Everyday I notice a different withdraw symptom!

Well, I got my anxiety calmed down by drinking two teaspoons a Braggs apple cider vinegar with a bottle of water (calm as can be!) Now other symptoms keep showing up...headache, nausea, constipation, muscle aches, and very very tired. I told my husband to just hang in there with me....because it's one hell of a ride!! Excuse my language! I also noticed my voice getting hoarse. Has this happened to anyone else? Well, hope everyone is doing great....I have been thinking of you.

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  • Hi 

    Yes this has happened to me, dizziness I think is gone, muscle aches I still have! How do ur aches feel? R they everywhere? Might try ur remedy for my anxiety..I believe it is just r body healing. I  hope u start to feel better soon, 

    Jo xxx

  • my aches all all over, but I notice them more in my legs. Yes please try the Braggs and water....I promise you it works. It just makes you feel so calm. I didnt say it tasted good, but it is definitely better than having anxiety all the time. I just hope my family is patient as this is not something that goes away overnight. 

  • Your family will be you r doing something fantastic for you and for them... I'm sure they r behind 100% have you felt like this since day one or r ur symptoms coming on more now? 


  • It seems like there is something new every week...or the symptoms are there and my anxiety took over and I just didn't realize it! Good days and bad days, but I try to wake up in the mornings with a positive attitude and be grateful for another day without nasty cigs! 

  • aching body, sore throat, tired (with insomnia)  hoarse - yup me too :-)

    hoping it shifts soon. 

    I add honey and lemon juice to apple cider vinegar in warm water.

    stay positive :-)

  • Hi Kimberley ,

    sadly all bey common symptoms of recovery. It truly is amazing  what we have done to our bodies with lol those Nast chemicals found in cigarettes. It is equally amazing how our bodies can recover. We do have to be patient - for most of us, we have subjected our bodies to all these toxic chemicals over a long period of time - so it is going to take some time for our bodies to adjust ..

    You are doing great - hang in there cos I promise - it will get better 😀😀😀🚭🚭🚭🍀🍀🍀

  • Hi Kimberly, all these side effects are really difficult to get through but hang in there coz you will get there. It honestly will be worth it to have your freedom from lighting those little white sticks that did sooo much damage to us in the first place. Your body will heal so give it time hun🚭🚭💐😊

  • You sound like I was the first month😬  It all goes away👍🏻  I'm still a bit short of breath though but that will take some time..

    You're doing awesome👏👏👏

  • Hello KIm--all totally normal and part of quitting-Hoarse voice--the tar and stuff trapped in lungs is loosening up-The wonderful thing about our bodies is they will do the clean up if we just stop smoking and let them--I sort of stand by like an observer sometimes of my own withdrawals--and think--hmm that's interesting...There is always someone on site who has gone thru or going thru something that you find weird or scarey--Sometimes you get breaks--and then along comes something unexpected--but be happy--because it is the merry maids cleaning your house so you can see what normal is--Isnt that amazing--?? I am sad this happened to me--I don't blame myself--because I had no idea the addictive properties of this drug--and you know that is true because look at the withdrawal--and not much info about this special hell smokers go thru--I hate it when people blame themselves.. I mean do they  really think any of us would have chose this?? we were HOOKED...Thank god  we didn't know all the withdrawal stuff or  would have been even more scared to quit than we have been--Im interested in this cider thing--Im going to go back and try to find that post--That is something great --want to try it--well you have a good day--Very proud of you Kim-and your hubby sounds like a gem..supporting you-Hugs,MmeT

  • Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes! I had all of these symptoms! Luckily they all went away pretty quickly and everything has returned to normal. Although i still have a dodgy voice - it cant decide whether it wants to work or not at the minute! 

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