part in your tale but I would monitor it for a couple of days and if it's still happening, then pop a call into your dentist and ask :-)

Just to add, I think you are a very brave soldier for going in to see your dentist on a voluntary basis... I am a complete wuss :o


Hi EmJay and thank you so much for responding. The dentist didn't really do anything today other than file down the broken tooth so it was more comfortable, that was after she had done the routine check with the spikey pokey thing. The clean & polish will be done when I go back for the filling to be repaired, I'm actually dreading that!

I does "feel" like it's a dental thing rather than a smoking thing though - but it is just so horrible although fine again at the moment.

And trust me, I am as big a wuss about the dentist as you are - it was the broken tooth which forced me to go! Actually she was a new dentist and she was the sort who wasn't nice for the sake of it - I kind of liked that about her, which doesn't mean I'm looking forward to seeing her again! ha ha ha


I haven't noticed any foul taste - I think it's to do with the filing down of the broken tooth/filling..


Thank you alli, I've a feeling you may be right because thinking about it, she didn't even offer me any mouthwash afterwards - 3 hours later I start getting this! Not nice I have to say.

Anyway how are you doing? Still going strong eh?????/ :)


Hopefully it is just that and not an infection. :)

And yeah I'm doing good thanks.. Day 16 and counting. :D

What are you at now? Can't see any banner under your name, so it must be early days for you too. :)


Aup Chrissie, its just you gal :o as simple as that :D :D :D

Rite Young Lady, you've been to the dentist today and this funny taste has started today, soooooo, like Fresher has said, I suspect its something that your dentist has done. It might be an infection in one of your teeth that weeps out now and again :o Plus you have had a sore mouth havnt you ! but I would have thought your dentist would have picked up on that eh, if there was anything wrong with your gums.

I can honestly say, that I havent heard of anybody else getting a bad taste in their mouths due to quitting :) So maybe give your dentist a ring in the morning eh :) :)

Hey gal, by the way, you are doing ever so well on your quit, you really are :) :)

Seeeeees ya sooooon :) Pete xx


Aup Monky - so are you implying I'm a girl with bad taste??????? :)


Hi Chrissie. I have an infection behind a tooth that weeps out now and again, csusing a bad taste, like Pete says. It can be seen on an Xray, left cos it doesn't seem to cause a problem. Could it be that? See if it settles over the next days.


Hi chrissie, I've got a bad taste in my mouth, and so very thirsty especially at night! Right off coffee ergh



Hey Louby, lovely to hear from you and how are you doing?

Have you got anything nice planned for the weekend or are you just going to chillax? I'm hoping for a bit of both and as my daughter has just told me she has invited her best friend around on Saturday night for face packs and stuff - I hope they let me join in!!! :)

I hope all is going really well for you and marchy and keep in touch - I want to hear how you are getting on xxx :)


Hi Chrissie, hope your mouth's feeling better today Hun x


Hi everybody and thank you so much for all your posts :)

Today has been much much better, only a couple of horrible taste events this morning which were no where near as bad as yesterday and then it seems to have been fine ever since so I'm now convinced it was something to do with the dentist rather than stopping smoking in fact I'm thinking it was possibly an infection behind a tooth weeping out and possibly all the mouthwashing has helped to kill it off! :)

Which all means I'm very happy now and I hope you all are too xxxx :)


Whoaaaaaaa hang on there am I glad this conversation was over before I joined even now it's making me squeamish

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Blimey lets hope you dont stumble across the snot and phlegm one....i actually barfed a bit lol x


:-/ :-/


:D :D


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