Official stop date here at last lol !!

Hey everyone,

As most of you know Saturday the 1st was my official quit date, I say official as that is what it was always meant to be, but I actually havent had a cigarette since the friday before. But wasnt meant to give up then, was just an experiment.

Anyway, Saturday came and I opened up my new fab pink E ciggie, ( i know sad right, but i have a pretty ugly one for at home, but thought i would treat myself to a gift for my big day lol :) )So opened it, filled it, charged it, and went off to decorate my sons bedroom, 5 hours later it dawned on me i hadnt actually used it yet! ..... of course as soon as that thought happened, I needed it....luckily i was under a pile of ikea flat pack hell and stuck in the tiny room. But the craving was there. Well managed to get the bed together and went down to the kitchen and had a few puffs on the ecig, it does have nicotine in it, but i have reduced it already from the one i was using last week.

Luckily I was kept busy by decorating, and as i suspected after dinner i still want a real one, but took the dogs out, walked up to the cash point and took out the £10 i would have spent on smokes and put it in my Jar. ( £30 in there now :) ).

I have put all my duty frees that i had left in a parcel for my friends, that i will hand out when i am back "up home" in cumbria later this week for my birthday woooohooooooo cant wait.

So my journey begins :) xx

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  • sounds like your well set up to suceed. both mind and body focused on quitting. good luck and good wishes go out to you. i know you can and will do it, you have done a week already and with your new pink ecig its just much of the same. one day at a time and begore you know it, its a month. then three. :-):-):-):-)

  • Woooohooooo from me Pinkiezoom, first week done that's great, :-)

    Onwards and upwards now.

    Have a great day, :-) :-)

  • awww thanks hun x

  • Thanks Jules :)

  • That's brilliant Al, we have every bit of confidence and faith in that you can do this :-)

    We're working on keeping the weather at bay for you so you can travel home without any bother - The snow can come once you've landed eh?! Can you remember the last time you had a birthday as a non-smoker? :-/

    Would you like me to add you to our Wall of Winners now then? What date would you like?

    Remember to keep up the positive momentum = especially when you least feel like it as it really does help :-)

  • Hi Emjay,

    Please add me to the wall with the date of the 1st :)

    Please keep the weather at bay for just a little longer, if it snows when i am up home that is cool lol!

    Hmmm last birthday without a smoke was1992/1993 yikes, i was trying for or pregnant so no smoking! frightening really as that is 21 years ago :(

    I will try and keep positive, but so far so good, I think my problems will start when i reduce my nicotine, but just keeping focused on getting smoke free first, and then i will sort that out :)

    Thanks for all the help and support so far

    Al x

  • HI Al, Well done you . I knew you were off to a good start. Sorry I wasnt on earlier as we had an electricity cut. (yes Pete I did pay my bill) :D

    Hope you and everyone have a lovely day. :)

  • Aww thanks Jilly,

    Pleased you got your leccy back on. x

  • Well done Al!

    Maybe you should get some diamanté to stick on your pink ecig!

  • What a fabulous idea, however if you saw my crafting skills, you would not suggest such things lolol!!!! X

  • Well done...PMA is better than PMT any day!...............don't worry about reducing the nicotine, it really isn't that big a step in your journey, you have made the biggest step already. Keep going and crossing off the days (77 for me ;-) )

  • Wow day 77, you go hun. :) thats brilliant. x

  • Hey Al,

    Welldone hun, keep going. Day 9 here for me


  • Oooh missbiccie we are really kind of on the same day :) how you holding up? for some bizaar reason after it not really bothering me for the last 9 days, after lunch today i thought hmmmm a nice ciggie would be good......obviously i didnt do anything about it, but odd how that craving sneaked up on me! I am vaping so not nicotine free, just smoke at the moment. We can do this, just think, assuming you smoked 20 a day you have already saved £76.50 :) x

  • Im doing ok....I seem to be having more cravings yesterday and today, not vaping atm...still not well :(

    So glad your doing well.....and yes £76 quid in my account and not gone up in smoke, yayyy xx

  • Oh hope you feel better soon Hun. Hope the cravings pass soon. X

  • I hope so aswell.....I will not give in to old Mr Nic again! lol x

  • Just stay strong and remember all the hard work you have already done, plus we are stop twins if you count when I actually stopped so can't do this on my own :)

    I am sure we will both be fine.... Just need to get used to dealing with cravings. When I fight one of I see it as a little victory to me and it proves I am in control x

  • Awww Al, ur so lovely, yes defo stop twins...I have had many lil victories today, and I still here as a non smoker, I will do this, for my 2 boys, for my nanna, for my hubby and least of all for me! Tomorrow is a new day, day 10, and still kicking butt! Thank you Al xx

  • Brilliant that you have some many people as insperation to keep you focused, my focus is my grand kids, I don't have any yet, but as soon as my cellar dweller geek son decides to actually go outside and meet someone I know I will be around to see them. Lol. Planning ahead me! Had a nightmare that scared me so much I saw it as an omen to take action! But def most of all I am doing it for me :)


  • Oh and double figures tomorrow woooohooo xx

  • Woop Woop xx

  • Hey there Al you clever thing you x Just knew you'd be O.K.tho the pink ecig sounds AMAZING.You must be really chuffed with yourself for doing this and so well.

