Nearly 7 months!!! cannot believe it!

I just can't believe l have gone nearly 7 months without a ciggie, most of the time l don't even want one because l am still using the gum thro have reduced it a little. Just every now and again l feel the uuuuurrrrrgggge BUT l won't have one even after l actually dreamt one night that l was smoking , l woke up in a panic cos l thought if l am smoking l might set light to the bedclothes!!! of course l was'nt smoking but it took a few seconds to realise l had just been dreaming , anybody else dream of smoking !

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  • Hiya Sue, congratulations on your quit and a great achievement, so well done :)

    I think it's normal to get an odd urge here and there, as long as we recognise them for what they are. You say you were dreaming of smoking, well I dreamt about it too at the start of my quit and actually know someone else who did as well. Had a few nightmares since and I wake screaming :( (ok probably shouldn't admit to the screaming coz it might be the sign of a very disturbed mind ) :D

    I spent a night in a mobile home some years ago with a friend and 3 dogs, I was screaming in my sleep and the dogs started howling and my poor friend didn't know what on earth was going on, we still laugh about it now :D

    Apologies for rambling on but your question about dreams reminded me of all this :) x

  • :D :D :D I love your rambling Briar :) :) xx

  • Hiya mr adminininin and how was your day :)

    I think perhaps I should call myself rambling rose instead of Briar :D x

  • :D :D :D Briar, its got a lovely ring to it gal :) :) xx

  • Hi ya Sue, a great big well done to you for sticking at it for nearly 7 months :) :)

    As briarwood has said, dreaming of smoking is quite common :o if I remember right, our lovely Jillygirl dreamt she was smoking and Emjay was watching her :o :D :D :D of course Jillygirl wasnt smoking :) :)

    Emjay put a post up a while ago, explaining why we have these dreams :) if you like I will find it out and re-post it for you :)

    Sue, I'm ever sooooo sorry, but I seam to have lost your quit date :( so would you please let me have it, then I will know when to go a scooooooting around in them there fields to catch your 7 month Winners badge :) :)

    See's ya later Sue and take care now :) :)

  • Hiya Sue, that is a fantastic effort on reaching 7 months :) you are really doing very well. Keep up the great quit journey you are on :) :)

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