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More challenges

Today I had a hospital treatment, then went through to Edinburgh, had a meal with the family, then went to see the play War Horse.

All day I've been badly wanting a cig. Mostly because of association. In the past when I came out of the hospital I would have had a smoke. During the drive through I would chain smoke, and even though I smoked in the car I would stop halfway to have a sitting still smoke. As soon as I got to Edinburgh I would smoke. Before a meal I would smoke. Between courses I would smoke. After the meal I would smoke. Before the theatre I would smoke 2, at the interval I would smoke, after the theatre I would smoke, all the way home I would smoke and before I came up to the flat I would smoke.

I'd love to say it was easy but I really missed each and every one. Especially when my brother in law was nipping out.

Still as hard as it was, I did it

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Hey Ellie, a big massive WELL DONE to you gal :) :)

It sounds like you had a hard day of it, but you got through it, so you pat yourself on the back and go buy yourself something nice eh :)

You hold your head up high and be proud of yourself, you none smoker you :) :)

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Well done! Every time you don't succumb to an association I reckon it becomes easier the next time. Feel proud of yourself :)


Well done Hun, it's so hard sometimes huh, but you did it :)

I realised yesterday that I time my pasta cooking in cigarettes lol..... Used to have 2 while it was cooking and then it would be perfect! Seems it feels longer when you don't smoke lol!

Really wanting a real one today grrrrrr, luckily I am too lazy to go to the shop! I shouldn't really have these cravings surely as I am still getting my nicotine!! Hmmmmm stupid mind tricks.



The mind is a nasty evil thing. Still if being too lazy to go is what works for you to say then embrace it!


Yeah laziness and bad weather have been my friend today lol! X


Hey Ali, your doing just fine gal you really are :) but dont forget, you have to get rid of the habit part of smoking as well as the nicotine :o

You enjoy being lazy gal :) :)


Thanks monky but today is the toughest so far!!!! So had a snooze and did my nails and it has kind of passed...... Kind of! I ain't giving in but it's driving me to distraction today :( x


Ellie, the main thing is that you survived ALL of those times when you would've had a cig however hard it was and you did it with grace and style !! YAY Ellie,you rock.First Times are the worst ones,first journey on a train/plane/bus knowing that you used to have a fag when you got to your destination,first trips to hospital/dentist,first (well,you get the idea!!) The main thing is that it WAS hard but you survived & next time it will be easier.If your brother in law still chooses to smoke then that's just fine,just for today you choose not to smoke & tomorrow will be the same.Big pat on the back Ellie you deserve it. Hugs H


Thanks Helen xx


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