Strange question

So after I quit smoking you all, like I can only eat small amounts or it feels like I'm going to throw up.  

I still get hungry like normal, but I eat say two tiny sandwiches and it feels like I've eaten at a all you can eat buffet.

So bad I have to lay on my belly....

Also noticed heart burn after the slightest spicy thing.  This SUCKS......

What's going on with me?  Thought I was suppose to be hungry

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  • Hi AAG, sounds like you could be feeling bloated....a withdrawal symptom as is heart burn... There are sooo many and we can feel like we have had most of them during our quit😱 There is a pinned post re side effects that we have all had... Take a peak.

    I'm not saying you will get all of them so don't worry too much😊

    Hope yr sis is improving 😊


  • Thank you, she is getting better, she has a lung infection.....  She quit over a year ago but she said she is greatful she quit.....  

    She said she had none of the symptoms I had so she's not a good reference, she had the shortness of breath i think and that's it.  

    She is on antibiotics.   Surgery went well.

  • Well that's one less thing for you to worry about 😊 Glad sis is on the mend 👍

    That's the problem..... We are all different and no two quits are the same."😊

  • Very true!!!

  • Hi AAG, smoking speeds up our metabolism so when we quit our digestive systems slow down☹️ It takes time to get it all sorted out but you're doing great so hang in there. Remember to drink lots of water to flush out the toxins. We are all different but most of these pesky side effects will pass🚭👍🏼

    Glad to hear your Sis is getting better😊

  • I sure hope so....  I been drinking tons and tons of water....  3 liters a day.....  That's alot lol.....   My stomach has it's good days and it's bad..

    Thanks about my sister...  She will beat it....  I was worried about her.

  • My heartburn did finally subside, i'm not hungry, however i eat like crazy coz i'm craving, i'm trying to fill the void i think that i had used ciggs for.  I'm pretty addicted to sugar, and cigs actually put my sugar cravings in check.  Now i'm suffering through those cravings too because i'm determined to not to gain weight, and feel pretty miserable to be honest.

  • Very normal😊... I wasn't hungry until about the 5 th month and now I'm trying to lose the 10 lbs I gained from eating so much sugary junk😄😄  Now I'm cutting out all flour and sugar, pasta bread etc... You're doing awesome👏👏👏👏👏

  • Ah the bloat!! Thought it was just me. I felt so fat I stepped on the scales to check my weight and was shocked to discover I had lost 5lbs. I had a chat with was of the docs at work and he echoes what Briarwood has posted. I have discovered that probiotic drinks and smoothie help .... basically fruit and veg. I still feel nauseated and sick all the time but I am trying to ignore it!!!!! Glad you are doing better and your sister is improving.  Just keep on focusing how well you are doing and how much you have achieved. 

  • Thanks everyone!!!!  The other thing that drives me up the wall is the brain fog but we already kinda hit on that....

    Doctor kinda spooked me because he said he had never heard of having constant brain fog after quitting.

  • Drs are not real educated on a lot of this quit stuff--or how deep and far ranging it goes in every part of the body and pyche

  • I hear  of people going thru that--but I didn't--I was an eating machine

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