Food cravings changing???

Hey everyone. I quit smoking for 2 weeks tomorrow and am using the patch. Its still beem difficult but I believe that the NRT is helping me with this battle. Anyways. I am wondering if any of you have noticed that you are craving different foods as a non smoker than what you used to crave when you smoked? For example, when I smoked I craved anything salty. Mostly fries and potato chips. Now that I'm not smoking I crave chocolate and could care less about potato chips and fries. Also I've noticed I'm eating and craving way more fruits and vegetables which I had trouble with getting my daily fruits and veggies in before quitting.  But I am eating more often so I suppose that's not a bad thing to snack on. But I seriously can't get through the day without a piece of chocolate and I was not a sweets person before.

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  • Pear drops!!.Oh my I loved pear drops!!

  • Sounds like you're taste buds are changing alright. Lucky it's for healthy fruit and veg. I think we eat more to satisfy our cravings when we stop smoking. Mind you I liked choc before and I still like choc now🤔 best way is to increase our excercise and then we can eat more😋 Great quit Princess, 2 weeks tomorrow is brilliant👏🏼👏🏼😊

  • I wasn't a chocolate lover before, definitely savoury....I could have a bar of chocolate in the fridge for months and it not bother me...... Now it's the other way round, I can't even wait til I leave the shop!! also can't get enough haribos...??

    Great quit by the way..... 2 weeks is fantastic😊 I too used the patches😊

  • Haribos Gummy Bears!!!  i bought the biggest bag i've ever seen last weekend...and sadly it is already gone, and it was only me eating them...which is not something i used to do, i used to calm sugar cravings by smoking, and now i'm totally out of control with sweets it's not even funny!

  • Thanks everyone. At least I know I'm not alone. The only thing I have to compare this to is pregnancy. Random off the wall cravings.  I will give in to the healthy ones but the chocolate I need to maintain some sort of control. I lost that today when I purchased 2 chocolate bars and ate both of them 😨

  • Better the bars than the smoke 😊

  • Cadburys Eclairs and Bon Boms 🙈🙈 The first two months all I wanted was everything fried and copious amounts of sweets and cakes lol Thankfully the cravings for constant fried food is no longer with me. I went cold turkey so would be a little more severe. Well done on your quit 🤗

  • Hi Prairie Princess,

    Well... I gained 10 pounds grrrrr  soooo.... I don't eat any sugar or white foods made with flour is: pasta , bread , rice..... I'm going to Mexico in a couple weeks and I need to just lose 5 lbs to feel comfortable in beach wear but my weight doesn't seem to be budging.... You're doing awesome👍🏻👏👏👏👏

  • Believe it or not veggies and salads. I love Italian dressing!! I wish I could stick with just eating salads. Coca-Cola too. The regular kind not diet. Has to be from a can.

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