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quit smoking, feel good?

Buttons112 YEAR WINNER

I had my last ciggie on 8th April so I am now nearly 6 weeks smoke free. I went cold turkey.

After a week I put my back out and I was in so much pain :( Went to the docs, got painkillers and had physio. As soon as I took the painkillers I got really bad indigestion and constipation. Went back to doc and was given something for the indigestion and eventually the constipation passed (lol - although it wasn't funny at the time!)

Physio said I had pulled muscles in my lower and upper back. After 5 sessions the lower back is fine, but I'm still getting pain in my upper back.

I've stopped the painkillers but I still have stomach issues. I now think this is related to stopping smoking rather than the painkillers.

I know the back problem has not helped, but will I ever get that "feel good" feeling from giving up? It hardly seems worth going through all this at the moment. I need you to tell me otherwise!

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It may be related, who knows? but your stomach will get better soon if it is. so starting smoking again isnt going to solve the problem, just delay it.

Keep quitting its worth it in the end.

Maddyg in reply to lou122

A Big Welcome Lou , have you quit , and if so for how long, could you let me know your quit date and I can award you a badge :) we have wonderful people on here that support each other on their quit journey, stay close and shout out if you need support :)

Hi Buttons

Sorry you're not feeling too good been there with back problems it ain't much fun ☹️

The digestive disorders can be part of quitting smoking, the digestive system gets used to us smoking to help things along and when we stop it goes into shock. I suffered from bloating, indigestion, bloating, constipation and all that lovely stuff 😕 drink plenty of fluids, I drank peppermint or ginger tea, gentle exercise and if it's really bad a trip to your Doc.

It does get better and is so worth it, we don't smell of stale smoke, have spare cash and ultimately are healthier than if we still smoked 😀

It can take a bit of time but you're getting there, the fact you never reached for a cigarette when you hurt your back shows you're determined to beat this.

Well done you 👍👍


Buttons112 YEAR WINNER in reply to shantimar

I was in so much pain I couldn't walk as far as the shop to buy a packet! But I am glad I didn't give in, my friend told me that having a fag wouldn't make the pain go away so I might as well not bother, and she was right.

Hi buttons, welcome and well done on 6 weeks , what an achievement, and you sound very determined, and strong, especially suffering with back problems It can be so debilitating I know :( . Yes some of the withdrawal symtons are awful, and will pass in time. I am not sure about stomach problems. I know I suffered with bloating. Maybe other members can comment, but if your worried have a chat with GP to put your mind at ease.

Have a read of the pinned posts on your right , some very useful information. Also stay close to this site, as we will support you on your quit journey. Shout out if you need to chat, always someone here to chat to you as we are spread all over the world :)

I will try and arrange for a badge to be put against your name, you gain theses weekly on your quit journey up to 3 months , then monthly. A lot of members enjoy seeing the weeks go by :)

Stay strong you can do this

Maddy x

Maddyg in reply to Maddyg

There you go well deserved badge, nearly 6 weeks :) well done, your doing Fantastic x

Hi, your doing so well. I had awful stomach problems as soon as I cut down and stopped this went on for a year and I had to have tablets that stopped the acid was awful, burnt all up with constant acid wasn't nothing that I could eat that would stop it. My doc said this can be from not smoking just takes some time for your body to heal.😀😬😬

Buttons112 YEAR WINNER in reply to Angeline12345

A year!!! Arrrrrrggggghhhhh! hope it sorts itself out sooner, but at least I know I'm not alone

I was given omoprazol think that's what it's called, that stopped the acid, they worked a treat, see your gp and you'll get stronger stuff than what you can buy. Smoking will make it so much worse

Buttons112 YEAR WINNER in reply to Angeline12345

That's what she gave me when I thought it was the painkillers doing it

Try and take them takes a week for them to stop the acid then it will give it time for your tummy to repair itself from the Extra acid


Hi Buttons, you may not feel like it at the moment but you'll get there, nearly 6 weeks is terrific so well done🚭👍🏼 and yes it really will be worthwhile😊 I think it would be beneficial to take probiotics and make your tummy happy. They are very good and come in certain yogurts and also a supplement. You can google it for more info. Hope you feel better soon💐😊

droopyJMarvellousness LTW

Hey buttons your a superstar...... 5 weeks quit and you have a very smart friend 😊

Yep smoking ain't gonna sort out your back but it will make you smell, rot your teeth, increase your chance of a debilitating disease, shorten your life, make you anxious (when can I have my next cig..), stand outside in all weathers like the lemmings we once were, takes your money, makes you premature wrinkly, don't know if your a man or woman but will reduce your chances of having children and makes you a social pariah....... Sooooooo DON'T SMOKE....

Save your cig money and when your stomach feels better, treat yourself to something, anything....

Good luck with your quit and keep us nice and close 😊🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭

Hidden in reply to droopyJ

Thanks Droopy even I'm put off :-D :-D however you did forget makes your food taste :-P well done buttons and when your back is better you'll sprint to the shop and straight passed it to the gym feeling like a new person so hang in there you have come too far to say is it worth it :-)


Same thing happened last time I stopped. Withdrawal causes constipation and pressure on you lower back.

Rejoice in the fact that you are a non smoker and you have done it. Enjoy.

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