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First minor test passed

I play football on a Saturday and a few of the lads on the team smoke. I knew all week that today was gonna be my first obstacle. Surprisingly i didn't find it that difficult atol. It was interesting at half time i noticed there was 4 or 5 guys all coughing and they were all smokers! I wouldn't have even noticed that if i wasn't quitting myself. Hearing them cough actually helped me in a round about way as i don't want to go back to that! I'll be quit one week tomorrow at 1 o clock. Thanks to everyone on here for the support so far. Hearing others peoples stories has been a great help :-)

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Hi jmcf51, Bet it felt good not smoking with your mates coughing, 1 week will soon turn into 1 month and before you know it it will be a year. Well done. :)


Thank you Jilly

Your kind words this past week has kept me going :-)


A whole week & I bet it's been a struggle but you made it.You'll notice how bad smokers smell and that's more incentive not to go back.Be very proud that you've got thru that first week and step into the second one with confidence that you can do this.


Thank you Yellowsnowdrop

It's been a struggle at times but not as bad as i was expecting it. Yep they sure do stink! Hopefully i can continue on now like the likes of yourself and the others on here who are a great inspiration :-)


Awesome mate. Well done :-)

And once your fully quit you will be soon running circles around those smokers on the park.

Keep up the good work and stay focused and positive. Before you know it, it will be 1 month :-)


Thank you Ian

I have a long way to go yet but feeling good about it. Stories like yours help me strive towards beating this weed for good. I scored today too so nice one ha :-)


Aup JMC, thats a massive well done to you pal :) :) and yes, you got through that first test with flying colours :) cos I know if you haddent have been quit, you would have been with them smokers at half time eh :o

Like I have said before, exercise helps me :) just breath in that fresh air, and let your lungs enjoyyyyy it :) :)

Just you stay focused and positive on your quit eh, cos I know this is what you want :) :)


Thanks very much Pete :-)

Yeah i love to get as much exercise as possible and hoping that I'll enjoy it even more now with clean lungs!



Hi Niall. Well done on getting through your first week. That must have been a trial today but you passed with flying colours. :) I am currently away on a skiing trip and my skiing buddy smokes. I'm not encouraging or discouraging him on the smoking front but he does pong a bit at times. :o He does want to give up and I'm sure he will when he is properly ready to.

Keep up the good work and good luck. Andi :)


Thank you Andi

This is probably my 3rd real attempt at quitting so lets hope it's 3rd time lucky :-) I do feel more confident and better equipped this time round though.

It definitely helps coming on here seeing all you great people with 1 year, 6 and 4 month winners etc written beside your names. It makes me want to achieve that!


It won't be long til you get your first badge, you'll be at 4 weeks before you know it! Like we always say, come and join in the chat, have a rant or a laugh and we'll help you stay on track. :)


Cheers Andi

The people here rock :-) :-)


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