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I went to my smoking cessation thing this morning. And when they did my carbon monoxide levels they were an 8. Apparently 8 shows them that I've been smoking. But here's the thing, I haven't. I've been smoke free for 19 days. If I blow that reading again I'm apparently off the scheme and will lose the patches and inhalator. I have no idea what to do.

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  • This happened to me once and I was told it was either, from the traffic, or walking past people smoking on the way there, and if not to get the carbon monoxide checked in my house.

    8 is awfully high though are they sure their machine is working correctly, can't you ask in a chemist for them to check for you, a friend of mine got tested in boots but we are in Wales so don't know if its different were you are.

  • Thanks for replying. It was Boots I was in this morning. I should go to another chemist to double check but I don't have time today. It was 2 last week and 3 the week before.

  • Hi Ellie, I must agree with linda, I would be tempted to get a second reading at the chemist. It doesnt seem quite right.

  • I would definitely get a second reading asap. How long was it between leaving your house and having the test. And if you really had been smoking (which we know you haven't) what sort of attitude is that to helping you stop. Makes me smile this apparent help for people to quit, if you stumble at the first hurdle they don't want to know.

  • Hi Ellie, I'm sorry to hear this :-(

    As you probably know, the carbon monoxide (CO) monitor is kind of like a smokers scales - only instead of measuring weight loss / gain it measures how much CO is in the blood and lungs. They let you know that you are doing well - and is especially helpful if the person really doesn't feel any benefits from stopping smoking.

    There's nothing worse than having the feeling that you are doing ever so well and then something such as a pesky digital machine can go and scupper all positivity.

    Usually I would expect a reading of below 6 from a complete non-smoker - although some stop smoking services follow the Department of Health Monitoring and Guidance and will accept a reading under 10.

    Even when taking into account air pollution, traffic, or living with a smoker then a reading should still be relatively low. I usually have a reading now of 2, but sometimes in the past it has been as high as 4.

    The only other reasons that a person would have a higher reading are as follows;

    1. They are a smoker (Obviously!)

    2. Faulty monitor or that it may need calibrating. If this was the case, then I am sure that the advisor would notice similar happenings with other clients / patients readings

    2. A faulty boiler - It is worth getting your boiler checked just to be on the safe side. It would be interesting to see whether your reading was still the same during the afternoon - when you have had some time away from your home...

    3.If you don't smoke but live with in a small home (2 up 2 down / small flat) with somebody who smokes really heavy. In my experience, this doesn't happen so often but when it has the smoker has smoked in excess of 40+ daily and the other person spends a lot of time at home.

    I'm with everybody else here, maybe see if you can have your reading taken at another time to double check.

    It will be really sad to know that if you haven't smoked and your reading is still affected, you don't get the rest of your NRT and then end up going back to smoking.

    In the meantime, try not to let this situation get you down. Let's see what happens - whether you can get another reading done or not - or if you can't cross anything off the above list. Keep us posted won't you?

    Stay strong and keep positive in the face of all this - Remember you're a winner - not a womble ;-) :D :-)

  • We all know you're not smoking,you know you're not smoking so don't let a machine bring you down.Follow the great advice from the fab folk here and all will be well.Stay Strong.Hugs coming your way.H x

  • Thanks guys, it's been a stressful day and I just didn't need that this morning. I'm going to a different chemist on Friday and I'll ask them to check there.

    Gonna get a gas safety alarm fitted in the flat just in case. The other thought is maybe when I was sat in the car before. I know that's clutching at straws but I'm looking for reasons.

    Thanks everyone for taking a moment to reply to me. It means alot

  • Thats what we are here for. next time wear one of these :_ :D :D

  • Lmao!!! You might be on to something there

  • Could be your car, 'specially if you were sat in traffic and had the air intake switched to coming from outside rather than circulating round the car - you'll have sucked in everyone's exhaust fumes. It always worth getting a carbon monoxide alarm fitted in your flat, fumes can leak from neighbouring flats - doesn't have to be your own. My daughter's carbon monoxide alarm went off in the house she used to live in on her own with my little grandson. She got National Grid out still thinking it was a faulty alarm. They came with their own detector and isolated the boiler and wouldn't allow her to use it. It took the landlord's agent almost a week to get someone out to it. It all turned out that the mortar around the seal on the flu had broken away and the wind was blowing the fumes back into the house.

  • I don't have gas fitted in my flat but I know downstairs do. I was in fairly light traffic and was sat outside with the engine on for 5-10 minutes before going in but it's always an option.

    Who would have thought I could get in such a state over a number. That and the woman telling me I was lying broke me.

  • It's easy to get in a state over anything at all when you're stopping smoking :) I experience it on a daily basis :D I think the woman in Boots is cheeky anyway. What would be the point in lying, who's going to want patches if they're puffing away every day.

  • Exactly! I'm the kind of person who tells it as it is anyway. If I had had a smoke I would have confessed then moved on. If I had lied I wouldn't be feeling this emotional and upset about it.

  • Just tell her in Boots if she doesn`t believe you we will set our Pete on to her, he won`t muck about. :) I think Sinfree is right she is cheeky.

  • Sorry for bringing this post back from the dead, but I've just popped into my regular chemist and asked if I could use their reader. My level was a 1. I'm such a happy bunny again

  • yay, great news and thanks for updating us.....have been waiting to see this post! well done you xx

  • Hey Ellie, I don't know why I didn't spot this post earlier today...

    Well done to you and I'm ever so glad that you got the reading you deserved. You should have asked Mr or Mrs Pharmacist to write your reading down for yo to show to your regular stops smoking advisor.

    You are a crackin winner and I'm glad that you feel better now :-)

  • Found out today that if you suffer from indigestion this can also give you a false reading x

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