    Have a safe and happy trip from Kent (I used to live in Tunbridge Wells) and have an amazing birthday.Hugs H x

  • Awwwww YSD thank you, and I cant wait to get up home, I am pretty homesick and lonely down here to be honest, its such a long way home not possible to do it more than once a month over a weekend, but luckily I have 5 days up there wooohooo, so excited, getting my hair done at my usual hairdressers, meeting up with friends, and 2 birthday parties :) .... i wont know what has hit me, as I have no social life really down here. < sits in the billly no mates corner lol >

    Oooh tunbridge wells is very close to me :).

    Now about these bracelets you make, explain what they are please, sound really interesting.

    Hope your day is going well x

  • Hi Pinky and well done!! 3 weeks and 2 days for me now. You won't miss the cigs one bit.Keep your eyes on the prize and look forward to more trips to the cashpoint to add to your smoke free savings. xx

  • We'll done Hun nearly a month for you. That's brilliant x

  • Al, how strange that you live in Kent but are a native of Cumbria.I'm a North Eastern girl but lived in T.Wells for 20yrs.Came back 'home'about 10yrs ago (long story!!)

    I make various stuff as the mood takes me,at the moment I'm making stuff from seed beads (a pair of earrings for one of my sister's in law) but I can do basic macrame (knotting with either silk cord,hemp or cotton cord and beads) I also make simple necklaces and earrings with semi precious stones (carnelian,jasper,turquoise,various types of quartz and my fave at the moment citrine) nothing fancy but I enjoy it.Sounds like you're gonna be busy but it sounds like a lovely time.Enjoy yourself,you deserve it.Hugs Helen

  • Wow those bracelets sound complicated! I am not too talented to be honest. I am only down here until my contract run out next June then I will be back up north woohoo! X

  • Aup Al :) I think the others have said most of it :) :)

    You sound sooooooo focused and positive on your quit, I can feel the vibes myself gal :) :)

    This time Al its for keeeeeeeps eh :) loads and loads a good luck huggs heading your way gal :)

    Erm, I hope you dont mind me asking you this Al, but who the flippin hecks hun ??

  • Morning Monkey,

    thanks for the words of encouragement much appreciated x

  • Hey, Helen, how you doing gal ?

    Hmmmmm, you said it in one gal, ''simple'' :D :D :D ermmm, think its time I wasnt here :o now where can I hide :o I know !! in one of Al's Ikea flat packs :D mind you, it wouldnt look very flat then would it :o :D :D

    See ya soon H :)

  • really good! well done Pinkiezoom :-)

  • Thanks Buttons, how are you getting on? If my memory serves me correctly, you were like me and joined while cutting back. I found it easy but I am also using a ecig, so not nicotine free yet! x

  • Hey mi amigo Pete(said with a Spanish accent) Que passa (how's it goin') Not sure why I felt like typing in Spanish just did & that's it really.Are you O.K.flower? Soon be your birthday eh!! What's on the wish list ? I'm getting better by the day but it's gonna be another 2 months before I'm nearly back to normal.Walked 3 miles today with my trusty stick but am really tired now.Let me know that your O.K.What's your work pattern this week?Hugs Hel x

  • Aup H :) If you want to type in Spanish, then you flippin type in Spanish eh :o Hmmmm, not quite sure why you would want to type in Spanish though, but it feels warmer :D :D

    Helen, I take my hat off to you gal, for getting out and about this time of Year :) You just cant beat the fresh air :) but, dont you go doing tooooo much eh :)

    Hey, Helen, course am ok :) its just these late shifts getting me down a bit, thats all :P 10am until 10pm, supposedly !!!! 11.30 again tonight when I finished :( :(

    I'm still looking out for a job, but age is against me now gal ! but what the heck ! one has to keep trying :)

    Ermmmmm, I dont suppose your wanting a toy boy are you ?? :D :D Speak soon H, you keep getting out and about eh :) huggs heading your way :) x

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