My smokefree night

My smokefree night

I managed not to smoke last night. I went to a charity quiz night and drank a fair amount. Normally that means I smoke like a chimney. Not only did we win the quiz, but I said no when offered a cig. That makes me the winner of the night.

This morning was tough too. Normally my hangover cure is a cuppa and a smoke. Instead I dragged my sister out for a croque madame.

Now I'm back home and relaxing before birthday fun tomorrow

Oh and the picture is of the most green place I've ever been. It's in Hibernian Football Club Supporters Club. The greenness amused me no end.

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  • Well done Ellie you must be very proud of yourself. Lovely feeling when you refuse a cigarette, proper non-smoker now. :)

  • Thanks Jilly. I did have to think for a second though

  • Ellie, as ever flower you are a SUPERSTAR !! ( huge cheers and a round of applause) I know how hard it is being out with smokers and you get that 'If I don't have a cig soon I'm gonna kill someone' feeling.You did well to win the quiz but even better to say no to the nicodemon.Hugs H x

  • Aup Ellie, thats flippin ACE gal :)

    You actually said NO to a smoke when offered one, whilst drinking the necta tooooo :) :) You are a true, true WINNER gal :) I will mark you a 1000 out of a 100 Ellie :)

    Yep, you flippin let ya hair down and sink into that settee, and chillaxe gal ready for tomorrow :) :)

    Ermmmm, just remind me, whats happening tomorrow then ??

  • Well done you that's something to be really proud of

  • Thanks everyone for your encouragement and support (and praise, we all love a wee bit of praise)

  • Congratulations!!!!!!! Way to go Ellie you really are a winner!!!!!!

  • Hey Ellie, great going girl! I went to a quiz last night but we only came third. :( Are you a bit of a quizzer on the quiet? Apparently the winning team are always quizzing and always win this particular one - perhaps they should have given the prize to the team that came second! :|

  • It's not something I ever normally do. My secret weapon was having some journalists on my team. Those guys read papers and news sites for hours. Nothing gets past them.

    We gave our winnings back. The night was raising money for Maggie's Centre so they needed the money more than we did.

  • We'll done Hun amazing! You are indeed the winner of last night :) x

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